Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tweet! Tweet! August 2008

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

Tweet! Tweet! August 2008:

An accidental car stop resulted in M and B's first parade experience in Bandera, Texas! Horses, bulls, bands, and even a zebra were seen. from txt

Obama rocked it! from txt

Maddie just used the word "like" twice when she was telling me a story about her day. She's turning into a total valley girl! Like, OMG! from txt

I'm at a BOB DYLAN CONCERT in Little Rock, AR!!! OMG!!!! from txt

I'm on my way to Little Rock, Arkansas for work. I prounounce it ARK-KANSAS in my head. These are things I shouldn't share. from web

Brooke is dancing to the beat of my windsheild wipers on high speed. from txt

My neighborhood coffee roaster/cafe is so cute. Owner runs the place. Hope they survive the wicked Starbucks takeover of the USA. Go Local! from txt

My new Stainless Steel toaster came with a STICKER stuck to the side. The sticker left a mess of stickiness behind that I can't get up! from web

My "allergy issue" is now an official cold. Damn. from txt

Brooke sat on the potty after giving me the baby sign that she had to go. After sitting (but not going) she even wiped herself! from txt

The music for the gymnastics floor exercise is terrible (regardless of country)!!!! from txt

A man asked a Southwest flight attendant "Where is seat B-46?" She smiled and told him it was the last middle seat on the plane. He obeyed. from txt

The Texas Hill Country is beautiful. from txt

Maddie doesn't like "rock-a-mole" because it's green. Great! That means more guac for me! from txt

Zak walks into the room, and Brooke turns into an adoring, eye lash batting pile of goo. That Girl loves her daddy.

Just heard a new phrase from Maddie that I'll never forget and always use: "You get what you get, so don't throw a fit." Yea, teachers! from txt

Sisters, who should be napping, are heard giggling and talking in their shared lake house room. from txt

Brooke is SUCH a little ham! from txt

In Austin today for work. It's 106 degrees outside. from txt

At the dentist for a cleaning. from txt

So happy to be home again. The Girls were so sweet and funny tonight. Going to give them one more kiss as they sleep. Grateful. from txt

I just ate caramel corn (kinda fresh from Chicago's "Nuts On Clark") for dinner. from txt

Just flew into Houston. Smooth as silk. The humidity of Eduardo engulfed me. Houston just always feels sticky. from txt

Awake at 4:00am. Chicago cop tells everyone, "pack it up and move along." Just the same way he probably talks to the homeless on the street. from txt

Spending the night in an airport builds character and tests your tolerance of others. I'll put that on my "how to parent" checklist. from txt

"Sweet dreams" says me to another stranded passanger at 3:00am as we settle in on our cots. from txt

2:20 am: asked to de-plane. The pilot is over his allotted hours. They are looking for a new crew OR we'll all be on a 6:00am flight. from txt

Oh, hi. It's me again at 1:45 am. Still sitting on the plane at the gate. They say it's "paperwork" which is prlbly code for "maintenance." from txt

Just boarded my flight at 12:56am. Should arrive home around 4:00am. Just time to get a few winks before the Girls wake me at dawn. Miss'em! from txt

Complete chaos at Midway. Wild lalapooloza peeps, sassy gate agents, kids playing in aisles on wheelchairs. Singing, clapping, booing, etc. from txt

I just paid $5.65 for a bottled Michelob Ultra! What is this world coming to!?!? from txt

Midway airport just shut down due to bad weather! Uh-oh. from txt

Just gave Shan a huge teary hug goodbye. Two years is 729 days too many to let fly by again. from txt

Just woke up from a TWO hour long nap! from txt

Watching Shannon's two kids play outside on a beautifully cool summer day and missing my own. from txt

Surprised my friend Amy by attending her baby shower in Chicago. Thought she was going to go into labor! She's gonna be a great mama! from txt

Ahhhh, back in Chicago after 2 years. Why does it still feel like home? from txt

Just barely made my flight to Chicago! Whew! from txt

My mother's proudest moment...

This was a leftover gift to me from Zak's friends who stayed at the Lake House last weekend for their annual Fantasy Football draft. There were TEN grown men pooping in my poor little septic tank. Thank God, it was able to handle all that business.
Guys, thanks for not destroying my house, and how did you know that you could charm me with some Boone's Farm wine?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Strong girl!

