Monday, October 08, 2007

Silly tears that only a mother will understand

Zak and I are lucky to have two girls for lots of reasons, but mainly, THE CLOTHES! We didn't have to duplicate our efforts. I've blogged before about poor little Brooke who is always wearing her sisters hand me downs.

Every six months I used to clean out Maddie's closet and sort through the items that were too small. Those items went into large plastic boxes waiting (and hoping) that one day, they'd get worn again.

When we found out Brooke was a girl, I went though those plastic boxes and pulled out Maddie's old infant clothes, washed, and got them ready for Brooke.

Today, I did the same routine, although, now I'm cleaning out Brooke's closet too. I look at her little baby clothes, which used to be Maddie's little baby clothes, and remind myself just one more time that their lives are passing far to quickly.

I'm not sure which caused me to cry, putting away all the 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes, OR pulling out Maddie's 9-12 month old clothes, remembering the times she wore them and thinking about how she is such a girl, not at all a baby.

Zak and I are not planning on having any more kids (we're 99% sure). We feel like our family is complete, and plus, we can't handle any more monkeys or we'll be outnumbered! I sold all my maternity clothes on ebay, all our infant care things, our co-sleeper...all the things that say "newborn" because there will probably not be any more newborns.

Our lives are full of a baby, and a preschooler who will far too soon grow up to be toddler and teenagers. We have so much to look to forward to, and so many reasons to be thankful.


Anonymous said...

Turn around, and they will be gone.
Make the most of every day with your children. Your blogs are great, you have these memories to reminisce. You won't be sorry, plus the kids will love them.
Love PaPa

Amanda said...

I should correct myself to say that Dads understand too, especially the awesome PaPa type of Dads.

francie said...

You are gonna make me cry. Your blog is such a gift to them, yourself and all of us. Thanks :)