Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rockin' it out

I know I've written a post Brooke's dancing ability, and I've even posted a video of her dancing. The girl grooves to ANY tune she hears....and by any tune, I mean:
  • A commercial--sometimes I'll see her bopping her head and realize that, in the background, there is a catchy song playing on a TV commercial.
  • Toys--lots of baby toys play classical music or nursery rhyme music. She'll shake it to anything, slow and fast.
  • My snapping fingers--I did it just now, to see if she'd do it. She did.
  • Blocks and rattles--She makes her OWN music by hitting blocks together or rhythmically shaking a rattle, then she dances to it.
  • The telephone ring--Our telephone ring isn't the standard annoying "ring, ring," but a classical song. The other day when it rang, she moved to the sound of the music.
  • Any song on the TV/Radio--This is when I expect her to dance, and she doesn't disappoint.
  • When Zak "performs" his nightly concert. Maddie says, "Daddy, play your Ga-drums!" Nearly every night before bed, when the girls are at their most fussy, we bang loud drums in their ears to drown out the whine and to distract them. Just kidding, but Zak does play his congas and guitar and all three of us girls dance around and act silly. Interestingly, when I play the congas, Brooke doesn't dance. Maybe that is because I can't carry a beat? It has become a bed time ritual for us that is lots of fun.
Zak and I often talk and laugh about Brooke's dancing abilities, and last night he said, "Maybe she'll be a dancer?" My thoughts immediately went to the kind of dancer that you don't want your daughter to be. You know, the kind of dancer that wears clear heels. So I responded with, "maybe we should encourage her musical talent with instruments instead?"

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Anonymous said...

Way too cute to see Brooke bopp to music, while sitting she gets her groove go girl. She gets wild with a balloon, get back...she puts a huge smile on and just slams that balloon in every direction.
That gal has tallent.