When Brooke wants something to drink, we don't give her a sippy cup. Sippy cups are for BABIES! Instead, we make her lug around her own 5 gallon jug of water and drink it right from the spout.
You should see her delts! They're massive. We hope to enter her into body building contests by the time she turns two. You know, to supplement our income. She's working on her quads and glutes by doing hundereds of squats daily.

Whenever Brooke sees a camera she immediately drops everything to pose. She screams, "CHEESE!" Want a little ham with that cheese?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's POTTY time....or is it?

Brooke's really interested in the potty and bathroom functions. She's all up in our business when we go, and all of us have to shove her out of the room for privacy.

She discovered that the step stool in The Girls' bathroom is actually a potty seat. Once she figured out how to lift the lid, she really wanted to sit on it. So, we stripped her down, and off she went. (Not "went" in the actual pee or poop kinda way.) She even wanted some toilet paper for wiping.

I've heard from various people that once your child starts to have interest in the potty, she's ready to start learning how. She'll just be 19 months old this week, which seems WAY too early to me. This is actually the same age when Ms.Tippi told us that Maddie was ready, but we moved. Tippi swore that she could have done it (and I don't doubt her).

We'll see how it goes, but we're not really 'trying' yet.

Incidentally, just after this photo was taken, Brooke walked out of the room (naked) and peed on the carpet. She obviously doesn't 'get it' yet. Do you think it's too early?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crazy Sock Day

This week is "crazy stuff" week at school, and today is "Crazy Sock" day. My girls haven't put on socks since January, and I'm not even sure Brooke remembers what they are! (We wear sandals year round in these parts, y'all.)

Nevertheless, both of them picked out their socks for the day (and wore them with Crocs just to make it more crazy).
I know, they're fashonistas just like their mom! Ha!

Just a side note: Maddie is still very picky about what she wears. I don't really care, but Zak hates when her shorts are too short. Maddie has really long legs, and so everything that fits her waist (size 2T) is too short for her. If I bought a size 4T (which would be long enough), they'd fall off her little hips. This outfit is one of her favorites (from Jason and Caroline), and was purchased for her in the Spring of 2007. Brooke sometimes wears that shirt! She insisted, and I don't want to fight about it.
Tonight, when Zak gets home from work, he will undoubtedly say, "You let her wear that to school today?!?" I better change her before he gets home!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Maddie, Mason, Maya, and Brooke = LOUD

My friend Amy, and her two kiddos, Mason and Maya came for another visit as they were driving from the coast back home in the Dallas area. Since we're in the middle of Texas, we are a nice stop, and are SO HAPPY to see them which seems to now be on a fairly regular basis.

Maddie was so excited when she found out they'd be visiting (and promised not to behave the way she did earlier this summer) . "A SLEEPOVER?!?" she said, and could hardly contain her enthusiasm for "AMY? THEIR MOM??! AND MASON AND MAYA?!" (I just don't have enough caps, bold, and underline ability to convey her excitement.) It was like I told her Santa Claus was coming over to see her.

After about a 30 second warm up, they were off! Running, screaming, laughing, making up games, wrestling, chasing, and reeking havoc. Brooke just tried hard to keep up. Maddie was even sweaty (which is seldom) because she was playing so hard inside.

Mason, who starts kindergarten this year, is strikingly handsome and will have all the girls swooning. Maddie can't even look at him with out grinning and batting her eyelashes. There will be NO sleepovers when they're teenagers, that's for sure.

Maya, who turned three this past spring, is super smart, confident, and so VERY tall. Maddie (who is also tall for her age) looks like a peanut next to Maya.

Maddie and Maya slept in the same room (Maddie has a trundle twin bed). This was the first time Maddie ever had friend sleepover. And, like typical girls, they didn't sleep right away. There were at least three trips out of their beds, and Maya found Amy in the middle of the night. When Maddie woke up (and saw Maya was not in the bed), she was very worried and wondered where she went and if she was okay.

Everyone was thrown in the bath tub again. You'd have thought that Brooke would have been scared, but she wasn't. She just stared at them and smiled.

Thanks for making the stop in San Antonio, Amy! We had a blast.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saturday morning fun

A typical Saturday morning at the Lake House involves the girls, an inflatable swimming pool, a hose, and some water balloons.

And Zak and I drinking coffee...

"What's that, little sister? You're a little warm? Okay..."

I'm not sure what we'll do in the winter to keep them busy. The good news is that in Texas, it's hot enough to play in this little pool from late March until early November.

We love, love, love having visitors so PLEASE come on down for a day trip or a long weekend. You're officially invited, but watch out for the blonde one holding the hose.

P.S. These pics were taken with my new camera. Could the colors be any more vibrant?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Walk a mile in my shoes

"Mama! Brooke is copying me!" is a commonly uttered phrase in my house. Maddie secretly loves it, and I always remind her that "little sisters are supposed to copy...that's just their job, so set a good example." This seems to make her less irritated and more big sister-y, especially when Brooke tried on a pair of my shoes (wedges with a one inch platform!). The girl is gonna break an ankle.
Brooke's newest fascination is with shoes. She knows what shoes belong to each person, and will bring them over to you when it's time to go to school or when she wants to go outside.

Check ya later, alligator.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I spent four days having a great time in Chicago with my dear friend Shannon, seeing old friends, and celebrating my 33rd birthday. The night before Zak and Maddie threw me a b-day party in our kitchen complete with a candle and ice cream cake. I also got a new camera (!) for my birthday. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it even though it's a point and shoot. I need DIRECTIONS, people!

I flew to Chicago on Friday morning and hung out with Michelle, dancer Lily, baby Jack, and Jack. Lily reminds me a lot of Madison a year ago in every way. They have similar personalities and lanky limbs! Her little brother, Jack, is simply edible.

On Friday night, Shannon and I went to the baby shower of our friend Amy. Apparently Amy didn't know that I was going to be at her shower because, when she saw me, she screamed so loud only dogs could hear. She looks beautiful and is thrilled that she and Jason are going to be parents very soon. They are one of those couples that are just destined to be parents, and their kid will be lucky to have them.

Amy (and her giant preggo boobs) is pictured on the left in red, and Sandy (who is ALSO pregnant) is on the right.

I also saw a gazillion other friends who haven't changed a bit, and I miss them even more that I got to see them again.

A special shout out to Susan (above in green on right) who has been silently stalking my blog for years and never told me. Hi Susan!

Saturday I got to hang with Shannon and Alan's kids, Kit and Fionn (pronounced Fee-own, if you're from Texas, but you may only say it if you have an Irish brough otherwise you just won't say it right). I, along with many others, call him Finn. He's a bundle of boy, no bones about it. I couldn't stop taking his picture:

Kit may be the most independent, self assured, confident (about to be) three year old I've ever met. The girl didn't whine, and only cried when she was bullied by her little brother and cousin and got hurt. I had so much fun with them and CANNOT wait until they come for a visit in San Antonio. I have already promised Sea World and swimming. And candy, cake, ice cream, puppies, The World...whatever it takes.

Sunday we had a family (all of the above players and Shan's parents) dinner, and did what her family does better than any other: sit in the driveway, drink beer/wine, and watch the kids play. The weather was fantastic, and we spent nearly the entire day outside enjoying the fresh air.

Shannon took Monday off from work, and we dropped the kids off at daycare (like any new-ish mom would!) for a day of bonding, lunching, pedicures and movies. Afterwords, Shannon dropped me off at the airport with a promise that it won't be another two years until we see each other again.

If you read my tweets from August 4th & 5th, you know that I spent the night at my least favorite hotel, Chicago's Midway Airport Terminal C and Not a Spa. And, I slept with a bunch of suspicious men (plural!) :

Friday, August 01, 2008

We're on our way to school...

For the last week, Zak was on "morning duty" because I had some very early work appointments. Normally, I'm the one who gets the girls up and ready for school everyday. Things have changed from last year, but the morning routine basically remains the same:

1. Maddie wakes me up at 6:30

2. I get ready while Maddie watches cartoons and hangs with her dad; Zak leaves for work

3. Maddie gets dressed (and she picks out her clothes...not always very pretty)

4. We wake Brooke, get her dressed

5. We eat breakfast together (these days whole wheat bagels are the favorite item)

6. Shoes on and out the door by 8:00.

Zak was thrilled when he learned he got Thursday off, and wouldn't be required to take them FIVE days in a row. He said, "Man, that's a lot of work every morning!" The Girls were being extra sweet this morning, and looking extra cute so I took some photos to share.

All buckled in and ready to rock it out on the way to school:

Just outside the school door:

Looking for friends:

Brooke's classroom:

Maddie's classroom: