Friday, October 31, 2008

Tweet! Tweet! October 2008

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

Tweet! Tweet! October 2008:

Just stabbed myself while carving my pumpkin. Slight bleeding. Worth it. from txt

Change in costume: Maddie decided she would rather be a "black cat" instead of an angel princess. This was after we found some fun cat ears. from web

In Houston for the day on business. It is beautiful out today, but signs of Ike's damage is still visible. from txt

Took the Girls to Sea Word. The weather was beautful and I cried (again) during the Shamu show, "Believe." Brooke was really into it! from web

Out to dinner with Zak. Who sits down next to us? The OWNER of the company Zak works for. He was all nervous during dinner. from txt

Three year old Madison, pointed at a picture of John McCain and said, "Oh look, that's Barack Obama's friend!" Ha! Little does she know.... from txt

Maddie just puked at her friends b-day party when they were hitting the pinata. from txt

After a morning of whining, I told Maddie that from now on laughing/smiling is not allowed in our home. She responded with a fit of giggles. from txt

Bought a bag of Halloween candy today. I always have to hide it from Zak or it won't make it until the 31st. from web

Waiting in line to vote! Early voting in Texas began Monday and lasts two weeks. Go Obama! from txt

Brooke fell at school. Gashed her chin. Stitches req'd for cosmetic reasons only. We declined (chickens). I'm TERRIBLE in these situations. from txt

Foiled again! My Obama car magnet was stolen for the second time! from txt

Took the girls for a flu shot. Thank God my mom was there to help. What a fun way to start my week! They survived and only shed a few tears. from txt

At a pumpkin patch. Selecting the best one to beat Zak in our annual carving contest. from web

Maddie says to my mom who is rubbing her leg: "Do you know who's a great massage-er? My Aunt Terra!" from txt

Hanging with my mom @ joe's crab shack. Just witnessed two old ladies GET DOWN to "Love Shack" with the waiters. Pictures on blog soon. from txt

Apparently Maddie has never been on an escalator before. She freaked, then wanted to do it again and again. from txt

I've been waiting 1.5 HOURS to see my doctor. HELLO! from txt

I almost spit out my wine when McCain said that "Sarah Palin was a role model for women." Huh?!?! Not THIS woman. from web

My mom will be here in 24 hours! Haven't seen her in forever!!! from web

It's a rainy 75 degree morning, and Maddie insisted on wearing a fleece lined nylon jacket. Then she complained that her legs were cold! from txt

We took our monkeys to the zoo to see the real monkeys. Nap schedule got all screwy, but we had good time anyway. It was Brooke's 1st time! from web

Brooke, in a shocking act of cuddly behavior, allowed me to rock her to sleep. I got nostalgic, she hasn't let me do that since she nursed. from web

I found my (?) OBAMA 08 magnet at the car wash! It's back on, homies! from txt

Heard screaming & crying from the other room. Maddie in tears says, "Brooke yelled at me, & I was just trying to wipe her boogies for her!" from web

Maddie is home with a fever. UTI is a possibility, but she wouldn't pee in the cup for the doctor! from txt

Blend:1/2 banana, 4 oz. vanilla yogurt, milk, 4 ice cubes, scoop of protein pdr, 5 almonds, 2 tbs of oats for a banana nut muffin smoothie. from web

Now Brooke has blood coming out of an ear! Christ! This never ends! I'm guessing a tube fell out after the doctor's "examination" yesterday. from web

I made Brooke bleed while cutting her index finger nail. That poor girl, she's always getting beaten up. Sorry, baby! from txt

Brooke pooped in the doctor's office. I apologized for the smell, and he quiped, "That's what all the mom's say. They bame the kid." from web

Maddie hates my toothpaste. She thinks it's "spicey." from txt

This is the SECOND day this week that my water has gone out. How weird is that? I even checked twice to make sure I paid my water bill! from web

I love how Maddie tries to make a crappy toy more desirable as she tries to sell it and negotiate a trade for a better one with Brooke. from txt

Brooke is screaming mad because the chocolate chip cookies we just baked are too hot to eat. from txt

Water service for my entire subdivision just dried up. We got none! My pipes are unhappy and creaking about it. Yikes! from txt

My Obama '08 car magnet has mysteriously disappeared. Did it fall off in a car wash, or in a McCain delusion, did Amy take it off my car? from txt

Maddie told me my written letter "B" did not look very nice, and that I "should keep practicing." from txt

