Monday, April 30, 2007

Grandma's visit

Hooray for Grandma who lives less than one hour away! Hooray!

Grandma Wendy (Zak's mom) came to visit us for the day, and we begged asked her to stay the night so we could have dinner ALONE! Just the TWO of us! Since Brooke was born.
She was rewarded with lots of love from her granddaughters, a bubble party, and two very tired and grateful parents. Thanks Wendy!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The Girls like to pile on my lap while I am sitting on the couch. Well, I guess it is actually Maddie who likes to pile on me while I'm feeding Brooke.

"Mama, I wanna sit on your lap!"

Um, okay, there's no room on my lap, but here is her best attempt to get as close as possible on a recent Saturday morning. Zak took this picture from the second floor of the house (looks down into the living room). As much as these "pile on mom's" are often hot and uncomfortable for me, I secretly love it. It won't be long before the girls refuse to acknowledge my being, let alone want to touch and love on me.

After this photo was taken, Maddie began to complain about being squished. You know, rather than getting her little butt up and move to one of the other gazillion places to sit. Then, she tattled on her little sister...

"Mmmmooom, she's kicking me with her little feets!"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Six things that are weird about me

My friend, Angi, tagged me to blog about six things that are weird about me. Well, first off, there are far more than six things that are weird about me, but I was tagged by Angi to just provide SIX. I thought of some, and then asked Zak if he could think of anything. Bad idea. He thought of waayy more than six, and as he kept rattling off one after another, I wondered if he has a part of his brain (the same side that can remember any song, musician, album and year to any music genre since 1960) dedicated to all the bizarre things about his wife of eight years.

Here goes...

1. I am obsessed with eyebrows. Especially mine, but yours are of interest too. I tweeze my eyebrows at least twice per day, and sometimes three times per day if I just happen to feel a stray brow. You would think that there would not be enough for me to tweeze twice per day. It's not that they grow that fast, but different light reveals new stray hairs that I didn't see earlier in the day. In case you're really interested, the best place to tweeze your brows is in the car. Not while you're driving, of course, but I've been known to pluck a few while waiting at a red light. Which means, yes, I have tweezers in my car.

I often wonder why other people don't care much about their own eyebrows, especially women. When I see women with bad eyebrows, I have an impulsive need to bang them over the head, hold them down, and tweeze their eyebrows. If you're a family member or friend, I have probably discussed your eyebrows with you. I can't help it, it's my way of showing you love.

While we're talking about eyebrows, have you seen the brows on American Idol this season? Several of the guys look like they have caterpillars stuck to their heads. Terrible.

2. I have a strong emotional attachment to the cars I own. I haven't owned many compared to most people my age, but I have cried (and bawled and bawled) every time I've sold a car, no matter how much I hated it. To psychoanalyze myself, I think cars have always represented a portion of my life that I am happy to be finished with, yet scared to move to the next phase. Each car has a story (of course!):
  • 1987 Ford Taurus-My dad bought me this car when I was 15, and taught me how to drive it. I wanted a Miata or a Jeep, and he quickly and wisely refused. He says he tried to find the biggest, ugliest car he could so my friends wouldn't want to ride in it, and I wouldn't want to drive it often. It was 1990 at the time, so it was hardly an ugly car (that part comes later) and it was pretty big and safe. There was a manufacturers defect in the paint in the late 80's Taurus' that cause the paint to peel, turn white, and flake off, like dandruff. I drove this car through high school and college. Nicknamed: The Dandruff Mobile
  • 1993 Honda Civic-I bought this used car as my graduation present to myself from college in 1996 from a dealership in Dallas and I drove it during grad school and a little bit after that. It was a standard, and I learned how to use a clutch (which is a skill everyone should have). My dad warned me not to buy a standard (damn if he isn't ALWAYS right) because it is tiring to drive in traffic. My left thigh would burn, burn, burn as I clutched my way down the Dallas highway at 20 mph. Then, I moved to Chicago with this car, and whaddaya know? Chicago, traffic? Ohmigod. I clutched my way 26 miles for an hour and half EACH WAY to and from work. My left thigh is still beautifully toned because of that car. The right one? Not so much.
  • 2000 Honda Accord-I bought this car BRAND SPANKING NEW when I got my first "real" job. Red. Red hot RED. Two door, sunroof, leather seats, V6, VROOM VROOM car. I LOVED this car. Still do. LOVE. I was in love with this car. Zak made me sell it when he knocked me up the first time. Apparently, there is not room for a carset in the back of a red hot little Accord. Blah.
  • 2001 Toyota Avalon-This is my current car, nick named "The Mommy Car" It's fine. It's blueish grey. Just fine, thankyouverymuch. Runs well with 90K miles on it, safely carries TWO carseats in the back with room for a smallish person in the middle seat. It will last several more years, you know, because it's a Toyota. Great. Faanntastic.
  • A very sporty RED TWO seater--that's coming up, in like, 2022. No room for car seats, or sweet little girls.

3. There are a few weird things about my body:
  • I walk like a duck, really. Both feet poke out, but my right foot sticks out further than my left foot, and this causes a waddle. You should have seen my waddle when I was pregnant. Just plain silly. I think this actually embarrasses Zak a little bit as he is always telling me to "keep that foot in" like my own personal drill sergeant.
  • I have freckles. That's not a big surprise if you know me, but what is crazy is that I have them EVERYWHERE! Palm of my left hand, bottom of my big left toe. I hope and pray that my Girls will not be so freckly and mole-y as I am. I've always hated it. SUNSCREEN, people, wear sunscreen!
  • I have a double crown. Most people don't know what that even means. It's when you have two swirls of hair at the top of your head instead of one. It's really not that relevant for me because I have such long thick hair. If your a man with a double crown or have short hair it could be a difficult hair to style because your hair sticks strait up. My mom thinks it is very cool, and old wives tales say it brings you luck and wealth. When both of my Girls were born, it was one of the first few questions she asked me, "Does she have a double crown?" Maddie does not, but Brooke does. My mom was so excited about that.

4. I don't close drawers, doors, or cabinets. Or refrigerators. I know this is a really weird one, but once I get the desired item out of the drawer or pantry, I just walk away leaving everything open. I think my dad used to walk around behind me shutting everything that I left open. I've always known I've had this problem as evidenced by my drawers in my bedroom. They are ALL always open. I only realize how bad this problem is around the kitchen now that I am staying at home. Sometimes I look in the kitchen and wonder who the idiot is that left every cabinet open. Someone could poke an EYE out. Oh, um I guess, that would be me.

5. I've moved about fifteen different times since 1993.
Here goes:
  • Home to my college dorm room about 5 times between semesters
  • 28th street--My college home that Dina's parents owned, it was four bedrooms, and I lived there with Dina, Amy, and a various fourth roommate (Mandy, Shelley, Celeste) for 2-3 years. It was so much fun. This experience is the one that everyone says, "these are the best times of your life. Enjoy them to the fullest" that you never believe when someone tells you or when you're actually living it. Well, it was. I would recommend living with a roommate in college to anyone, but I would never ever ever do it again. Drama-o-rama. It really was so much fun. We had fun when we didn't even know we were having fun. The best times were usually in the middle of the night after we came home from a party, or on a regular Saturday morning when someone did aerobics in the living room in a very mismatched outfit that included black socks. Oh, the stories I could tell, but I won't to protect the not-so innocent, their children and their future children. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
  • The Ghetto duplex--I lived here in graduate school. It was the only time in my life that I lived alone. It was a one bedroom duplex in the Lubbock Ghetto (if there is such a thing). I paid $200 a month in rent and rode my bike to class if there wasn't a dust storm or 80 mph winds. That means that I didn't ride my bike very often. There were burglar bars on the windows, a swamp air conditioner, and the stench of my neighbors cigarette smoke penetrated through the walls.
  • 35th street--I moved into this two bedroom duplex with Zak (before we were married, ohmigod!). Our neighbors were married, in their early twenties, and seemed like the perfect couple, until we heard her screaming at him almost nightly through the walls. Yikes! We lived here together for just 6 months and Zak got transferred to Fort Worth...where he moved in with my dad! I stayed in this house alone until I finished school later that summer.
  • Apartment in Bedford--I don't even remember the name of the complex or our address. Zak (who moved out of my dad's house) and I moved here for just 4 months until he was transferred to Chicago. I told him that after five years of dating, I wasn't moving to the frozen tundra of Chicago (Chicago! for christsakes!Brr!) as his girlfriend. He proposed shortly after that, and we moved. Yea!
  • Apartment in Naperville--We were shocked by the cost of living in this fancy suburb of Chicago compared to the Dallas/Forth Worth area. We rented a one bedroom, 800 sq foot apartment and happily lived here during our brief engagement and first few months of marriage.
  • Coastal Drive--This was our first house that we bought. We were so proud to have purchased a house at just 24 and 25 years old, and lived there for around 2-3 years. It was a new construction house, you know, one of those cookie cutter types in the boonies. With sticks for trees. And the house was made out of match sticks. You could jump up and down on the second floor and feel the entire house shake. Really. We were sick of the traffic in the area, and needed to move a little closer to our jobs. This area became a very popular place to move to, and our house sold immediately. NICE!
  • Pleasant Hill--Our second house. This house is where we made babies. Hi DAD! That's all. We lived there for about three years, and sold it in order to move back to Texas.
  • San Antonio--Third, and current house. Brooke was born in this house....well, not really born here, but you know what I mean. She and Zak are "Native Texans." Which is very important if you live in Texas. People have bumper stickers to brag about it. Dorky Texans.
Zak has actually moved more that I have since 1993, probably 20+ times. In college, he and his roomies moved in and out of gross apartments and icky houses in Lubbock nearly every semester. Just to clarify, he wasn't gross, his roommates were. And YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :)

6. I'm a licenced Esthetician. "What's that?" is usually the response that I get. I can work for spas, salons, doctors doing doing skin care (waxing, facials, chemical peels, micordermabrasion, body treatments, etc.). I went to school to get my license just after we moved to Texas and when I was pregnant with Brooke. I did it for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it would allow me flexibility in my work, it is fun, something I've always been interested in. I finished classes just two days before Brooke was born, and got my license shortly after that. I just found a job that is perfect for me that incorporates both my new skills and old experience & education. I will be working full time from home selling a skin care line of cosmeseuticuals. I'll travel to spas and doctor's offices (plastic surgeons and dermatologists) demonstrating the products, training them, and helping them market new services. I start my new job next month!

I am now supposed to tag six other people who have blogs to do the same. The problem is that I only know of one person, Amy, that hasn't done this yet even though she was also tagged by Angi. I only "know" all the blogs listed on the right because I stalk them. So, here's the deal, if you read my blog, and you HAVE a blog, tag, you're it. Email me and let me know that you got my tag and, damn it, do it!

Monday, April 23, 2007

My bullied baby girl

Well, I guess she's not a baby girl, but that was the accusation.

Yesterday we were invited over to a friends house for dinner, drinks, and play time for the kids. When you have little kids, and someone says "dinner," you should assume it will start at 3pm. In addition to Maddie and Brooke, there were two 3 year olds, and another 2 year old (the only boy) plus their parents.

It all started out innocent enough with dress up time. The hosts daughter, Alex, has lots of princess clothes, so my friend took all the girls upstairs to dress up as princesses and put on glitter and pink eye shadow. They call came down to model their new outfits, makeup and new hairdos.

Then, the parents kinda let the girls just play upstairs alone. I heard a dramatic scream and little feet running down the stairs with a bunch of "....Blah Blah...and then she dropped all the make-up and it broke, it BROKE! AND.... MADISON DID IT!" After going upstairs to see what happened, it turned out to not be a big deal, and it appeared that nothing was broken, but Maddie looked a little guilty and wouldn't tell me what happened.

The girls continued to play downstairs. My friend has this awesome little bounce house where one would normally have formal living room furniture. This thing is genius! Since it was raining outside, it was the prefect way to keep the kids entertained and tire them out. Maddie was a little reluctant to bounce at first, but soon got the hang of it. She came out of it to pee, and then I left her alone to get back into the bounce house by herself.

The second little girl, Victoria, wouldn't let Maddie in and called her a "little baby" and wouldn't allow her to play. All of this was happening in the next room, and I was the only adult who could see in. Victoria held the door to the bounce house shut and told Maddie she couldn't come in. Maddie (not appearing sad) just walked away and did something else.

Later, the two older girls were sitting at a little 4 seater plastic picnic bench. Maddie attempted to sit next to Victoria who scooted over and prevented Maddie from sitting. So, she walked to the other side, and Victoria slid over to that side and aggressively said, "No Maddie. You can't sit here with us because you're just a little baby, and you have to play on the floor like a baby!" All of this was in ear shot of Victoria's dad and myself. Maddie just walked over to the side where Alex was sitting and took her place...while not saying a word.

I ended up not saying anything to the little girl (or her parents), which I think was the right thing to do. It was interesting to see Maddie react (or not react) to the girl, and I am not even sure what I expected her to do or say. I guess the girls were just being girls, and this will be a huge factor of her life forever. I just didn't think it would start so soon, and by it, I mean bitchy little girl crap that turns into bitchy teenage girl crap that turns into bitchy grown up crap.

Maddie plays with little girls and boys at school all the time, and I am never there to see how she is. I always assume she is the bossy one who tries to run the show, but maybe not. She also doesn't have any cousins or friends in the neighborhood that she plays with regularly for me to observe. Even if she is with other kids, they are closely supervised and typically just play next to each other and not with each other.

So, I guess the point to my rambling is that it made ME sad to see all this happen. Even from a distance, my eyes were glued to her during the interactions she had with the other kids. I would kick Zak under the table (who was oblivious to what was happening) when something was said to Maddie. I think that a father just has a different perspective on all of this, probably a healthier view than mine.

In the car on the way home, I asked her if she had fun playing with Victoria and she said that she did have fun, and never mentioned that Victoria was mean to her. I was proud that Maddie ignored the girl, but didn't walk away to sulk. I was the one with hurt feelings, and found myself glaring at Victoria (who would look towards the adults to see if we were watching when she was being mean) to let her know that I was watching her, even if her parents weren't.


Friday, April 20, 2007


Oh. My. Goodness. This video of Brooke is so sweet it makes me all weak in the knees. She is SO DAMN CUTE.

Brooke does this laughing, cooing, and cute-ing thing all the time, but every single time I try to capture it on video, she gets too distracted by the camera that she stops being cute. She will laugh and get excited like this when I just talk to her or walk into her line of vision.

She's easy to please. My Milk = Power

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

28 months

Dear Maddie,
Yesterday, you turned 28 months old, but let's just call you TWO! After 24 months, counting your age in months is just too much math. You're TWO in every way, shape and form.

Funny, whiney, sweet and sour, and SMART. Those five words describe you the most. You are FUNNY, the faces you make, the way you mimic us, the silly things you say. You are whiney, and anything will set you off. You are our very own Dr. Jeyckle and little Miss Hyde.

The simplest things will cause a watershed of tears. It could be that I didn't get you more milk the second you asked for it. Maybe I get Brooke out of the car before I unbuckle you. "Get me first! Not Brooke!" It is almost always when we're too slow to do something that you've just demanded. You want things RIGHT. THIS. SECOND. I hate to admit it, but I am exactly the same way, I'm just a little better about not breaking down into tears when I don't get my way.

