Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! September 2009

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. You know, because my piddly daily activities are SO important. So because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

Zak has the best husband ever! Thank you, babe! from txt
I love my family! from txt
Zak got GLASSES!!! from txt
Drunk old dude just spilled half his COLD beer all over my lap. from txt
Delete - Tailgating at the TTU vs Houston game! Go Tech! from TwitPic
Brooke kissed me when I picked her up from school, then she said, "I need MORE kisses," turned my face and kissed me again. from txt
Edited the blog to add pics the "bend-y girl." Elephant riding may have been my fav part, but this chick was probaby Zak's fav!(Thx, Susan!) from web
I'm wearing a jacket in SEPTEMBER. In TEXAS. from txt
Brooke can stretch the word "milk" into three syllables. Try it! from txt
It's finally cool enough to go to the park with the kids, but then I get attacked by skeeters. SIX bites so far!!! from txt
There are two dudes playing air guitar while listening to their headphones and lifting weights at the gym.Embarrassed when I smiled at them! from txt
Janitor at playground was cleaning up while wearing massive ear protectors. I suppose the sound of children playing is his kryptonite. from txt
Delete - Can someone fix this? from TwitPic
Brooke insisted on wearing panties to school today. I agreed (since I wouldn't have to clean up the mess!), and she stayed dry ALL DAY! from web
Girls are begging to go to the doctor so they can get a flu shot! Weirdos! from txt
The Girls performed in a "Grandparent's Day" Celebration today. The theme was about a farm, and confused animals. Not sure I "got it." from web
Delete - At the circus! from TwitPic
About 20 toooooo many squats yesterday! Owie! from txt
Delete - Brooke reminds me of an old man who eats dinner at the table without a shirt. Thankfully, she doesn't have a ... from TwitPic
Lots of poop talk today. "I pooped in my Pull-Up." "Poop doesn't fly." "Gotta push the poop out." Poop, poop, poop from both girls. from txt
Just saw a GIANT snake swimming in the lake. Could see clearly from our deck. 8 feet?!? from txt
Delete - Pochantas and her big sister from TwitPic
Maddie's teacher is worried about her eating habits. Yesterday for lunch she at a dollop of ketchup. from txt
Brooke burped loudly and said, "Mama, I tooted in my mouth!" from txt

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Your mama

Maddie brought home this picture from school the other day, and I asked her to tell me about it.

"It's you, Mom! I drew a picture of you because I love you so much, and think about you all the time."

Isn't she the sweetest?

I was, I must admit, a little disappointed with my extraordinarily circular face and blue nose. Also, my shoulders are much more shapely than that due to the extensive delt work I do at the gym. And, I NEVER wear horizontal stripes because every woman knows that it will make you look fat(ter), so....

At least she drew a smile on me! That makes me feel 100X better in the mothering department. I can only assume that she must occasionally see me smile!

I do also love my long eyelashes. The Latisse must be working!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Bend-y GIRL!

Susan and Papa also went with us to the circus, and after reading my ELEPHANTS! post, Susan sent these pictures of the "bend-y girl" that Maddie was in awe of.

(When I opened the very zoomed in pictures, Maddie started cracking up and said it looks like the girl is wearing a "chicken head helmet." Laughing, I said no, that's her BUTT on top of her head, and she then pointed out the costume over her ears--and her butt on top!)

While riding on the elephant was my favorite part of the year the circus, I think this was the best part for every man in the audience.

This girl can BEND.

...and do tricks at the same time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We went to the circus. It was AWESOME. I love the circus, have I even told you HOW much I love the circus? Love it.

This time was probably the best one I've been too in a longtime. I'm convinced that Ringling Brother's is overproduced and too musical-like. We went to the Shriner's Circus which had acts that were just as good (fewer animals, but that's probably best) and up close and personal experiences. Also..guess what?!? I RODE AN ELEPHANT!

Dude, I totally rode an elephant. Oh, yeah, my kids did to, but did you hear me say that I RODE AN ELEPHANT? The ride was so short, but one of those moments that will be burned into my memory forever.

(Kinda like having babies.)

(Did I just compare riding on an elephant for two minutes to giving birth? Yeah.) ELEPHANT!

(I'm still making that face.)

I also have TERRIBLE posture (as indicated by the photos) where I RODE AN ELEPHANT! I was so nervous that Brooke was gonna fall off because she couldn't reach the hand rails like Maddie could. You can hardly see Brooke in any of these pictures because I was squishing her with my thighs pressing and her tightly into Maddie's back.

