Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sing it, girlfriend!

Maddie loves to sing. It's one of those things she can do to melt my heart in an instant. It makes me realize how sweet and innocent she is when she sways, bops, and does her best to sing the entire song. My eyes water and I can't stop smiling. At the end of each song she says, "And what song should we sing next? Okay...(insert song title)" and off she goes.

She mostly sings to me in the car and at the dinner table. It's a great way to distract her when she is bored or wanting to do something else. She just learned BINGO, but often gets it confused with "Old McDonald" so the song she sings goes:

"There was a Farmer who had a dog and chicken was his name-0oo. With a chick chick here and a chick chick there. E I E I Oooo! BINGO!"

She does it every time. I have tried to get it on video, but she gets too shy.

As a side note, I got lots of emails and a few comments on the poop in the bathtub story. I'm happy to entertain you as my Girls are constantly entertaining us. Oh, the joys of parenthood, poop, sweet songs, and all.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


After over two years of poop-free baths, we found a floating log in the tub. Actually, Maddie had picked it up and put it on the side of the tub because...poop? It doesn't belong in the tub!

I considered taking a picture, or better yet a video, but I thought that was way too embarrasing for even a 2 year old. Then, I thought that I could show that picture/video at her wedding, or hold it for a bribe one day, or any other time that I needed Maddie to do something for me. You'll be happy (or maybe disappointed?) to know that I refrained from taking a picture.

It was an eventful evening. Before the poop incident, the four of us ventured out to a local Mexican food restaurant that is kid friendly and fast. That's the requirement for us to dine out these days. Brooke was good (i.e. she slept) and Maddie was okay too. She ate chips for dinner, as usual when it's Mexican food night. Zak and I chugged our alcoholic beverages and scarfed our food, as usual. We made it through dinner without incident.

When we got home, I showed Maddie a "surprise" which is actually her crib sans the front panel ala toddler bed. See the video. After the surprise, and right before bath time, she was VERY excited and ran around like a banshee in various states of undress. She'd occasionally stop running to grunt, like she was pooping, but denied she had to poop. "MADDIE! DON'T POOP ON THE CARPET!" we would yell since she had already taken her Pull Up off.

We put her on the potty four or five times to no avail. She promised us that she didn't have to poop, so we plunked her down in her bathtub. We left the bathroom (I know, you should never leave a bathing kid unattended...they can drown in one inch of water) for a minute to admire the new pink wall I painted in Brooke's room (yea me!). Zak came back into the very quiet bathroom and discovered a giant terd sitting on the side of the tub.

Maddie pooped IN THE TUB, PICKED IT UP and placed it on the side of the tub, and continued to bathe as if there was NOT A GIANT SMELLY TERD dangling closely to her head and about to fall back into the tub!

Zak calls me back into the bathroom to show me what he found. "What should we do?" he asks as we both stare at the poop trying not to look shocked, angry, or laugh. "I dunno? Pick it up?" I cover my hand with a big wad of toilet paper to pick it up. Then, we had to figure out what to do with the skid marks that were on the side of the tub and the bottom of the tub. Zak had the pleasure of cleaning that up. Then, we had to re-bathe The Girl because she was taking a bubble bath with her terd, not the most sanitary way to bathe.

During all of this, Brooke was her usual sweet (but very hungry) self. She ate and ate which usually means she will spit up and spit up some more. The spit up and poop clean up was happening all at the same time. I was complaining about how much spit up Brooke was getting all over my shirt to which Zak replied, "Dude, I will take spit up clean up duty over crap in the tub any day."

Dude, I agree.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ice Cream and Milkshakes

Maddie loves her some ice cream. She plays this game where she carries around a purse and tells us she is going shopping. When you ask her what she is going to buy, she tells you "ICE CREAM!" like, "Duh, what else would I buy?"

I make sure she has some money before she goes, which I also pretend to deposit into her little hand....let's see how long that lasts! She also doesn't leave until she gets kisses and hugs. Maddie runs out of the living room on her shopping trip, stands behind the couch for .5 seconds, then returns with a "Hi everybody! I'm back!" as if she had been gone for weeks. I promptly respond as if I hadn't seen her for months, "Oh, Maddie! I'm so glad you came back! Did you bring me something to eat?" This is accompanied by more hugs and kisses. She then carefully places the imaginary ice cream in my hands as if it were a quarter, waits for me to eat it, and then asks me if I want more. We do this one billion times over and over until she gets bored and announces that she needs to go shopping for "CHICKEN and Broccoli!"

Speaking of ice cream, a milkshake is her favorite form of ice cream...and ours too, way less messy. Since Zak is also an icecreamaholic, he often gets one for himself after we go out to dinner. Because he is not really one to share, he insists on buying one for me to share with Maddie. This really means I get none.

