Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! March 2009

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly. March 2009:

Oh, hi. Meant to send that last tweet to Zak, not to the Internets. Whoops! from txt

I was put back on thyroid meds. This time to shrink a nodual and hopefully they won't over stimulate my thyroid. from txt

Brooke complained about ill fitting pull-up. I went to adjust it for her, and got a finger full of POOP! I guess that was her problem. Ew. from web

Many blog posts and pics in the pipeline. Forgive me my 10 readers. from web

Major potty milestones for Brooke today: 1. pooped on the toilet! 2. told me she had to pee while we were at a restaurant and then she did! from txt

On the way home from Austin tonight. Brooke, rarely out after dark, was facinated by the city and highway lights. She talked nonstop. from web

Just missed earth hour. I will participate for the next fifteen minutes! from web

I can turn my kitchen into a total disaster area in less than 5 minutes. It's an art! from txt

On our way to Sea World. Maddie corrects Brooke, "His name is not SHAMPOO, it's SHAMU. You wash your hair with SHAMPOO." from txt

Maddie and Brooke were the only two children at today's bday party who refused to use a stick to hit the zebra pinata. from txt

Brooke is beyond excited to see the moon this morning. "I see MOOOOONNN! I see!" from txt

I caught Brooke DRINKING syrup from her little dipping cup after she ate her waffles. from txt

Maddie loves old school animation movies from the 60's and 70's. "Technicolor," it's NEW to her! from web

I suspect Maddie has a UTI again, but she refuses to pee in a cup for me. (Stage fright) from txt

Paula is CRAZY with a capital C. (Or maybe just high). from txt

Just ate the best crab cake EVER --slowly. (It may not surprise you that I'm out of town on business sans monkey 1 and 2. Wishing for Zak.) from txt

Lake house washer is broken. I have to hold the lil lever down with my fingers and plastic straw during the spin cycles. Oh my achy finger! from txt

Brooke gave me an imaginary stamp on my wrist after she saw me go pee. "Good job, mommy!" from txt

The girls loved playing in the cold Lake Medina water today. They were in ankle deep in early March! We now have a beach and dock access! from txt

Going to the lake house! from txt

Finally got passports for Zak and The Girls. It took three attempts because USPS is retarded. Going to send the girls to boarding school. from web

Sent Maddie to be at 7:30 due to TERRIBLE behavior. She was name calling and sassing it up. She was hysterically crying, but fell asleep. from web

At a Brian Adams concert with Zak, Terra and Pio. Just requested a 5 min break because his ear piece wasn't working. Darn nit picky artists! from txt

Girls had a petting zoo today at school. Maddie said she saw a goose that had teeth under its beak and it laid an egg! from txt

Brooke peed on the potty at school!!! from txt

Maddie heard a dog crying/whining (wanting to play) and asked its owner "what kind of music instrument it was playing behind the door." from txt

I'm watching Maddie and Brooke laughing like crazy as they smell each others feet. from web

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Helmet for safety

On the way home from school and McDonald's today, Maddie decided to open the door of the car. WHILE ZAK WAS DRIVING. This obviously freaked Zak out and scared the crap out of Maddie. She was able to pull the door closed before he could pull over and shut it. I suppose we need to double check those child safety locks are set properly, huh?We were both surprised that she was able to reach the handle and actually exert enough force to shut the door.

There was recently a story in the San Antonio news about a toddler doing this, falling out of the car because he wasn't in a car set, and getting killed. Yikes.

Anyway, when she got home, she and Zak immediately told me the story. Maddie grabbed her bike helmet from the garage and decided she should wear it "all the time" in case she "fell out of the car again." Later, as she was walking around the house in her helmet, she ran into something and excitedly said, "See mom, it's a good thing I had my helmet on or I would have bonked my head!"

Apparently eating McDonalds is not only hazardous to your health, but also requires a safely helmet:

Buckle up!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bathtub concert series

Maddie sings Itsy Bitsy Spider accompanied with backup vocals and dramatic hand movements by her sister, Brookie:

(GOD. Will you please feed that GIRL? I can see her ribs!)

Maddie sings Tinkle Twinkle Little Star in the infamous Stevie Wonder style:

Brooke (finally able to get a word in) kinda sings her ABC's (A, B, C, E, EfeghiLPcurstuvXwXyzz) and I just want to eat her for dinner:


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend at (the near empty) Lake Medina

Look, Dad! No shoes!

We took the Girls to the lake last weekend for a quick trip. Maddie seemed very excited to actually play in the water (vs. just watching her Disney DVD's) and take walks. Ever since we bought the lake house, she was very insistent that she would NEVER touch the water or go swimming with us due to a family of alligators who surely lived in the lake.
The water is still very chilly and I wouldn't dare swim in it, but it was nearly 90 degrees on Sunday, so the girls were plenty warm in their bathing suits. Both of them got in ankle deep and would sit on the shore. They were "feeding the fishes" and would take cups full of sand, rocks and mud, run onto the dock, and pour the "fish food" into the water. They did this 1,222,473,994 times.

