Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tweet! Tweet! September 2008

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

Tweet! Tweet! September 2008:

I check on Brooke every night before I go to bed. I'll do this until she's two...just like I did for Maddie. I also check when they're sick. from txt

I sent my father-in-law an Obama t-shirt. He called to say he was proudly wearing it, but had yet to venture outside the house. Chicken. from web

Using a child's b-day party that we're going to today like a carrot to ensure excellent behavior ALL weekend. The Girl loves a party! from txt

Danced to the Rolling Stones with Maddie for 30 minutes. She must be educated properly on these types of important legends in music. from txt

Zak was sitting in front of Brooke on the floor, & she pulled on the back of his shorts checking for poop. Thankfully, she didn't find any. from web

Zak was brave enough to take both girls by himself to Chuck E. Cheese. Super dad! from txt

Standing outside the new Hotel Joulie in Dallas. Supposedly expecting celebrities and athletes. There's an awesome gospel choir singing. from txt

At a conference in Dallas. I'm not sure what hurts worse: my feet from standing in heels all day or my face from fake smiling all day.

Maddie: "I wish I had a shaver so I could take off these hairs on my legs and arms." Said a friend told her. Dude, she's 3.5 years old!!! from txt

Overheard two middle schoolers chatting: "My mom is really weird" and the other responded: "I know, I really don't think my mom likes me." from web

Teaching Maddie to chew with her mouth closed so people won't think that I gave birth to a cow. from txt

Got new tires and an oil change from Wal-Mart. Always pleasently surprised when I shop there lately. Used to hate it, now? Not-so-bad, eh. from txt

Guess who wants to know why the women on Dancing with The Stars are NOT wearing shirts? I guess sequined bra tops don't count when you're 3. from web

For her b-day party, Maddie requested fireworks just like what "Annie" had the in the movie. from txt

Zak; a venti...WTF's a VENTI? A "tall" sounds big, but it's a small? He's my very own Jerry Seinfeld. from txt

Out to a fancy dinner with my awesome husband. Celebrating his 34 years on the planet, I've been lucky to be with him for the last 15 years. from txt

Brooke put her buttered bagel face down on top of her head and rubbed it in her hair. Just before school...greasy and crumby hair. Great! from txt

Maddie blocked Brooke from getting into the fridge. Brooke SCREAMED at her, then Maddie burst into tears because "Brooke yelled at me!" from txt

Waited for carpet installers to arrive in a "four hour window." They were 2 hours late, and took 5 hours to install new carpet at the LH. from web

Just gave blood. The South TX Blood and Tissue Center is experiencing a shortage due to Hurricane Ike evacuees. GIVE BLOOD TODAY! from txt

While shopping at the mall with Brooke, she just screams, "GO!" and won't let me stop to look at or do anything. Not sure she's mine. ;) from web

Why does Anderson Cooper insist on broadcasting in his waders in the water (with the mic cord submerged)? from txt

On seeing a man running shirtless in the street: "Mom, that boy is running away in his underwear!" from txt

Gaaaallllvessssstoooooon!!!!!!!! Hang in there! from txt

Feeling guilty: forgot my canvas grocery shopping bags. Just contributed to global warming. Blah, sorry. from txt

Maddie picked a bugger, and thought it would be funny to put it in her sisters hair. from txt

Ike.......what part of "Don't mess with Texas" do you not understand? from txt

Maddie is really into potty humor these days. from txt

Every time Maddie says, "guess what?" (Which is at least 100 times per day). I try hard to resist the urge to say, "CHICKEN BUTT!" from txt

I caved in: we got DirecTV at the lake house. I'm still holding on to the "no internet" rule...except from our cell phones. I'm a sucker. from txt

You should have seen the look on Maddie's face after her first taste of Nutella. She can't say she was ever denied this simple pleasure. from txt

Princess Maddie proposed marriage to Brooke, then bossed her about what a prince was supposed to do during a wedding. Just like real life! from txt

When Brooke sees something (anything!) on the floor, she points and yells, "BUH, BUH, BUG!" until you convince her that it's NOT a bug. from web

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Success and Failure

As you already may have read, Brooke has been sitting on the potty before bath time just to get her into the routine of peeing before bed. She always sits there and then wipes her non-existent pee.