A few weeks ago, we were having our milkshakes, and mine was too thick to suck out of the straw, so I tried to spoon feed it to Maddie. She screamed about this and was having NO part in eating a milkshake the WRONG way. Zak's milkshake, however, was the perfect consistency. In this video they drank it in less than 1 minute, prompting Zak to ask for my milkshake because Maddie drank his. Big Babies.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Weekend trip

Brooke and I went to Dallas for a long weekend to visit my dad and Susan. It was Brooke's first road trip, and my first "vacation" since she was born. Zak and Maddie stayed home because Zak had to work on Monday and Friday, and I am not brave enough to take BOTH Girls without him.

I decided not to fly because 1.) who wants to fly alone with a baby? and 2.) she has A LOT of crap stuff that she needs 3.) I knew she'd sleep the entire five hour drive. I packed the bouncy chair, pack n' play, stroller, car seat, diapers, blankets, twice the clothes that there are days, breast pump (mine, not hers), baby sling, bath chair....really, I brought every single one of those things that I mentioned, plus my own stuff. It filled up my car. I joked that I nearly had to strap stuff to the roof of my car to fit it all and I drive a Toyota Avalon! It would have been nearly impossible for Maddie and Zak to fit in the car!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Texas Tech, Smiles, Shoes, and PICS!

I've been getting some flack for not posting more pictures. I have lots of pictures, but frankly, I'm just lazy. I do most of my posting from my laptop while nursing Brooke. In order to post photos, I have to go aaallll the way upstairs, get on the computer, download the pictures, and load them to a post. See? I am lazy, but here you go...I did this just for you.

Here are some recent photos of The Girls:

I still only have one picture of both Girls together (one was already published), and the other doesn't really show Brooke very well. I'm still working on it. It's a rare thing for me to get Maddie to look away from the TV long enough to pose for pictures with her sister. She's still been very sweet to Brooke, although "rubbed" her head a little too aggressively with her fingernails. Yikes!

This is Brooke's first smile (not counting the sleep smiles or pooping smiles) captured on film. She was 5 weeks old. Yea!

My girls love them some cute shoes. I found a pair for them each at Nordstroms (aka the kingdom of great shoes). Brooke got some Robeez (Maddie is holding them)....the best shoes for babies. They don't come off, and they can crawl, walk, and even chew on them if they want.

Maddie is once again rockin' the Crocs. I have the exact same pair....aaawwww. This time, these are the real Crocs, not the Payless type. You know, a better, more expensive kind of plastic.

I also found the removable, super cool "Double T" little clips to adorn the shoes with.

"Go Tech!" Maddie says. "I wanna wear my Texas Tech shoes." That is music to her daddy's ears.

I asked the sales lady why they only had Texas Tech clippies for sale, and she told me that the A&M and UT ones sold out in a few days. Mmmkay, I guess I expected that, but it was still a knife in the heart. The Red Raiders play Boston College today in the NCAA tournament. I hope they win, or I will surely be accused to jinxing them by this post.

Edited to add:
Aaaannnddd, We're out! Sorry, Red Raiders, for the jinx.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Missing: Daddy's hair

Maddie asks, "Daddy, you have hair?"

"Yes, I do."

"Where's it at right here?" pointing to her forehead.

"Um, it's not there anymore. It's gone."

"Where did it go? Did you leave it in Chicago?"

Yes, Maddie, yes he did leave his hair in Chicago. Actually, the hair left him.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Magic Word

At school today, Madison's class learned about the "magic word." This was according to the little paper that the parents get everyday that reports on what they did, what they ate, how long they napped, if/when they peed or pooped, etc.

I was reading the paper on the way home from school, and asked Maddie if she learned what the magic word was, and she said, "ABRIRSE!" which is spanish for "open," I think. I was expecting her to say, "please."

Can you tell that Maddie is a HUGE Dora The Explorer fan? She's fitting right into San Antonio! I just wish her school would teach her more Spanish, but if Dora is doing it, that's just fine with me.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The quest for sleep

Actually, it was a blissful 5 1/2 hours! Yipee! And, yes, I'm that skinny and my legs are that loooong.

So far, we've tried several sleeping arrangements to get a few more winks between feedings.

We started with Brooke in her co-sleeper on an incline (so she didn't choke on her spit-up), and that was okay, but we didn't think her head was high enough. She's the spit up queen.

The next week, we put her in her bouncy chair on vibrate. Because she sleeps so well in the car, during a rough stroller ride, and in the sling, we decided to try it. It meant using up a "D" battery every night, but it seemed to be working until the last three nights. She began to fuss almost all night, "nursed" 4-5 times at night (waaay to much) but didn't really eat much. NONE of us slept. Maybe it was too much vibration and every time she moved she would bounce a little. I wondered if she was startling herself awake.

We have also allowed her to sleep in bed with us on occasion, but this means she is completely smashed against me while she nurses laying down. I don't get much sleep, but Zak and Brooke are zonked out. As you can guess, this has been his favorite arrangement. I really don't mind this for portions of the night or for her last feed (6:30 am) of the night, but it is believed to be dangerous by experts (SIDS and the possibility of rolling over on her) and I think it's a bad habit for us to start. She'll never leave our bed!

Last night we decided to put her on a very flat pillow with her head slightly elevated in her co-sleeper. She went down at 9:30, quietly stared at me and the ceiling for about 20 minutes, and then fell asleep (as soon as I turned the TV off). She started to fuss at about 3:15. Then I realized that I got nearly 6 hours of sleep in a row for the first time in 5 weeks!! I was so excited I couldn't go back to sleep, plus my boobs were so full, I needed to feed her. I probably could have gotten her to sleep for another 30 minutes.

So, we'll stick with the pillow method and hope this was just not a fluke. I'm even skeptical of a jinx and don't want to post this entry as our Princess may find a Pea under her mattress tonight.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

1 month

Dear Brooke,

Today you are one month old. As I type that, I'm not sure I believe it! Has it been a month already?! Funny, the tricks that your brain plays on you when you don't get much sleep. It's kinda sad actually, that mothers typically forget the first few months of their babies lives. I do think I will remember your first few months more than I remember about your sister. That's because I'm just more comfortable being a mom and knew what to expect when you arrived.

You are doing very well, and have fit nicely into the family much sooner than I expected. I won't say the cliched "I don't remember what life was like before I had kids" because I do, and it was LOTS and lots of fun and it included lots of sleep and margaritas. However, having two kids (ohmigod, I have two kids!) is a different kind of fun. You know, the kind of fun that involves endless cleaning, laundry, spit up, poop, sticky hands, crying for no reason, and most importantly, lots of love and laughter.

Your dad and I have been asked where we came up with the name Brooke. Well, we certainly didn't invent it, and we didn't name you after anyone. We simply liked the name when we came across it in a book. I wish the story was more romantic than that, like, "it was the title of the song that your Dad and I fell in love to" or "I was dreaming about you while lying in a grassy field with a babbling brook flowing nearby." Nope, it was just a good name (not super popular, but not made up) that we both agreed on and liked. That being said, people are ALREADY misspelling it by leaving off the "E" at the end. The "E" at the end is what makes it a name and not the aforementioned babbling brook. The people misspelling it are mainly doctor's offices and hospitals. That's okay, at least I can deny having a child with that name and maybe I won't have to pay those medical bills.

Family and friends are also wondering why I haven't posted more pictures of you on this blog. The truth is that I am waiting for the tabloids to offer us big bucks for your photos. You know, because I'm a superfamous blogger. The going rate is about $100,000 now. I figured I couldn't get as much as Brad and Angelina did for Shiloh, but $100k may cover your college tuition. Yes, I'm not donating the money to goes into our vacation your college fund. I am accepting bids!

Here are some fun facts about you as a one month old:
  • Like all newborns, you sleep for 20 hours a day, and the four hours that you are awake are thankfully during the early evening hours. You are content to just sit, listen, and look around. You don't even mind when Maddie tries to cover you (and your face) with a blanket. She's trying to be sweet, we think.
  • You are nursing well, but tend to spit up a lot. Inevitably, you spit up on a clean outfit as soon as I put it on. Better yet, you can aim your spit up perfectly in between my boobs and your spit up ends up in a pool at the bottom of my bra. You are very patient with nursing (unlike your sister), and sweetly wait for my milk to come down before screaming for more.
  • The sleeping thing isn't something that we've figured out yet. Sometimes, you sleep for 4 hour stretches at night. Sometimes, you wake up every hour and a half. We prefer the former, and would like even longer stretches of time, thanks. On the rare occasion that you've allowed me to sleep for 4-5 hours, I've never felt more refreshed in my life. I've quickly forgotten that normal people (like we used to be) enjoy around 8 hours in a row. I have low expectations. Also, please stop snoring and making bird/monkey noises when you sleep. It's keeping us up.
  • Let's talk about poop. There's a lot going on in that diaper of yours! You've demonstrated a remarkable talant, multi-poop styles: projectile poop, phantom poop, poop on command, sharts, etc. The projectile poop incident happened at 3:00 a.m. and shot TWO feet across the room! I was too groggy to react quickly enough to block it. Next time, wait until your dad is changing you and do that trick again.
  • Everyone loves a brown eyed girl, and baby, you've got 'em. With those eyes, your dark brown hair and olive skin, you will be beautiful for sure.
I'm so thankful to have you in my life, and am amazed that you are mine. You picked some pretty cool parents, and a great big sister. I used to tell your sister (in her monthly letters) how I "couldn't wait" to see what was going to come next. I am now smart enough to know now how quickly tomorrow does arrive, and that you will grow up in the blink of an eye. I know that, yes, I can wait, and will enjoy every single second of who you are and what you are doing today.