The picture below is adorable. I tried to crop it, but it was taken with my cell phone. I forgot my camera again, like usual. Lest you think that it's all sugar and spice between these too, just after this photo was taken Maddie said, "EW! Don't touch me, Brooke!" I was kinda hoping that Brooke would have shoved Maddie in the water for being so rude when Brooke was just being sweet to her big sister.

Zak was VERY concerned that Brooke was going to fall into the water. She does have the balance of a drunken sailor, but got her sea legs quickly on the dock. Brooke was so excited when a boat went by and "boat made waaves!" so she could "surf" the dock as it bounced around.

The water at Lake Medina is SO low. We haven't had any rain to speak of in 18 months, and the county is in the worst drought in decades. To make matters worse, farmers and ranchers use the lake water for their animals and irrigation so levels quickly decrease in the summer.
The picture below of Maddie really shows how low the water is...about 20 feet? The water is typically just below the very large rocks waaay above her. Now we have about 50 feet of beach when just last year, we had all rocks, with just 15 feet of beachy area.

In the photo below with Zak and Brooke walking up the trail...see that area just past Zak to the back of the photograph? It used to be all water. There is a large section of land today.

Water skiers, fisherman, and boaters are all VERY unhappy with the current situation, and we're praying for rain all the time. Even though there isn't as much water, we're still happy with our property and love going for short weekend trips. We VERY much love to have friends and family join us, so let us know when you can come down! We've got plenty of room for you!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Shoes, please?!

Maddie "helps" Brooke put on her shoes this morning...

Brooke: Shoes, Dee Dee? Put on shoes? No! Mama shoes. Dee Dee shoes, please?!

Maddie: Okay, I'll help you. Go get a stool.

Brooke: (runs--she is always running somewhere-- to get stool out of the bathroom)

Maddie: First, you gotta pick the right shoe for your foot. Then, you gotta put it on.

Maddie pulls Brooke's leg sky high and twists her ankle instead of moving the shoe.

Brooke: Ow! Dee Dee hurt me, mama!

Maddie: Ugh! Brooke, your not cooperating. You gotta put your foot in here. Maybe your shoes are too small because they are not fitting.

Brooke: I take socks off.

Me: NOooo! Keep your socks on. Your shoes fit. Maddie, try again please. You're such a great big sister and helper.

Brooke: (takes off socks anyway)

Maddie: Mom, she took off her sock.

(I come in and put on her socks again, slip on both shoes, and let Maddie fasten the Velcro).

Maddie: There, Brooke! We did it!

Brooke: Thanks, Dee Dee. MAMA!? Shoes on...let's go!

Elapsed time: 10 minutes

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! February 2009

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

Tweet! Tweet! February 2009:

  1. Maddie heard a dog crying/whining (wanting to play) and asked its owner "what kind of music instrument it was playing behind the door."
  2. I'm watching Maddie and Brooke laughing like crazy as they smell each others feet.
  3. On a passport quest. Failed TWICE! Why is it so hard to find a post office that will take our applications? USPS SUCKS!
  4. Just turned on the A/C in my house. PEOPLE! It is FEBRUARY!! Ugh! Texas.
  5. I just saw some of Maddie's dance moves that she learned during today's class. I think I want my money back!
  6. I'm feeling very blue today. In a funk.
  7. Gorgeous day! 68 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Sooo blue!
  8. Brooke was crying so hard during a tantrum that she puked. This is the second time this WEEK this occurred. Once @ school & in the car.
  9. I'm baking brownies with Brooke and she asked if it was her "Happy Day" again. Nope, but we sang "Happy Birthday to Saturday" for fun.
  10. Maddie insists on freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese on pasta. You know, the $30/lb kind from Italy! NOT the crap in the green can.
  11. Happy b-day, Dina!! Why are you not on facebook?
  12. Maddie wants 2 moms and 2 dads so she doesn't have to share us with Brooke. I told her that she has 4 grandmas to make up for just 1 mom!
  13. Brooke got sent to the office for pulling hair. "She didn't feel remorse. We don't think it was effective. In fact, she had fun and smiled."
  14. Girls are home from school because of President's Day. Zak "forgets" and books a full day of work while the girls and I stay home together.
  15. I came home to find a huge bouquet of pink roses, tulips, and stargazer lilies waiting for me on my porch. Good job, babe! Thank you!
  16. Um...I just got pulled over AGAIN. This time for speeding 7 mph over in a different town. Is God trying to tell me to slow down, or WHAT!?!
  17. I just got a ticket for running a red light. The problem is that the light WAS NOT RED.
  18. Brooke said, "Hi DADDY!" to a random male stranger with a shaved head. He turned to look at me before I replied, "That IS NOT your daddy."
  19. It is HAILING! Marble size and LOUD.
  20. Maddie complaining about her new digital watch: "Ugh! Moooomm! The numbers on my watch keep changing!"
  21. We took Maddie and Brooke to see BOLT at the movie theater. They loved it, and Brooke did surprisingly well for a 2 year old.
  22. Maddie is asking questions about death, dying and heaven, and it's creeping me out!
  23. Brooke is TWO today! Happy Birthday baby!
  24. The girls are so dusty and dirty from the school playground that they are giving me an allergy sneeze attack.