You are the Queen of Indecisiveness. One minute you demand to wear your cute new polo style shirt dress, and as soon as I pull it out of the closet, "NOOOOOoooo! It has buttons! No buttons!" Okay, I didn't realize how terrible buttons were, and what was I thinking when I purchased you some clothes with BUTTONS!? Call Child Protective Services! BUTTONS!

Your dad has a great theory on two year olds. He believes that you are just a little adult without a censor button. You're thinking the same things we do, except you say exactly what you feel and think. Most adults just know when not to talk about the fat man standing next to us who reminds us of Santa Clause.

Metrodad wrote this open letter to all toddlers, and I really think you should read it. It totally applies to you.

One super great thing about you is that you can be SO sweet when you want to, and you are soooo smart. You constantly amaze us with your vocabulary and your ability to remember things. You have nearly mastered the proper use of pronouns and can conjugate most verbs correctly. You love to laugh and have this silly, fake, deep from your gut laugh that is cracks me up.

We went to the doctor a week ago and you weighed 26 pounds and are 35 inches tall. It's about time we just say you are 3 feet tall. You've grown several inches since we moved to San Antonio. I know this because you now bonk your head on the lip of the island in the kitchen, and when we moved in you had several inches of clearance. You're pretty tough though. Most of the time when you fall and appear hurt yourself, you just laugh and get up and going again.

We started a new school this week. I wasn't happy with your last one and I discussed that here and here. There were 22 kids in your class, and now there are seven in the new school. You have one steady teacher that you can count on everyday. And guess what else? You come home clean from your new school! They wash your hands! They read books! You play games! Woo Hoo!

Also, big news for your future are now wearing big girl underpants! However, you have peed your pants TWICE since wearing said panties. Incidentally, you are a perfect little potty trained girl at school, but at home, you like to stand on the rug and pee on the carpet. "Mama, I have pee pee running down my legs onto the carpet." Well, if you can utter that complicated sentence, you can SURELY make it to the toilet on time. Are you entering into a power struggle with us, little girl? Well, pee on the carpet all you want, but you're not gonna get in trouble for it. We'll just wear Pull Ups at home until you're ready! Maybe on your wedding day?

Long gone are the days of us sleeping in on the weekend and leaving you in your room until 9:00 a.m. You have figured out that you are capable of opening your bedroom door, walking down the hall and waking up your tired parents. The first time you did this, you were scared and came in crying. NOW, you have a sneaky smile on your face as you walk in (at 7:00!) and demand to watch TV in our room. Fine by us, we can sleep through Dora, Barney, and the Mickey Mouse show to at least make it till 8:30.

Even though your middle name is SASSY these days, you are still the sweetest and most loving little girl I know. We're happy that you seem to like your little sister more and more each day. You mimic the high pitched sing song-y way I talk to Brooke when you talk to your own baby dolls, "It's okay sweetie, I'm right here. You want your paci?" It's the sweetest thing. Just like you.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy 8th Anniversary, Zak!

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary!

Who wants to come babysit a feisty 2 year old and a newborn baby so we can celebrate?

Anyone? Anyone?

{sound of crickets}


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sea World

The four of us went to Sea World today. It was a sunny 72 degrees outside, and we couldn't resist. Laundry or Sea World? Hmmmm....?

I bought Season Passes several months ago just on the recommendation of our friends. We had never been to the Sea World in San Antonio before, and we were impressed. There are essentially three parks within a park, or so I'm told, as we only experienced 1/3 of the entire place today. There is the traditional Sea World stuff (Shamu, dolphins, fish, sharks, etc.), a water park, and a theme park with rides.

