Sunday, November 04, 2007

9 months

Dear Brooke,
You were born nine months ago, and have grown so much in such a short amount of time. Never again in your life will you develop as quickly as you just did! Kudos for all your hard work.

Crawling has been accomplished! Just two weeks ago, you would go from all fours, then stretch out an arm just willing your legs to move. You'd fall right on your belly and could only go a few exhausting inches at a time. Since you've taught your legs how to cooperate with your brain and the rest of your body, you have made great progress. You can also pull yourself up to a standing position, and I am equally impressed when you go from all fours to downward dog. Nice yoga moves, girl.

Speaking of pulling yourself up to can't really figure out how to get back down without completely crashing. Hard. Every time you get up, you hang out for a bit, then cry for someone to help you sit again. This past week, we walked into your bedroom in the middle of the night to find you screaming, standing, and about to tumble out of your crib. I nearly passed out when I saw this for the first time. That very night we lowered your bed from "non-moving baby" to "watch out world, here I come baby." I just know that the next few phases of your life will continue to fly by, and if I don't pay attention it will go just as fast as this sentence from toddler bed, big girl bed, teenager bed, to dorm room bed.

Maddie is always amazed when you accomplish a new task. "Mommy, Brooke can feed herself!" she exclaims with pride and excitement for you. She's impressed with your ability to get around, but not so much when you go towards her drink, snacks, toys, or her long blond hair. You two get into screaming/grunting matches these days. You'll yell at Maddie for something and she'll dismissively swat her arm in your direction and grunt at you, like, "be quiet, and no you can't have my milk, SISTER." When she does this, you think it's a game and you screech back. Ultimately, Maddie is the one who gets scolded for egging you on. She hates it when you scream in her face (so do I), and often cries when you're doing this.

"DA DA DA DA DA DA" continues to be your favorite phrase. I try and try to get you to say something else. New noises are coming out of your mouth all the time, but nothing that we can decipher yet. We are teaching you baby signs and consequently, Maddie knows all of them and will frequently practice using them. You don't use them yet, but I am pretty sure you understand eat, more, all done, mommy, daddy, sister, cereal, and milk. We are ready for Volume Two (Christmas gift suggestion!!). The hardest part of teaching you baby signs is that Maddie and I are the only ones who use them with you, and more people (like your dad) should use them to help you learn quickly. And by the way, he continues to be your most favorite man on earth, and I think that's an excellent choice.

You started to attend daycare this month. I had the chance to stay home with you for 8.5 months, and although can't say I enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of it, I was happy that we got to hang together for that long. You've adjusted well to your new environment. Your daycare teacher said you were very quiet and didn't like it when any of the other kids came near you. Now, after two weeks, you are smiling and laughing, but still not sleeping very well in such a noisy in there. You have had a perpetual runny nose and were the first participant in Vomitpalooza 2007 (we blame you), but that is unfortunately what happens at a daycare.

Your teachers also tell us that you have a very good trick to make sure they hold you as long as humanly possible. No, it's not your big brown eyes and long black lashes that win their affections, well maybe it is, but they say that you hold perfectly still when drinking your milk. You do everything possible not to move, to pretend that you are sleeping, and nuzzle up. Unfortunately, you don't do this to me and your dad. With us, you just yell if you want to be held, and yell louder if we don't listen.

I'm not sure if my returning to the work force has been harder on you or me. Since you're still nursing, I've been pumping if and when I can. Sometimes I go the entire day without being able to pump (due to the nature of my job), and my colleagues are probably wondering how my boobs can grow two cup sizes in just 8 hours. It's magic, folks, magic.

Being naked is one of your favorite past times, and it's a good thing we live in warm San Antonio! If you can't be naked, you're happy just in a diaper. It's like you think you're getting away with something and it makes you laugh hysterically. Both you and Maddie love bath time together because you both get to run/crawl around without clothes for a few minutes after the bath. You are very silly girls. This is also the favorite part of the day for your dad and I mainly because it means just a few more minutes before you BOTH are asleep and there is peaceful silence in the house. Ahhh.



Anonymous said...

baby signs... Na, just regular talking and learning to communicate, like it was done before that silly book was published, is the best method. Nothing went wrong with the world of little humans prior to that book. We all turned out just fine.

Stacy said...

how sweet! found you through Blogher.