It's not nice to cut in front of people in the deli line at the grocery store. There is a certain etiquette to follow to get your cold cuts! from txt

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Ladies and is time for the 2nd Annual Pumpking Carving Contest. Up for your consideration this fall are TWO pumpkins. One carved by me, and the other carved by Zak.
The rules are as follows:

1. Chose your own pumpkin. Size, shape, texture are all a part of the contest.
2. Carve carefully, and use any tool you wish for your masterpiece.
3. May seek the Internets help for ideas, but templates are FORBIDDEN.
4. All pumpkins must be created free hand and carved within one evening.
5. Don't slice off your fingers. (I broke this rule and had a slight bleeding incident, nothing a bandaid couldn't fix.)
Internet, you are simply voting for your favorite. You may select on looks alone, creativity, style, or level of difficulty. Our pumpkins are non-partisan, except this one.....

Pumpkin A (refer to as the Witch Pumpkin) lit and unlit:

Pumpkin B (refer to as the Texas Tech Pumpkin) lit and unlit:

I normally don't reveal who carved which pumpkin, but I'm sure you can figure that out pretty easily this year if you know us. I'd also like to say the photos do not do either pumpkin justice. They both look much better in person.

Please cast your VOTE in the comments section. (I know my Obama pumpkin is the best one, but it's not up for a vote lest those nasty McCain people try to skew the results in only the way that a Republican can.)

There is a bet at stake here, so choose wisely!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nina! Weekend fun! Crazies!

I've been a little be slow with my blogging these days, but this post is meant to catch up and show some cute pics that have been taken this month.


Yea! The Girls were so excited when my mom came for a long weekend trip. We went to the Lake House, shopped, hunted for the best pumpkin, went to Starbucks and played outside. The highlight for my mom was probably when she found a family of deer in our front yard at the Lake House. She was more excited than the Girls! It was just after bath, and they were not even dry (or dressed) and my mom called them over to look at the deer:

It's never to0 early to introduce the Starbucks addiction to your children, right? Thankfully they didn't even like their chocolate milk, "it is too strong, mama." Hmmm, I agree!

A little shopping at a beautiful outdoor mall....

In preparation for the 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest, we went to our local pumpkin patch to select the perfect specimen. While I did pick out the best pumpkin, the Girls looked for the smallest pumpkins and gourds. They refused to hold still long enough for me to take a photo of them together.

BTW, I do think that we have EVERY SINGLE shade of pink possible in these two outfits. Ever noticed how I don't really care what they're wearing provided it's weather appropriate and (kinda) fits? Well, it's not such a good idea during photo opps when my kids look like ragamuffins.

The next weekend, we attended a birthday party for one of Maddie's friends so we stayed in town for the weekend. (Incidentally, she threw up at her friend's party during the pinata section. Thank God she puked on the grass outside. ) She was having so much fun, she didn't want to leave, but threw up again during nap time.

On Sunday, we went to Sea World for a few hours because it was BEAUTIFUL outside and we had tons of fun. Brooke was very into Shamu this time (and I cried during the show again), and Maddie was happy to walk, see some animals, and hang out. It was not at all crowded, so we were happy to let them just wander around. Sea World had up all their Halloween decorations, so we had new things to look at too.

We went through the penguin exhibit at least five times because the Girls were really into it. Maddie had lots of questions about the penguins...Where do they live when they're not at Sea World? Is it cold in there? Why are they swimming? What do they eat? Can I have my snack now? Why are some of them big and some of them small? Will you buy me that stuffed penguin in the gift shop? Where are the mommy and daddy penguins?

Brooke just waved at them and said, "Hi, bird!"

Are you worn out yet? Because I am. Just hanging out around the house all weekend isn't an option. When they get bored, they get crabby. When that happens, I like to run away and Zak enters the dangerous football zone. Then we're stuck in a vicious never ending cycle. Even if it's a trip to the grocery store or a walk around the block, we've gotta be moving to stay sane.

There are very few just quiet moments. When ever we happen to sneak up on one, Maddie notices and exclaims, "It's so quiet in here!" even if was just thirty seconds of heavenly silence.

Meals are especially busy....and you never know where you're going to find some stray food:

Brooke thought it would be funny to put a half eaten piece of apple on her head, and she wanted me to take a picture of it. "CHEESE!" she screams.

Who's ready for the Holidays? Come on down!! These Girls have plenty of ways to wear you out!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween preview...THE BLOODY SKULL!

My dad and Susan sent the girls a little preview of Halloween in the form of a box of toys. The favorite toy is this mushy skull that has blood and brains inside it. When you squeeze the head, the blood and brains come out the eye balls.

My dad was worried this was going to be too scary for them. That couldn't be further from the truth:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Guess who voted today?

Early voting is awesome! You can vote early in 34 states! I hope you take advantage of this opportunity if your state permits it because the lines on November 4 are going to be loooong.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where's your chin?

I know I have a flair for the drama when it comes to injuries. However, it's Brooke, again. Poor Brooke. She's always getting hurt. Just last week she bonked her head twice, got bit by another kid, and had a shelf shoved onto her that fell on her back. Today, she fell on the playground and busted her chin open. Maybe it's time we find a new school?

Even at home, she's constantly walking into walls because she never puts her eyes in the proper direction! She'll look at the ceiling, look over her shoulder, but never in front of her! Brooke is also very brave. She'll try to jump off the couch and climb onto things that are completely age inappropriate. I've aways known that Maddie is a very cautious child, and Brooke is NOT.

I was working in a little town called Temple, and was about 2 hours from home when "the call" from daycare came in. You never, ever, want to see the daycare on your caller ID when you're a parent. It's never good news. "Hi, Mrs. V___. Brooke fell down on the playground, and is bleeding from the chin. She might need stitches, but we're not doctors." I called Zak to go get her, and called our pediatrician to see if they could see her. I REALLY didn't want to go to the ER if I didn't have to. I knew it was possible that once the doctor saw Brooke, we'd be sent to the ER for stitches.

Zak got to Brooke before I did, took her to the pediatrician, and just after the examination, I arrived. The doctor said that Brooke "didn't need stitches for medical reasons, but we might consider it for cosmetic reasons." The cut is about half an inch long and points ear to ear.

By this point, I hadn't seen the cut, and was just happy to have my baby in my arms. As soon as she and Zak arrived to the exam room, she immediately began to cry (and I blame my ENT for that). Zak had to pin her down so the doctor could examine her.

When we got home, she acted like her regular playful clumsy self causing me to gasp and wince every time she came close to hitting her chin. Then, her band aid began to slide down exposing her gash. THENNNNN, I lost it.

I'm not sure how to describe when I said that "I lost it"...I didn't cry and I wasn't grossed out, but I was willied out. I couldn't touch her or hold her or wipe her mouth. It was like I hurt for her. Zak had to do everything because he said, "she's like your kryptonite."

I think I would have been good in a crisis situation, like a serious crisis, but these kinds of issues just WILLIE me out!

To make matters worse, way worse....Brooke won't hold still for anything! We have to pin her down put on the steri-strips and damn band-aid.

Brooke, just for the record, I'm doing everything I can to prevent a scar on your beautiful face. If you want some fancy futuristic laser scar removal when you're a teenager, fine. I'm refusing to put you (and your parents) through the trauma of an ER visit, shots, stitches, and more blood. Call me a wuss, but I love you with or without your little scar.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

to the ZOO with you monkeys!

In an effort to not collapse under the whining and snotty and sick-y Girls, we headed to the zoo last weekend.

Brooke, as blissfully silent as she took it all in with an occasional babble and point. Maddie was giddy with excitement, and not as scared as I expected her to be. She was interested in all the animals and was wanting to see more.

Just like my feelings about the zoo in Chicago, the San Antonio Zoo pales in comparison to the San Diego Zoo. My expectations for zoos is forever sky high, but I hate to be disappointed every singe time I go to a new zoo. The San Antonio Zoo was under construction, and they are building a new Africa exhibit. I'm sure that will be great, but the only thing we saw in there was bulldozers and cranes. (Although, that did get some excited squeals).

The SA Zoo had a very good Children's Section...which is where we spent most of our time. There was an indoor area perfect for the youngest kids where we pretended to fish. The viewing exhibits were all clear to the floor with no problems for the little ones to see. Thank goodness that is where they choose to put the most active animals. There is nothing more frustrating than saying, "Look! There is the tiger! Sleeping in the corner behind the tree under some leaves! See! There's his butt!" I just get blank or frustrated stares when they can see the animal I'm pointing to.

There was also a very active bunch of monkeys that we sat and watched while we ate a snack. While we were sitting there, a zoo employee asked the girls if they wanted to make a craft. She gave them markers and asked them to draw on an empty toilet paper roll. After it was colored, they filled it with monkey treats, folded it up, and watched the zookeeper put their treats in the exhibit. The monkeys went crazy for them. It was a nice personal touch.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

I know I'm biased, but this just may be the cutest video and song ever performed.

Watch here to see Maddie sing a pre-school song (that I'd never heard of until this week) about Five Green and Speckled Frogs:

Lyrics so you may sing along (feel free to add the hand gestures too):

Five green and speckled frogs
Sat on a speckled log (not "glob")
Eating some most delicious bugs
Yum. Yum.
One jumped into the pool
Where it was nice and cool
Then there were four green and speckled frogs
Glub. Glub.
My favorite part occurs at 1:04 mark when Maddie does her best impression of an angry chick rock star. Also, Brooke sneaks behind the camera and discovers the screen around this time where she screams with excitement and yells "Cheese!" at seeing her sister perform.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Brooke and her ears

I took Brooke to a follow up appointment with her ENT. He's the one who put the tubes in her ears, and then a month later, on the examination table, Brooke puked on him (and me and the nurse) because he was pinning her down to examine his handiwork. Every time she sees him, she immediately cries.

I'm sure he's a good doctor, but he's just a jackass. My first mistake was taking her to a ENT that did not specialize in Pediatrics. Duh. He has the personality that reminds me of a 19 year old "too cool for this, would rather be out drinking beer and checking out the chicks because you're baby smells like poop." Except he has an MD and wears a pressed white lab coat.

The good news: Brooke's ears are great, tubes still there, and she hasn't been sick since the surgery (knock on wood).

The bad news: The tubes will likely fall out "just after Christmas" which is code for "you'll need to pay your insurance company another deductible for a surgery that she will probably need again in January."


Zak and I have eaten salmon, spicy meatloaf, pork tenderloin broccoli , sweet potatoes, and cauliflower for dinner this week. This typically means that Brooke will yell, and throw that disgusting lump of poop that we call food. And Maddie will just say, "I'm not hungry, can I have some blueberries for dinner?"

Instead, they've had leftover spaghetti for three nights in a row. (I'm the mother of the year, remember?) I've done my due diligence and put a little bit of what we're eating on their plates just to throw it away later.

Zak loathes spaghetti night. And now, there have been THREE of those nights in a row. What's the problem you ask? Oh....a stubborn toddler who insists on feeding herself. At least I was smart enough to take off her shirt last night:

I jokingly told Maddie that I thought Brooke needed a hug and kiss right after this photo was taken. It took her just two seconds to say, "NO WAY! Not with that messy face...I guess I could kiss her on her forehead or toes if you really wanted me to."

Those were the only parts of her body that were free of spaghetti sauce!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Aunt Terra is a PIRATE!

The beloved Aunt Terra came for a quick overnight visit last week, and the Girls were so excited to see her. In addition to bringing some fun (and a break for us) to a Sunday afternoon, she gave Zak and I a massage (she's a LMT in Austin). I had my massage after two glasses of wine just before bed, so you can imagine that I went to sleep right away!

When Terra walked in the door, Maddie asked, "Aunt Terra, are you a pirate?" We looked at each other wondering why in the world Maddie would ask that, and then we realized it was because she had on a head scarf.

Then Maddie decided she wanted to be a pirate too.

Thanks again, Terra, you're the BEST!

Friday, October 03, 2008

VP debate

Amy....just skip this one. Love you!

So, the VP debate was on last night. We Tivo'd it...or so we thought. I missed the first thirty minutes, and was PISSED about it. Luckily, it re-ran on CNN, so I was able to see it. Joe Biden obviously won, as expected with his debating experience. Sarah Palin did a good job hanging in there, nervously trying to organize her index cards much like I did during a speech in my COMM 101 course in college. I found this flow chart below to be particularly funny, and so very true of what I saw last night:

I am sure Sarah is a very nice person, a great mom, and a good friend to some. I don't know her personally, so I won't make personal comments.
What I do know is that she isn't someone I'd want #2 in charge of my country, or GOD forbid, The President of The United States. (Notice the bold and capital's a big job, like, THE BIGGEST job anyone could have). She's not the one to elect.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I got my hairs cut

Apparently, Maddie's hair is so thick and heavy, it now requires multiple clips to hold up during a hair cut: She mostly liked looking at herself in the mirror. To make things more fun for Maddie, the woman who cut her hair was named Dora. Maddie couldn't believe it!