Friday, October 05, 2007

Toxic Toys

Say goodbye to Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Ernie.

They are toxic, according to the government. Do we know for sure? No, but how would one know if they toys their children are chewing on and playing with are lead laden?

My grandfather asked me in an email a few weeks ago if I was concerned about this "lead scare." I responded that I wasn't worried with the ole "I used to chew on lead pencils as a kid" and "I'm not the kind of mom that freaks out and overreacts" type comments, but then read this article. That made me really want to know, specifically, which toys were recalled. I found that we had three of the recalled toys.

The danger with the lead toys is when kids chew on them for prolonged periods of time. Maddie only used these guys as bath toys, and I don't think that Brooke played with them much (but if she did they were no doubt in her mouth).

I segregated them from Maddie's other toys so I could take their picture for your benefit. However, Maddie saw them in the office and immedialy demanded to play with them. Try explaining toxic lead paint to a two year old who just wants her damn toys! I told her they were sick, and I had to take them to the doctor.

"What kinda sick?" she asked. After I told her that they have tummy aches, she wanted to kiss them!


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