The elephant hair was so coarse and poky. Thankfully I was wearing jeans so I didn't have to touch much of it, but his ear hairs were poking my feet! (Look how I have my foot turned awkwardly so I didn't have to touch the ears! Ew.) Maddie had to tuck her little feet behind the elephant's ears. (I wonder when his mamma washed behind his ears last?) Both girls loved it, and I'm actually a little surprised that they did it. It happened so fast, we were the first to get tickets and the elephant handlers just hoisted Maddie on the elephant before she could object (and list all the reasons that it was too dangerous). Brooke was stunned silent, but afterwards kept saying how "bumpy" the ride was. Were were swaying back and forth several feet with every step the elephant took.

Zak is scared of elephants. I mean, he never said he was, but he LEFT (to pee) during the elephant part of the show (but did stay to take all these great pictures and watched us ride). He has seen one too many "Dateline" episodes where elephants go wild and stampede everyone at the circus.
It appears that Brooke is scared of clowns. Can you blame her? These dudes were creepy! Look at her keeping a watchful eye on them:
However, she does love popcorn and nearly ate this entire tub of $10 popcorn all by herself:
Maddie got some cotton candy, and Brooke wouldn't even taste it (which is a good thing) because she was so into her popcorn.

In addition to the elephant riding (!), Maddie really loved the "bend-y girl in the red" referring to a contortionist who was AMAZING. I was so mesmerized, I forgot to take any pictures. Maddie still brings it up, and wanted to know if I took any pictures. Whoops!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy 35th Birthday, Zak!


He is still just as cool as this little kid was back in the day.

Happy Birthday, love you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grandparent's Day Celebration

On Monday, both of my girls performed in their school play to celebrate Grandparent's Day. The play was about a farmer who owned animals who were confused about what they were. (The pig moo'ed, the horses barked, etc.).

I'm not really sure what this had to do with Grandparent's day...nothing, actually....but it was just a cute little show for the grandparents. All the kids did incredibly well considering the large size of the audience and the fact that their ages ranged from 6 months to four years old.

(The babies were chicks!)
Maddie played "CORN" along with the rest of the big kids. They just stayed on stage the entire time and sang songs.

Brooke was a horse, and came on stage twice with her class and stared at everyone while the teachers sung the songs.

Papa and Susan came down for the weekend (we also went to the circus, but that's for another post) and Grandma came down from Austin for the morning so she could see the play.

Susan took a lot of these great pictures with her very fancy zoomy camera. Thank you!

Maddie was very upset at the end of the show. Some tears about not wanting me to go back to work, and wanting to take her home early (it was 10:30!). She didn't want to take any post celebration grandparent's pictures, but Brooke was happy to pose with her Grandma. So, this picture of Maddie, Papa and Susan is from the day before at the circus:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rodeo: Bandera, Texas style

We spent Labor Day weekend at the Lake House...just the four of us. I've been forgetting my camera nearly every time we go do something that would be memorable. If you have little kids almost everyday is memorable, and should be captured on film because time flies by (and it makes for interesting blog topics). Thank goodness for cell phone cameras, or I'd have zero pictures of my children this summer!

When we got to Bandera, we realized it was going to be a busy weekend with lots of Labor Day festivities. Because the temperature finally dipped below the century mark for the first time since APRIL, we decided to take the girls for a picnic lunch and see if we could find anything fun.

We first stopped by an outdoor farmers market/craft fair type event held on the Courthouse Lawn (yeah, the city is really like something out of the 1950's minus the Harley's). The girls weren't too pleased with the concept of "window (or tent) shopping," and Maddie wanted to buy everything in sight. Brooke just complained about dirt and grass in her shoes every ten steps.

We decided to leave, have our picnic, and then stop by the Rodeo to watch Barrel Racing and Calf Roping. We've taken both girls to the San Antonio Rodeo before, and it's a BIG deal, huge, entertainment packed, and in general very fun for kids. This Rodeo? Notsomuch. There wasn't even a clown since the bull related events weren't until later that night! Just some cowboys with their knees in some poor calves rib cage:

The most exciting parts of the rodeo consisted of when the calves were marched in right in front of us. You can see how excited the rest of the audience was at this portion of the rodeo. See them? There! Just going WILD in their seats!? We were four of about 30 people who were in the audience.

My favorite event took place right behind my seat: This cowboy, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RODEO, rode his horse to the concession stand to buy a beer. As if was the most normal thing in the world to do. I suppose it is in Bandera, Texas.