Thursday, November 01, 2007

30+ readers!?

Wow! Who knew that more than 30 people read my blog? Shocking, and I don't even know many of you! That's cool, but also puts pressure on me to write. More than than the junk I write about. And more frequently. And, I should prolly use proper grammar (and spell check). Ha.

Maybe this is just a cruel joke that Zak is playing. I'm sure he just spent his days thinking of fake names like, PaPa and Holly B just to screw with me and increase the votes.

So...who is the big winner? HAPPY !! I really didn't count the votes because it's my blog, and Happy would have won no matter what because THAT WAS MY PUMPKIN. And, did I mention that it's my blog?

Funny thing happens when you carve a pumpkin and let it sit for four days in the 80 degree Texas style fall weather. Ummm...pumpkins rot. Yea, with MOLD and STINK. Guess who likes stinky moldy things? BUGS!

Please also note that 4 day old Happy lost her pupils and her teeth. In the daylight, she looks like an old lady who took out her dentures, and you can actually see mold in Scary's nose and mouth in this picture:

So, the loser of the Pumpkin Carving Contest of 2007 (ZAK!) gets to throw out the moldy stinky, shrunken headed pumpkins. I also win some other prizes that I will tell him about later. Hmmm....

Oh, and also, Halloween was SUPER fun with the little monkeys. Brooke was a Texas Tech cheerleader and Maddie was a "ballerina princess." We went around the neighborhood with our neighbors who also have two kids around the same ages.

Maddie carried the same "pumpkin purse" that she used last year. It's pretty small, and after just 5 houses it was very full. Knowing this, we took an extra bag to transfer the overflowing candies into our mouths the larger bag. Well, the ballerina princess wasn't having anything to do with anyone touching her pumpkin purse or her candy. As she continued to stuff it with more and more candy, it began to fall out every time she didn't hold her pumpkin purse perfectly still. Zak begged her to let him put some of it in the larger bag to no avail. I ended up picking her up (to trick and distract her) so Zak could swipe her candy. She screamed, "NO MAMA! DON'T TAKE MY CANDY! THAT'S MY CAAAANNNNDDDYYY!" Everyone stopped to stare at us and many parents burst into laughter.

After about an hour, she said, "I'm done 'trickin' treating' and want to go home, eat dinner, take a bath, and go to bed." I don't think that phrase has ever been uttered by a child in the history of the universe. In addition, she was perfectly fine with the fact that I allowed her to pick just ONE treat to eat after dinner. She happily ate some Skittles and was ready for bed.

The best part? Today, when we got home from school, she didn't ask for any candy. Maybe she forgot, or maybe it was because we hid it for ourselves.


Shannon said...

I'm with my kids, husband, and parents...we love the video, the girls are gorgeous! When's the next flight to TX...Kit and I are on it! Miss you guys! Shan

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec...SCARY got the most votes, not happy!!!
Way to go Zak!


Zak said...

Just for the record...Scary was the "real" winner by a count of 19-13. I didn't count the "Joe" vote because that was really my vote. The rest were legit. It's a good thing Amanda's blog isn't reviewed for accuracy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Holly B... Holly Boyd from Chicago...

Somehow I knew that Happy belonged to you! Can't believe that you forgot about me already:-(