TODAY....she peed on the POTTY! (I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that I took a picture of it....to post on my blog.)

Okay, so it was just a few drops, but I was VERY excited:

We celebrated, clapped, and yelled with excitement, and even had a congratulatory chocolate chip. As I was taking pictures and cleaning out the potty, she disappeared for a few minutes. (You already know where I'm going with this, don't you?).

I found her in her bedroom, walking away from this:

Her little reading chair in her room is where she REALLY went potty, and emptied the entire contents of her bladder. I can only imagine her thoughts:

"Wow! Mom sure was excited about a little pee pee. Let's see how proud she will be when I show her how much more I can go!"

Friday, September 26, 2008

Why don't you tell us what you REALLY think, Jack Cafferty?

Oh! Thanks, you did tell us what you think. I agree!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cell phone pic fun

In the last few weeks, when Brooke sees a camera (or anything resembling a camera....including my cell phone), she screams, "CHEESE!" and poses. This is super cute, however, she doesn't stand still long enough for me to actually capture the photo. Why you ask?

Because she hightails it over to me to squawk until I show her the picture of herself! She doesn't get it when I tell her to stand still so I can take the picture!

What's the result? Baby in motion bbbblllllluuurrrr:
And a little less blurry, then success (kinda cause I'm holding her still):

Now I have to sneak my pictures or take them when she's strapped down (to her high chair or crib). She still whines about it when I don't immediately show her the photo. Jeez!

Kids these days and their darn fancy digital camera expectations! They'll never know that BACK IN MY DAY (or still today for Grandma Mary) we used to use a BIG CLUNKY BLACK CAMERA that didn't fit in the back pocket of your skinny hip hugging jeans.
And also? There was this thing called FILM that stored your image until you:
1. finished the roll
2. drove your sorry butt to the store to GET them developed
3. waited for several days
4. paid for the pictures (horrors!) even if they were terrible
5. selected one good shot
6. stored the rest of them in the bottom of your underwear drawer.
Here is a keeper:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

PEANUT BUTTER!! and jelly

Maddie made up this song called "peanut butter and jelly" to sing with her sister. I think she made it up since there are no other lyrics than screaming "PEANUT BUTTER!" and then whispering "and jelly" over and over again.

I'm sure you can guess who is peanut butter and who is supposed to be jelly:

Brooke says the first two "jelly's."

Update: I was just schooled in the lesson of pre-School songs, and my Girl did NOT make this up. In fact, she just confessed that her teacher, Ms. Brenda, taught her this song. So much for my inspiring singer/songwriter!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Zak!

Dude, Zak's getting old.

He's rockin' gray hair.

He's THIRTY FOUR this year.

Happy Birthday, Zak! Loves

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can you say, Banana?

Brooke, in an effort to remain adorably cute, thinks it's funny to NOT say words that she can probably say. When she wants a cookie, ice cream, chocolate, or a banana, she says, "Uh, uh, huh? (points to desired tasty treat) A blah, la, pla, la!" as she moves her tounge back and forth.

In this video, she doesn't really want the banana, she just wants OUT. OF. HER. CHAIR. as evidenced by the frequent, "Aaaallll done!" and attempts to escape. Notice how she says "please" as "peas" just like her big sister did. For those baby signing moms out there, you will see her do the baby sign for banana (looks like a mock peeling of her finger like it was a nanner.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ohhh, trying so hard, but I just can't resist...

Zak will be all annoyed with me that I'm posting this on my blog, but it's no secret that I've been an Obama supporter since we lived in Illinois.

