Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Maddie went to the doctor today to get two shots, a flu shot, and a one more hepatitis shot that is required in Texas ('cause we're a border state, y'all).

I didn't tell her why we were going until the last minute. In the car, on the way there, she said, "Am I sick, Mom?"

The nurse who was taking care of us was a very, very short woman (maybe 4' 3''). When the nurse left the room to get her shots, I told Maddie that she was going to get two shots in her legs today, and it would hurt, but only for a minute. She whined for a minute, and screamed when she got the shots. It just took a minute to calm her down. After that, she was a superstar patient entertaining all the nurses.

My favorite comment was, "Where did that little girl who gave me the shot go?" The office staff burst into laughter, and the short nurse laughed the hardest.

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