Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! April 2009

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly. April 2009:

Bon Voyage! from txt

Girls are behaving beautifully on our drive to Galveston! we come! from txt

I need a vacation from packing for our cruise. Things were much more simple when it was just a Z and A vacation! from txt

Zak says I have an irrational fear of indoor fast food play places. I think they are gross and stinky. I avoid them at all costs. from txt

Packing for the cruise. We leave Sunday! Are 8 pairs of shoes too many? I didn't think so! from txt

Girls aren't at school today b/c of San Antonio Fiesta.Made impromptu banana and choc chip pancakes. They will FOR SURE love me forever now! from txt

Brooke put a ball under her shirt, waddled and said in a silly voice, "there's a baby in my tummy." Her 7 month pregnant teacher loved it!. from txt

Out for our 10th anniversary dinner! Thanks to Grandma for watching the girls for us! from txt

Watching our wedding video with the girls. They keep asking why they weren't there with us. We look so young, and Zak had lots hair! from txt

Happy 10th wedding anniversary to us! from txt

Maddie says that red roses smell like watermelon. from txt

Maddie, whining, eating a ice cream sundae w/fudge: "If this fudge sticks to my ice cream one more time, I'm never eating chocolate again!" from txt

Brooke says "poopy cake," and laughs hysterically. As in, "You want some poopy cake!?" Haaa haaaa haaa! from txt

Note for next year: NEVER buy casarones (eggs filled with confetti) again. Saying "these are only for outside" doesn't work either. from txt

It's not even 9:30 and the easter bunny left us in a sugar coma. Blah. Girls are SO happy with their loot! from txt

Decorating easter cookies. We made 24 and there are 11 left. Me thinks I have a cookie bandit on the premises! Far too many suspects!!!! from txt

WHAT NOT TO DO: Get your two little girls all excited to go to a community wide easter egg hunt, and then not be able to find the location. from txt

Maddie wakes me while eating a lollipop: "Daddy gave this to me for breakfast!" "Really?" "Well, don't ask him because I could be lying." from txt

Brooke was mad that she had to wear her shoes to school: "I'm two, and I cranky about you!". I burst into laughter and she scowled at me. from txt

At Maddie's 4 year check up she got 4 shots. Her screams shook the walls and nearly blew out my ear drums. from txt

A stranger smiled sweetly at Maddie then said, "She is a beautiful girl!" He then looked at me and said, "Is she yours?" from txt

Woke up to find Brooke in her crib totally naked from the waste down. Could have been disastrous had I snooozed for 15 more minutes. from txt

Brooke: "Look! Tractors! Tractors are workin', workin', workin'!" from txt

Brooke bit another kid at school today. If she does it again, we'll get put on a "plan." Brooke could get kicked out for this! from txt

Just pranked Zak by telling him I was arrested for outstanding traffic tickets, and I needed $500 or would be jailed overnight. Fell for it! from txt

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brooke is the yellow fish

Marching during the Fiesta parade with her school (of fish) friends.

Using a new widget, I think I can blog via my cell phone. This is a test of this new fancy stuff. My grammer can only get worse from here!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kid Art March 2009

Maddie is very into drawing and coloring these days. She especially likes to impress us with her ability to color in the lines. She constantly shows us her pictures when she's drawing seeking our positive reinforcement.

In this edition of KID ART, the picture on top is a family of yellow jellyfish with arms growing out of their heads our family portrait. We're sitting by the hairy sun our fire pit at the lake house and it's raining in color there are fireworks going off in the background for "America's birthday."

Maddie was proud of this piece of art because she colored in the lines so well and used appropriate colors for the leaves and branch. (Not so much for the birds nest, but we liked the psychedelic acid dropping fairy too.)
Brooke decided to opt out of this edition of kid art because she felt her mother was being too snarky, and she's just TWO! after all. What "art" could possibly be expected of a TWO year old?!

Friday, April 17, 2009

10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Zak and I met in September of 1993. Although this picture is from 1995, trust me when I say that all the pictures from 1993 to 1997 looked just like this with various liquid filled cups and wacky poses with friends (and even strangers).

We dated for five years, and Zak finally proposed (after much prompting) in the swimming pool at my dad's house on August 2, 1998. The ring was in the pool, and I had to dive in and get it.

We moved to Chicago a few months after we got engaged, and because we were so far from friends and family (and because formal weddings are ridiculously expensive), we decided to marry in Maui on April 17, 1999. Because we made this decision, many friends and family whom we love dearly were unable to attend our wedding (including Zak's parents). In fact, we had thirteen guests total, and we invited well over 200.