Also, my grandfather will love it. ;) Hi Pops!
To add a little bit more humor (if you didn't think my new bumper sticker is funny), take a look at this great video from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (who is an American-born in Scotland) on the 2008 presidential election. He has some great points, and it's guaranteed to make you laugh (even if you're a evil Republican).

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Icky Ike

****Update below*****

Ike was not messing around. Our friends, David and Francie (who is having their first baby this fall), both work and live on Galveston Island. They evacuated to north Houston and are fine. We're not yet sure about their home (or their extended family), but from what we saw on TV it's not looking good.

Zak's grandmother and Eddie live in The Heights of Houston (north of downtown). I spoke with that whipper snapper on Friday and she insisted she would be fine, and reminded me that they've "gone through a hurricane or two before." We haven't heard from her yet, and she's not picking up her cell.

Our friends, Jason and Caroline, have a multiple issue situation. First, they have a waterfront beach house on stilts in Surfside Beach. The pictures on TV have not given us much hope, but it looks like many houses are still on stilts. There's no telling about the structural damage. Second, Jason's mother and grandmother live in Galveston. They are staying with Jason and Caroline in their Houston home. Third, in that home (which is fairly new) they've had some leaks in their roof and no power, but everyone is safe. Third, Caroline's parents also have a home in Galveston. All six of them, plus Belle the dog, are in Jason and Caroline's home. Without power. Without A/C. In Houston. It's hot. And humid. Sucky.

That's enough of the Debbie Downer, but I wanted to provide an update on our friends and family. We've been glued to the TV for the last five days; going back and forth between The Weather Channel and CNN.

I've always found it odd that hard core weather people insist on doing the weather in the very worst of elements. Anderson Cooper was doing a live show in waders in three feet of water. I think he was just showing off. Dork.

The live "you just won't believe how hard the wind is blowing, and don't do this yourself" shots during the storm were also ridiculous. As the audience, we can SEE from the blowing trees and debris. We really don't need you to go stand in it to show us that it's windy.

This is what happens when you screw with Mother Nature and her little boy, Ike:

You can't help but to laugh.

**Update: 9/15/08 8:00 p.m.----
Jason and Caroline found their beach house in unexpectedly fantastic condition. They had no water damage, and only their little boarder fence was knocked down! They also had sand under the pillars of their home. I'm SO happy to hear that. They say their neighbors got it bad, but their home, newly built, did well. Jason's mom/grandmother's home in Galveston also made it through without being flooded!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


On preparing for Hurricane Ike, I got the following reminders from:

My Grandfather (aka Pops) from Sunny San Diego:
  • Buy 2 gallons of water, and a couple of cans of beans (beans?!)
  • Fill the bathtub with water (use for washing and toilet flushing)
  • Use the water in the hot water heater for drinking
  • Also available for drinking is the water in the back of your toilet tank

Imaginary conversation between me and Madison: "Hey, Maddie, grab this straw and stick it here in the back of the toilet. Take JUST a sip, cause Brooke will want some too." The Girl just looks at me completely and utterly confused wondering when exactly her mother lost all her marbles.

My dad (aka PaPa) living in Dallas, Texas:

  • Didn't give me advice, but admitted he bought some more oil for his "lamps."
  1. Lamps? Like what kind of lamps? Camping? Do they still sell those?
  2. Oil? Isn't that stinky, dangerous, and like, flammable?
  3. Has he ever heard of a flashlight?

My husband, Zak (aka Dada):

  • Wanted "grillable" foods--like he'd be outside tending to his BBQ pit in 60+ mph winds! Don't stand between this man and his meat.
  • Asked me to buy extra water and batteries
  • Wondered if we had enough candles (look around, see those fifty dusty decorative candles all around the house? They actually work if lit.).
  • Asked for "powdered Gatorade" (They make that? Why not just regular bottled Gatorade? Should I also by dried powdered milk?) Ew.

Also about these three men?

I love them with all my heart, and am so lucky to have them all. I'm sure they're all thrilled to have a [insert a-not-so-flattering adjective here] granddaughter, daughter, wife with a blog.