Here's the deal: When traveling with little kids, even if it is in your home town, one must plan around naps and eating schedules to avoid full melt down tantrums or crying spells. We witnessed MANY of them while we were there. We live just 30 minutes away, and we knew Maddie would have fun provided there were little kid things to see and do (i.e. giant Shamus and huge sharks). We left at 2pm, after she woke up from her nap, and we were home by 6pm. Also, don't go when it's over 80 degrees or when there is no school. That means we won't go again until October because we KNOW better.

"Didn't go well," is probably what you're thinking. Huh? Huh?

Ha! Ye of little faith in my planning skills and Zak's ability to take orders skills. It was GREAT! Because we came late there was no traffic, plenty of parking, and all the big attractions were already seen by the crowds leaving us plenty of space. PLUS, because we have a Season Pass, we didn't feel obligated to see every square inch of the place on our first visit.

We saw the dolphins in the "petting" tank, witnessed the feeding of stingrays and tropical fish in an underground tank (Ohh, Mama, it's Daaark in here!), watched some sharks swim around, saw some Clydesdale horses (not sure how those fit into Sea World except maybe the beer thing), went to the Shamu show.

Funny story about Shamu....since I grew up in San Diego, I've been to that Sea World many times as a child. On every visit we'd go see the Shamu show. Man, have they come a looong way since 1980. Today it's a BIG production with lights, underwater cameras, sound effects, nods to the environment, dramatic music, and a huge screen to watch replays. It was very entertaining, but some things are still the same. Shamu comes out, does some tricks, eats fish, and soaks the first 10 rows of the crowd. Sitting there, I recalled seeing the show as a child and now watching it through Maddie's eyes, being there with MY two kids was very emotional and I started to get all weepy! At the Shamu show! Who cries while watching Shamu?

We spent a little over two hours there, and were actually pretty tired and ready to go. Maddie was great, didn't even whine that much, and Brooke SLEPT THE ENTIRE TIME. Not even a peep from that darling girl, hence no pictures of her either. She stayed in her carseat/stroller contraption from the time we left the house until we got home. Yea us!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My cousin, Jacob

My entire family (except my dad) all live in San Diego. This makes family get togethers very tough, and unfortunately a rare occurrence. Maddie has been to San Diego once, at 8 months, and only my mom has traveled to see her since then. The main reason I started this blog was so family could watch her grow and stay connected to our lives.

Last week, I was happy to get an unexpected call from my cousin, Jacob, who said he would be in San Antonio on business and wanted to get together. Jacob loves kids, and was a big hit with Maddie and immediately wanted to hold Brooke. Jacob, and his wife Teresa, have a 13 year old daughter and two boys that are right around the same age as Maddie and Brooke.

Our fathers are brothers, and Jacob and I are only a year apart. When we were kids, we saw each other frequently (when I lived in San Diego as a child), and all the grandkids on my dad's side of the family are all fairly close in age. I am the only girl out of six. My dad has me and my brother, Scott. My uncle had Jacob and Travis. My aunt, Winona (who has passed), had two boys, Ray and Dan. We were all born in the early to mid 1970's. As the only girl, you can only imagine how spoiled I was, and how much fun I had with all boy cousins! Incidentally, they all look VERY much alike in skin tone, build, height and even facial expressions, and you can totally guess they are related. I have a family resemblance, but they really look like brothers.

It was great to see Jacob and discuss our families and our childhood. We really hadn't had any time as adults to have such conversations, and really don't know each other as much as we should. I had the pleasure of eating an entire meal without a baby as Jacob and I went to dinner alone, and left Zak and The Girls at home.

Some of the discussion was emotional, and some of it was just plain funny. Jacob remembers a lot more than I do. I suppose that would be expected because he's older, but I think I just have a really bad memory. He told me stories about things that I did as a kid, and we talked a lot about our grandmother, Cupie, who passed away in 1994. I loved that we were able to spend time together and reminisce.