We rented out a house on the very tip of Maui's Makena Bay for the ceremony, and made an aisle paper lanterns for my dad and I to walk down. Amy Jones Harris and Brian Harris stood up for us, and we had this great Hawaiian minister marry us (and sing to us).
I didn't cry during the ceremony, but welled up a bit during my vows, and then giggled as Zak misunderstood the minister because of his thick accent and made up some words for his vows ("in plenty and in woaunt").

The ceremony was planned at "sunset" with no specific time just so we could take some beautiful photographs.

After the ceremony, we had some yummy cake, and then went out to dinner with our guests and began our life together.
Marrying Zak has been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. We just seem to fit each other so well, balance out our individual quirks, and have common interests, opinions, and a similar outlook on life.
I love you, Zak. Happy 10th anniversary!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009 (with videos and photos)

We had a very quiet Easter...just the four of us.

We "baked" cookies (if the poking out the pre-scored dough from Pillsbury counts):

We ate all the cookies:

We were going to just give the Easter Bunny these cookies, but Zak suggested we provide a larger incentive in order to get more out of the bunny. Our Easter Bunny is from Texas, y'all and he likes Shiner Bock and Pecan Pie:

We hunted for Easter Eggs:

and hunted...

and found some goodies (the easter bunny combined Grandpa & Grandma Mary's and Papa & Susan's generous gifts with some more stuff--thank you!):

We also played with the Casarones (confetti eggs) inside when we were told not to:

I think that the last video could easily be on America's Funniest Videos. Brooke is a silly girl.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Long time no see--recap

Dear Maddie and Brooke,

That was the longest I've ever gone without blogging. I've been using twitter and also been posting some pictures on Face Book (join! be my friend!). My excuses are "busy" and "lazy." Also, it seems that I have no readers to prompt me to write except for your grandparents. They are the only people who mentioned that I have been slacking on my posts lately. That's okay, this blog is for you two anyway!

We've had a busy end of March/early April. We're refinancing the house, building a deck at the lake house, potty training, dealing with a two year old diva's behavior, Easter, getting ready for our cruise, and oh, yea WORKING to pay for it all. I've been traveling for work in the past two weeks too. Yea, busy and lazy.

The problem with waiting so long between blogs is that I forget to tell you stuff. I take photos, but forget about the funny story that I was gonna write about it. Then when I try to write the stories, I just lose interest. Take a look at the Tweets because I'm pretty good at capturing the short snip its of my silly life with you both.

Brooke, you've been talking up a STORM lately. It's your "verbal explosion" time. You are often telling some joke, making faces, or trying to somehow be funny. I guess you've always done this, but it's just now that we understand your sense humor! You've got us cracking up. When you're in a BAD mood, you're just cranky and whiny. This month at school you've gotten in trouble for biting another kid and also being "crabby" to your teachers.

Maddie, you have been doing well in school, telling lots of stories about things you recall (you remember EVERYTHING). You'll ask me if I remember a story about something that happened two years ago! I can hardly recall what I ate for breakfast, but you remember that PaPa and Susan gave you a Dora tent for Christmas two years ago.
You also seem to have a good grasp on time, days of the week, and the future. You seem to be okay knowing we're going on vacation on a big boat "in two weeks." We think that you think our cruise is going to be on a large ski boat (since that's all you've ever seen), but we just can seem to make you grasp the concept of a giant cruise ship. Zak and I have figured out that the cruise will either be GREAT or terrible (based on our tight living quarters.). I'm hoping for the best, and that you'll both be overcome with the "awe factor" ala Sea World.

We went for your four year "well baby" check up, and you're right on track with your physical development. You also tested normal on hearing and on your vision test. You weigh 34 pounds ( 31 %) and are 41 inches tall (58%). Since you're last check up, you've gained 6 lbs and grew two inches!
Earlier this month we went to Austin for a quick day visit to see some friends. We stopped by to also visit with Aunt Terra and Pio:

We had a Mariachi singer stop by at the table and you both loved it:

We spent several weekends at the lake, and we just completed construction on our new deck (that's another post!). By "we" I mean a very talented carpenter designed and built the deck, and your dad and I watched and waited with a beer in hand. It took ONE guy just three days to build this:

And also a "hand rail system" as Zak calls it (think: safety fence) along the most dangerous parts of the property:

We had a great Easter this weekend, and I will post some ADORABLE videos in the next few days of our celebrations.