Hurricane Ike

Thanks for all the calls and emails regarding concern for my family regarding Hurricane Ike. San Antonio is often the site where most people from the coast evacuate to, so we'll be okay. When the storm was originally predicted to hit the center of the coast (Corpus Christi area and south), we were going to get 60-70 mph winds and 6 inches of rain in San Antonio.

Now that the storm has appeared to be taking a northerly track towards the Houston area, we will probably not get much action. The "business end" (as Zak likes to call it) will be east of us. As of right now, they are saying San Antonio will have 30-40 mph winds and "heavy rain" on Saturday.

However, we have friends and family in the Houston/Galveston area who will be likely getting the brunt of the storm. They know (right, guys?) that they are always welcomed to stay with us if they need to.

The company that Zak works for is very alarmed and concerned regarding their thousands of employees, customers, and stores in the soon to be effected areas. Zak will probably have to work over the weekend to make sure all his peeps are taken care of and have a shelter to hunker down.

Keep Texas in your prayers, y'all.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Zak attacks the wasps!

We have some issues with wasps at the Lake House. They have made their home inside the outdoor ceiling fan on our front porch. We've sprayed the nest at least three times.

Zak likes to show them who's boss as he double fists two cans of wasp spray:

The Girls and I hang out inside watching Zak bob and weave like he's been training for months:

He's quick on his feet, that one:

Maddie says that armed with a stick and some spray, those wasps are no match for "SUPER DADDY:"

We won this last battle, but will we win the war? Any suggestions (my dad said to disassemble the fan and take out the nest...that's way too logical and labor intensive for us) would be much appreciated!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Have nots

For the first time ever, Maddie realized that sometimes other people have "better stuff" than she does.

Our neighbors five year old daughter and Maddie are pals, and they play together well. Madison always prefers to go over to her house because they have more fun stuff to play with. When I say "more" I mean that their house may be better than Chuck E. Cheese. They have a playroom over their garage that is full, FULL of toys, play kitchens, a ball pen, a bounce house, a mini roller coaster (for reals)....you name it. It's a dream come true.

The neighbor girl is also, like most little girls, very much into princess-y things and dress up. She has a wardrobe rack in her room just for her dresses, about 10-15 of them. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Barbie, Angel, Fairy Princess, Wedding Princess, etc. There are matching shoes and headbands and tiaras for every dress. Maddie loves it all so much she is willing to wear a dress up dress WITH buttons. That's true love.

She always has so much fun when she plays over there, and it's always a fight to get her to come home. Today when it was time to leave, she quietly pouted, but was better than normal. She was a bit melancholy afterwards, and about 30 minutes later she asked Zak, "Why don't I have all those toys, princess dresses and dress up things?"

Hmmm....how do we explain this so that:
1. we're not making it sound like we can't afford those things (we just choose not to)?
2. we don't disparage those parents for buying all that stuff (because they choose to)?
3. she understands that is just the way the world is?

Zak just basically ignored her question, and I held back from giving her a lesson on social justice, starving children, the health care crisis and homelessness. Aren't you proud of me?

K.I.S.S. and age appropriate, I told myself.

Maddie seemed satisfied to hear that she could put "princess dress" on her Christmas list for Santa, and that in life, we can't always get what we want. (but if you try sometimes, you'll get what you neeeeed.)

Damn kids! Why do they ask so many questions, and why do they think I have all the answers? Still looking for the instruction manual that should have came with her. I can't wait until I can say, "Google it, babe" or "Go ask Mick Jagger:"

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Guns Up and POSE!

Maddie has been putting her Texas Tech Guns Up for a long time now. Brooke has also learned how to do it on command.

Maddie has a teacher at her school who went to Tech, and they frequently practice putting up their Guns. Maddie also learned to add a new element to the mix...the "pose."

Maddie says she's the "only kid at school who can do Guns Up and Pose." She says it's important to "stick your hip out too" for a better pose, although she did not do it here: