Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brooke walks!

Brooke can now be officially considered one who walks on her hind legs. A walker. Dude, she can W-A-L-K even though she looks drunk when she does it.

I was beginning to get suspicious of her constant cruising, or her impression of Spider Man, because she is over a year old. I know you're never supposed to compare your kids to your previous kid or other random kids you see, but it happens.

Brooke has been taking random steps since her first birthday. A step to get her from the wall to clutching my leg. A step to get from the couch to her sister to steal her sippy cup or snack. She then always would immediately fall down and crawl or chicken out and totally face plant into the carpet. I didn't really count it as "walking" since it is something that must be officially documented.

She can now take six or seven steps in a row, stand, bend over to pick something up, stand and by then, she's exhausted and poops out. Wouldn't you be if you walked like Popeye?

Every now and then, she'll look over at us as if to say, "Did you see that? I just walked over here! Clap for me, people! Cheer!" Usually, she just smiles and claps for herself.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bloggy block

This has been my longest stretch of non-blogging in the last three years. Just too busy, I suppose, to write. When I do have the time, I just veg out and watch American Idol. I do have some blog posts waiting to go up, but I need to upload photos and videos for y'all.

The last two weeks have been full of sick kid (pick one) issues. After Maddie's Strep throat incident, she broke out in a rash. That was another missed day of work. The rash was supposedly a result of her body ridding itself of illness (although I've never heard of that before) and was not contagious. Her daycare called freaking out thinking that she had Chicken Pox. The rash was gone in 24 hours.

Of course, because the universe is cruel, Brooke was also ill. She had a 102.5 fever for two strait days with annoying other symptoms, but mostly she was just super cranky. Another missed day of work. The doctor could not find any source of infection (after being tested for Strep and the Flu). The doctor said to wait it out.....another missed day of work. Brooke continued to be fussy and not her normal self even thought the fever had gone down. But....Brooke ALSO broke out into a rash! Another trip to the doctor....this time Brooke was diagnosed with an ear infection. She is on antibiotics now and MUCH better.

So, we've had bacteria and viral illnesses. Zak and I managed to avoid them both. THANK GOD. The only thing worse than a sick and cranky child, is a sick and grumpy husband.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Caller ID

There are a few things that make the heart of a working parent skip a beat. One of them is when the daycare or school calls and you see the name and number on your caller ID. It's the few seconds between when you see that, and when you hear why they are calling. It's never just to tell you that things are grand and your child is the most precious living creature on the planet. And, oh, how I love changing her poopy diapers!

In the last four work days, I got a call EVERY DAY.

Last Friday: Brooke fell off a chair

The story was that Brooke climbed on a chair, dropped her pacifier, then did a stage dive to get it. I totally blame this on lack of supervision. Brooke CANNOT climb into a chair, but she sure as hell can fall out of one. She has a little bump and bruise on her noggin.

Now that she is more and more mobile, she gets hurt more often just because her little body can't keep up with what she WANTS to do.

Monday: It was for Brooke. Poor Baby Brooke.

A Little Monster in her class bit her left hand. I was told they were going after the same toy, and the other little girl just leaned over and bit her. The skin wasn't broken, but the mark is still there....three days later.

Tuesday: Maddie

She complained of being tired and that her stomach hurt in the morning, but had no fever and was basically her normal self. So, off to school she went.

I got a call about 2:30 saying she had a fever of 100 degrees and was not herself. This means that she must be banned for 24 hours, by the way. I was able to get her in to see the doctor the same afternoon and she was diagnosed with Strep throat. I was surpised to learn that a symptom was a stomach ache! Who knew?! This is her first case of Strep, and she is on antibiotics. She stayed home from school today (and was totally normal) and wondered why she couldn't go to school and assured me that she was "a healthy girl." We celebrated by (taking Brooke to school and) going out to breakfast together and shopping....isn't that what you do when you're sick, but feeling great? I think she really enjoyed the one-on-one time.

Wednesday: Twice Bitten Brooke....another call from daycare!

While Maddie and I were out and about, Brooke was being eaten by her classmate again. Same kid, same story, bitten on the SAME hand. Now, there are two very visible teeth marks. The Little Monster girl is probably going to be kicked out of 15 months!

The Director was VERY apologetic (almost too much) about what happened. Her teachers are responsible for watching the kids closely, but I believe that kids will be kids. Unfortunately that means that they will get hurt, fall down, and bitten. She thinks part of the problem may be that Brooke is the youngest (in the 12-18 month class of THREE kids) and can't walk yet or defend herself from The Little Monster. She offered to move Brooke into the 6-12 month class until she can officially walk.

I know I've been saying this for about a month now....but she is totally about to walk!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I heart Nutella

Have you ever had Nutella?

Then why didn't you tell me about it?

I, unlike you, would never EVER taste such a delectable item and NOT tell the entire Internet.

So Internet, go and get yourself some NUTELLA (it's right next to the PB at the grocery store). It's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and also tastes damn good on some sliced bread. It's basically spreadable chocolate without all the guilt. Okay, you will have some guilt, but low glycemic type guilt because it's made of Hazelnuts (with the number one ingredient of sugar). So, I'm not really sure why it's low on the glycemic index scale. Maybe because it has protein and comes strait from God?

I discovered the magical creamy goodness of Nutella through Zak, or better yet, a nutritionist that Zak spoke to about his spare tire health and fitness. I asked my dad if he ever had Nutella, and he said he had never heard about it (so I blame him for my ignorance), but others (SUSAN!) knew of Nutella and decided to withhold the information from me. Maybe because she knew I'd write a manic wine filled blog post about it.

I like to eat Nutella with peanut butter, cause I'm healthy like that. I like it on apples and a wheat bagel, and also with B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Bananas! There is this Food Network chef, Giada, that puts it on everything. She's my kinda gal with recipes galore.

Next? I'm going to put it on Brooke and eat her little muscle-y arms. Or maybe I'll just save it for Valentines day.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

One Year Old

Dear Baby Brooke,

Happy Birthday!! You are officially now considered a "toddler," but no one has told you that to toddle = walking. Standing is manageable for a while, but walking isn't something you find fun or interesting unless it requires you to push something...

or hold up a wall. Just yesterday, you pushed the wagon across the room ALONG with two other large plastic toys that were in your way.

Muscle? Check!
Determination? Check!
Balance?....not so much.

I will just go ahead and get on with the "I can't believe it!" and "Where has the year gone?!" type of comments because, my God, I just gave birth to you practically yesterday...

and then I blinked a few times and now here we are. ONE. Year. later.

I simply want to eat you because you are the sweetest little ball of slimy baby goo that has ever existed on the planet. And this is the exact age when your sister was so cute that we decided to have another. Then she turned TWO! and you were born all hungry and little and needy and not sleeping through the night. But, oh, how I love this age. I really think it is my favorite because I am crazy enough to think about having another baby (We're not, for the record).

We had your first birthday party on Saturday, with an Aloha! theme, and you had lots of fun. My mom (your Nina) was here along with Papa, Susan, Grandma, Aunt Terra, and lots of friends and neighbors. You had a blast eating your first cake (lovingly baked and decorated by your not very talented mother):

But, you didn't really like the ice cream that you were holding in your hand for a surprisingly long time.

We waited until the next day to open your presents, and you enjoyed eating the paper more than opening your gifts. You delegated the gift opening to your assistant, Maddie, who was more than willing to help you out.

What else is new with you these days? For the record, you weigh 19 pounds, and are very small compared to the other kids at school, but you seem very healthy looking to us. You are also a good listener, but not one to follow directions.

I need to think of another way to make that happen because you 100% understand what I am saying and decide to disregard my "NO!" with a toothy grin and giggle. The only time I tell you "NO!" is when you 1.) throw your food 2.) stick your fingers in the electric socket 3.) stand up in the bath tub. These are all safety violations and YOU WILL BE FINED if you continue to make my hair turn grey. In fact, when I tell you "NO!" not only do you smile and laugh, but you do it over and over again. Your sister has a different philosophy for getting you to stop; she rationalizes with you on those offenses listed above. So, in a completely reasonable tone she'll say, 1.) "Brookey, do not throw your food on the floor because it is not nice." 2.) "Brookey, you will get la-light-trick shocked and burned!" 3.) "You will slip and bonk your head and it will hurt! SIT DOWN!" and my favorite, "Mmmmooommm! She is not listening to me!!"

So, you are also officially weaned. It's been about two weeks now. I think you were ready for it, but I was not. I am very sad about it, and you could care less. I think that the only people who understand are the other mothers who nursed, weaned, and knew it was their last baby. It's hard to explain, but I know you'll understand some day when you are in the same position. Occasionally you still look at my boobs and pull on my shirt and drool, but your dad does that too, so you must have learned it from him.

Let the WORDS begin! You are full of baby talk and will tell us stories that we can't understand, but you just ignore us and keep talking anyway. You're working on more complicated sounds, but the only words we can make out is "dada" and "mama" (rarely, and only uttered when you're mad/tired). I think you are close to saying something that sounds like bottle and ball. We usually understand you because your enthuasisam for what you're saying makes your point perfectly clear. Like, "NNNOOOWWW, woman. FEED ME. NOW!"

I'm actually very happy you are going with your own pace when it comes to walking and talking. Trust me, I'm in no rush to see you do either. Being the second kid has the biggest advantage in the fact that we will never rush you. We've learned to cherish every stage and are in no hurry to push you to the next. Unless, of course, you're 23 and still living at home. That's another story.

Happy Birthday, baby.