Monday, June 29, 2009

Best picture ever!

Sorry that posting has been so light. I have plenty of things to write about and lots of pictures to share, but am just having a hard time getting it all done!

In the mean time, I changed the header to include the best picture ever! I took it a few weeks ago while we were just playing. The Girls are laying on our bed. Brooke, as usual, wanted to copy everything that Maddie did....including this pose.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On potty training Brooke

Potty training Brooke has taken much longer than I anticipated. I honestly thought she'd be finished by age two. She is a girl! She has an older (girl) sibling! Easy cheesy!

She's 28 months old now. (I realize this is well in the normal range for her age, and most boys are closer to three. However, my girls are super humans due to my extraordinary DNA, so I naturally have higher expectations for them.)

I think the problem is that Brooke is pretty darn stubborn, and doesn't easily take to bribes. When asked to choose between something good and fun (stay up and watch Barney) or not so fun (go to bed early), she'll almost always choose the least fun option. Then, she'll smile a wicked smile that wonders if you got the joke.

"Brooke, do you want an ice cream cone or a sharp stick in the eye?"

"Stick in my eye."

We still give her M&M's if she pees on the potty, but she's not really motivated by that. And, as my boss doesn't know knows, you gotta do what it takes to motivate your people. We've tried other favorite food options, special privileges, toys, fancy panties, potty books, etc. "No, I go pee pee in my Pull Up instead."

There are days at school when she'll stay dry all day, and use the potty to pee. Brooke's teachers are very scheduled about this, and many of her female peers are potty trained. She even pooped a bit on the potty yesterday at school. At home, we know when she has to poop because it gets really quite in the house (ding! ding! warning sign!), and she will disappear. Sometimes, we'll hear grunting from the other room.



"Then what are you doing?"


She'll come back with a full (and often leaking poopy) Pull Up. The frustrating thing is that she GETS IT. She knows how and has pooped and peed on the potty many, many times. She talks about it, she says she wants to do it, but doesn't.

I know it will happen on her own schedule, and then I won't even remember when she wore diapers (liar). Just wait for her to be ready. Blah, blah, blah....

She's so good at knowing everything there is to know about potty training, that she even tried to potty train a frog:

She's bossy, like her sister. And like her mama.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Worth it

One of the best parts of going to the lake house is that I do nothing. I sit, I play, I nap, I have a cocktail, I cook and sometimes bake. There's a lot less "house" to take care of which results in relaxation. When Papa comes for a visit, we don't really even have to do much parenting since the girls prefer him instead of us. Including bedtime stories:

Grandma will also occasionally come over for a visit. This photo was taken on Mother's Day:

Our visitors mostly come for the best part of every trip, and it's the part of the day that makes all the effort worth it...a quiet lazy evening with the moon and stars shining bright:

Monday, June 08, 2009

First Recital

Maddie's first dance recital was last week. I think my expectations were a tad too high in the sense that I expected them to "dance," and that didn't occur. (Most of the girls are five, and Maddie is pictured third from the right). There was stretching, walking, running, and skipping in a circle. There were some turns and curtsies, but that's about it. The entire recital was in a classroom at the church....they didn't even get to use a stage (or a room with clean carpets), poor girls!

Maddie asked me three times in the middle of the recital if the flowers I had under my chair were for her. Three times. In the middle of the recital. She also ran over to me for a quick hug and kiss between dances (some other girls also did this with their mothers which gave her the idea it was okay).

(If you can't see the video, try viewing them on YouTube).

You'll notice in the video that Maddie's tights are ten sizes too big and she has terrible "elephant ankles." When I saw her in her dance outfit (for the first time when they walked out together), I felt terrible! I didn't even think to try on the tights before the recital because they were the appropriate size according to the size chart on the package. To make things even worse, her panties were cut lower than her leotard and they showed. Ugh. Oh...and her shoes are too small. If she even just had a skirt (which I was told were not allowed) it would have looked so much better.

(Available on YouTube).

After this recital, I immediately ordered her some new shoes and tights (I promise, Amy). I tried my best to get the hair looking cute in the morning before school, "a bun?" I suggested. "How about a little ponytail so we can all see your face?" I was denied on both requests. (I'm about to trick her into cutting about four inches off that mess of a hairdo. She wants to grow it "long like a princess," but it just looks long like a homeless lady right now.)

After the performance was finished, Maddie came over to get her four pink Gerber daises that she'd been eyeing the entire time. She sweetly asked if she could give her teacher, Ms. Shannon, one of the flowers to say thank you.

All snarkiness aside (and the fact that I failed proper motherhood on this one), the recital was very sweet and Maddie was awesome at following directions and just had lots of fun dancing with her friends. After all, that is what it's all about (not the too big tights, too small shoes, too messy hair, or panties that are showing).

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Chocolate covered peanut butter balls

(eh, eh, you said balls.)

This is the best no-bake dessert recipe of all time, especially if you love peanut butter and chocolate together. If you don't like PB and chocolate, I'll need to re-consider our friendship.

It's a rough estimate of measurement and instructions because...that's the way I roll.


4 oz of softened butter
2 cups of smooth peanut butter
1 pound (I know!) of powered sugar

Add (gently):

3 cups of Rice Krispies (after all the sugar, butter, and peanut butter are totally blended and smooth)

Roll into little 1-2 inch balls, and pop them in the fridge on a cookie sheet to cool them down

Melt a bag of chocolate chips (or your favorite chocolate bar), and roll those little balls in the chocolate until they're covered. This part will be messy--feel free to think of other creative ideas to cover the balls in chocolate. Put them back in the fridge to harden.

I suggest cutting this recipe in half if they are just for you (and your husband and two kids) or you will get very, very fat.

This was posted for Jack and Michelle, because she loves to bake and he loves to eat her creations--especially when they involve PB and chocolate (and because I miss you guys)!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! May 2009

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. You know, because my piddly daily activities are SO important. So because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly. May 2009:

  1. When you tell Maddie to throw something away, she wants to know if it should go in the "garbage can" or the "recycle bin." New generation!
  2. Maddie from the other room: "Brooke is pooping in her pull up!" Zak: How do you know?" "Because I smelled her butt!"
  3. I suggested to Zak that we go to the "Z-O-O" today. Maddie figured out what I spelled and said, "Good idea mom, let's go to the zoo today!"
  4. Just made myself a cocktail with "Fire Fly Sweet Tea Vodka." OMG! Thank you southerners!
  5. Maddie insisted on pig tails this am, then cried about them b/c she was embarrassed and said her friends and teacher wouldn't like them.
  6. - First dance recital
  7. Zak makes me the BEST coffee every weekday morning!
  8. - Chores! They do laundry!!
  9. - Pretty in pink
  10. Brooke is obsessed with rolly pollies.
  11. Brooke won't stop talking! Time for a Cedarmont kids DVD!
  12. A pumpkin chocolate chip muffin can ruin any plan of eating low carb in 2.2 seconds of inhaling said muffin. Worth it.
  13. Zak and I are playing hookey from work, went to a bar, and drinking flights of beer. Yea us!
  14. Never under estimate the power of the TWEEN vote ( which is my vote too--by coincidence). Go Kris!
  15. Maddie: "Does the winner of American Idol get a trophy, a ribbon, or some candy? Which award did they earn?"
  16. - Brooke in upsidedown hello kitty sun glasses
  17. - Dinner-fruit, PB, edamame
  18. A favorite meal for the girls: pears, blackberries, apples, edamame, and peanut butter. Makes them so happy, healthy and easy for me!
  19. At Sea World. Temp is less than 80, so we came. Won't be back until the fall or another fluky cool summer day.
  20. Zak and I are at Maddie's "Growing Up Celebration" at school. I've already welled up with tears and it hasn't even started yet!
  21. Brooke pooped in her big girl panties,the poop fell out...we all screamed...then she stepped in it, cried, and now we call her "poopy toes."
  22. Maddie's teacher just told me she was the "fav" girl. All the boys say she's their girlfriend. Zak had to start a "no kissing boys" policy.
  23. Maddie asks me to kill a spider and get rid of its "lasso." Do you mean spider web? "NO! Take away the spider's LASSO after you squish it."
  24. May 1st signifies the first day of SUMMER in Texas (and the first of many 95+ degree days which end after Halloween. Ugh.)
  25. An annoyed 27 month old Brooke says to her dad: "Get out of my house!" (We burst into laughter and then he explained who OWNED the house!)
  26. Eating an entire piece of nigiri or sushi roll in one bite is a ridiculous expectation. I take messy bites, and am proud of it!
  27. I find myself often stumbling across random sticky spots of syrup wondering how long its been since I've cleaned. Ahh, the joys of wee ones!
  28. Brooke calls me "poo poo cake" as a term of endearment. I love it, and now I call her the same. Not sure where she came up with it.
  29. So many pics to post and stories to tell about the cruise! BUT I have lots of work catch up to do.
  30. We are back in Galveston waiting to get off the cruise ship. Didn't get to stop in Mexico due to Swine Flu. Oink.