Monday, November 30, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! November 2009

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. You know, because my piddly daily activities are SO important. So because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

Bad stress + Good stress = DOUBLE the stress! from txt
What an exhausting holiday weekend with The Girls. I need a vacation! from web
We just introduced "Elf on a Shelf" to the Girls. They named him Elfie. from web
I am a lean, mean, snot making machine. from txt
Brooke learned what her "echo" was by yelling in the garage, but keeps saying-loudly-"I can hear my TACO!" from txt
Brooke just blamed Papa for writing on our new couch with an ink pen. from web
I sold my car on Craigslist today! from txt
Maddie taught Brooke how to snap her fingers. They were both SO excited about this new trick. from txt
Delete - Afternoon fun with playdough that Aunt Terra gave us! from TwitPic
Delete - At the lake checking to see if their feet have grown since last year. from TwitPic
I had to physically lay down on top a screaming Maddie while she got her seasonal flu shot. Brooke didn't shed a tear or even fuss. from txt
Maddie asked for Pepsi at a party after one adult served it to her kid. I asked Maddie, "What is Pepsi?" and she didn't know. "Juice?" from txt
It must be frustrating when your little sisters' name is ONLY one syllable with a silent E. It's hard to yell "BbbRRRooooKKKee" and mean it! from txt
Some punk suburban kids stole our pumpkins! from txt

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

Brooke has a special Thanksgiving song for all of you:


Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey

Big and FAT, Big and FAT

I'm a gonna eat you


(I'm sure the PETA people are gonna love that this song is taught in today's preschools).

Maddie would like to share this drawing of an Indian.
Her teacher told her her coloring skills are "first grade level work" and you should have seen the pride ooze from her pores.

No matter how many times I told Madison that the proper term for "Indian" is "Native American" she wouldn't listen. Even the teachers were talking about Indians (this continued after I loudly corrected Madison).
So today's message is "Happy Turkey Day everyone, and don't let them darn Indians steal from you!"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Still here

So, it's been a while since my last post. The best part is that no one seemed to notice (or care) because I didn't get any concerned emails from anyone! I guess you knew I was still alive because I've still been tweeting.

The truth is that I've been busy with a NEW JOB. I left my old company after two years, and joined a new company. The only thing I will say is that the two companies are on the opposite ends of every single spectrum that I can think of. That is both good and bad, and I'm adjusting and learning!

The Girls are happy and healthy and looking forward to the holidays. Zak is doing his best to keep me sane during my new transition and he is very appreciated.

Balance, people, it's all about balance (while you juggle).

Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

Several weeks ago, I was home sick in bed, and Zak took the girls to a Halloween store and helped them pick out their costumes. This is actually a great sociology experiment illustrating just how different Girls' behavior is with their father versus their mother. Had I taken them shopping, they'd have both chosen to be something pink, Disney, or glittery. But because Zak took them, they shopped with a totally different perspective.

Brooke was a dinosaur (ROAR!), but refused to wear the head piece after the first 3 minutes.

She and Maddie "practiced" trick or treating for a few days leading up to the big event, and Brooke learned to ROAR! on command.

Maddie was Spider Girl, and is pictured here trying to make spider webs come out of her wrists.

So, I'll admit the costume was semi-girly (with a blue glittery skirt and sleeves), but she was a super hero! That's a big step for her!

Maddie ran so fast from house to house, that I hardly got any good pictures of her trick or treating with her friends. Brooke was a tad bit apprehensive, but after seeing what happens when you say "TRICK OR TREAT!" we couldn't wipe the smile off her face.

(OMG! Candy! They gave me candy!")

Unless there was a dog at the house...she jumped and ran the first time someone answered the door with a dog. She then pointed and yelled, "There's a doggy at that house!" as if accusing them of some major crime.

Zak's mom, Grandma, came with us. This was our first Halloween in San Antonio where we weren't sweating in 80 degree weather, but instead could have used jackets (!). Zak insisted on t-shirt and flip flops, and the girls wouldn't even think about covering their costumes. It was a clear and beautiful 60 degrees with a full moon to boot!

We only lasted about an hour (down our street and two cul-de-sacs) before Maddie decided that she wanted to go home and hand out candy. She was a bit confused about who was "covering our house" while we were out. She was so into greeting the other kids and handing out candy, that when we ran out of candy, she decided to give some of hers away so she could keep at it! This was, of course, after Zak and I schooled her on "good candy vs. bad candy."

This is the first year that we didn't carve our pumpkins. We simply ran out of time on Saturday, and it's something that Maddie and Brooke really are too young for anyway. We woke up on Sunday morning to find all of our formerly intact pumpkins smashed in our street (Hey, punk teenager in the Colt McCoy costume, we know it was you! Tool!). The Girls were very sad about this since they spent the previous weekend painting them.