We talked a lot about the importance of extended family. No matter our differences, when it's all said and done, family is all you have.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Can you hear that? THAT NOISE?! That annoying high pitched voice accompanied by fake tears?

Oh, you hear the other noise? That would be Zak and I banging our heads on the wall.


This morning Zak was getting Maddie ready for school, and I was pretending to be asleep, and I heard her whining to him about what outfit she didn't want to wear to school. All of them.

Later in the morning, I called Zak at work to hear his story, and he said, "I liked her more when she didn't have an opinion about everything." I told him I liked her more before she could TALK! As a first time parent, you just can't wait for the day for your baby to talk to you, to tell you what she needs, and to utter your name. The problem is that once that happens, THE TALKING NEVER STOPS and the whining begins.

When I am with Maddie, I say a prayer every 30 minutes to stay patient, keep my voice low and calm, and for Zak to keep his hair, and for mine not to turn grey.

Things we have tried to stop the whining (that have not worked):
  1. Yelling: STOP WHINING!
  2. Ignore it.
  3. Confront her: "I can't hear you when you talk like that, please use your regular voice."
  4. Lie: "My ears aren't working." or "I don't understand those words."
  5. Provide her with what she wants before the whining starts. (i.e. MIND READING)
  6. Reward her with attention or the item desired immediately when she asks appropriately, and praise her for asking nicely (i.e. not whining and with a please and thank you).
  7. The No Whining Pledge. Make her repeat after me: "I will not whine today, and I will use big girl words to ask for what I want."
  8. Bribery

I am officially asking for advice here, so please, give me your two cents and I will pay you one million dollars for it.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Big Easter Fun was had at our household! Last Easter, Maddie didn't really get the concept of candy, chocolate, and a giant man dressed as the Easter Bunny. This year, however, is a different story! She had a blast this morning when she found some plastic eggs and three baskets.

Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate on Saturday for our planned community wide Easter egg hunt, but she did well with our indoor and outdoor egg hunts. Inside, Zak and Aunt Terra hid plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and chocolate. Outside, we hid Casarones (real eggs that are filled with confetti) and watched Maddie stomp on them.

She also got an Easter basket last week from her Grandma Wendy that had candy jewelry inside. It took Maddie three days of wearing the necklaces and bracelets to figure out they were candy. Here she is wearing them prior to knowing it was candy. As you can imagine, they are now gone with just remnants of their sugary goodness all over my black leather couch.

Another popular Easter gift was this Dora the Explorer bathing suit complete with a grass skirt from her Nina (my mom). She wore it all afternoon until it was bedtime.

The Easter egg hunt, Easter morning, and Maddie opening one of three Easter baskets are all shown on these three separate videos.

Brooke got the short end of the stick, as usual, on Easter. It doesn't help that she can't stand up for herself and demand candy, like her sister. She just laid there and smiled as her big sister had all the fun. Next year, Brooke will be able to hold her own!

Another woman

Maddie walked into our bedroom on Easter Sunday to find Zak getting dressed, and a me, disguised as a lump in the bed, still half asleep.

She yelled with accusation, "DADDY! WHO. IS. SLEEPING. IN. MOMMY'S. BED?!"

The Girl has got my back.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Oh, hi, it's me again...Remember, down there, where I mentioned that Maddie was coughing all over me and Brooke? Well, she now has a 102 degree fever. Great.

Want some germ infested Fever Cookies? Come on over!

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, which means Maddie has the day off from school. Zak, of course, doesn't have the day off from work, so that means I am alone with both of them. What to do, what to do?

Maddie has been coughing all morning, but doesn't seem sick. She coughs right in my face, Brooke's face, and all over my computer keyboard (along with a mouthful of almonds that spewed everywhere.)

We made cinnamon french toast for breakfast, a favorite of the Girl. Afterwards, we went for a walk (it's BEAUTIFUL today....70 degrees and sunny). During our walk, Maddie picked up and threw some doggy poop, thinking it was a rock. wasn't, and if you can believe it, I didn't have any baby wipes or Purell with me! She also wanted to pick the flowers from all my neighbors' gardens, which was fine by me, unless they were outside watching her do it!

We're now home watching Dora, getting ready for lunch and nap. A delivery man just rang the doorbell, and Maddie immediately asked if we were having pizza for lunch! Apparently a ringing doorbell = pizza.

Next up... a nap (!), then lunch, or maybe we will just bake some Easter Cookies and eat those for lunch. If she's lucky, and after I've had enough with Dora, maybe we'll break into her Easter Basket where there is a stash of bubbles and go outside again.

Either way, by 5pm, I will likely be drinking a martini, and praying that Zak will be home early.

Aunt Terra is coming for a visit tomorrow and we're going on a Easter Egg Hunt at a local church. It's supposed to be 44 degrees and raining (which is NOT normal Easter weather for San Antonio), so we may have to improvise an Easter Egg Hunt in the house instead.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter baskets

How many Easter baskets are too many Easter baskets?

I already have three, plus I am sure more are on the way here. They are all filled to the brim with candy, except for the one I made her which is only halfway full of candy.

In addition, anything that comes for Brooke, Maddie thinks is hers. How can you deny a toddler all her newborn sisters stuffed animals when Brooke doesn't even know what she's missing? Next year will be the real challenge.

But really, how many is too many? Maybe I should just save some for a rainy day, and tell Maddie it's Easter all over again!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Two months

Dear Brooke,
Today you are two months old, and your personality is finally beginning to bloom. You love to watch the world around you. The fascination with ceiling fans, lights, your sister, and your mama never ends. You seem to spot me from across the room and lock eyes with me until I am out of your view. I don't think you actually can see further than 12 feet or so, but it appears you can either see me or smell me from a mile away. I'm pretty stinky.

Thanks to Amy for this great picture.

Content is one word that I can use to describe you. As long as you're fed, you're happy. Often you don't complain even if you're wet or poopy! We are pretty sure your favorite place (besides for our arms) is in your bouncy chair. You sit, vibrate, kick your legs, sleep, and just day dream when you're in your seat. We're happy that you're happy. Trust me. Here is a picture of you imitating Al Bundy while you're watching TV in your bouncy chair:

Another favorite pastime is taking a bath. Your daddy bathes you every other day, which may be a little too often for your sweet new skin, but you like it so much! I think another reason we do it so often is because giving you a bath is your dad's job, and he loves it more than you do. I've only given you two or three baths (and those were all emergencies related to giant leaky poops). You'll have lots of special things that just you and your dad will do together in the future, but this, by far is a big favorite.

You and Maddie are becoming better and better friends every day. She loves to play with you and sweetly asks permission to touch you, kiss or put a blanket on you. So far, she hasn't hurt you...yet. Maddie is impressed with how big you've gotten in just two months.

At your two month check up, you weighed 9 lbs and 10 oz. (25th percentile) and are 21.75 inches tall (25th percentile). That's as big as some babies weigh at birth. THANK YOU for not being that big two months ago! You had SIX vaccinations yesterday, put into three shots, and one oral vaccine. It wasn't that bad, and you only screamed for a minute. Let me tell you, those needles are so LONG, and they get shoved like two inches! I swear the nurse could have easily hit your little bone. Other than seeing that, I did okay. Thanks.

Little Miss Coo is who you are. I love to make you smile and listen to you coo. You're just beginning to let out a few laughs, and it makes me get all watery eyed.

We have some nick names for you too, Brooke-y, Brooklyn, Brooke-ster, Sweetie are my favorites. We were gonna name you Brooklyn, but decided that we couldn't have two kids named after cities that we've never been to. That would just be silly.

You are a true joy, and it would be great if you just stopped growing now. We love you just how you are right now. So much.

Mama (aka the milk lady)