Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Just call me Martha Stewart

Okay, I'm actually kidding. I'm no Martha Stewart, as you can easily tell by my poor housekeeping skills. However, I can cook, and I can follow directions really well. See this brownie recipe for details.

I decide to bake homemade brownies from scratch after Maddie demands "A BROWNIE!" Since my sole being revolves around fulfilling her demands, I jump into action and start to make them! Zak is, again, very confused as how I can create brownies without a box of brownie mix. I decided to just tell him "it's magic!," and he seems satisfied.

Here is a leftover Easter Dove Chocolate Brownie being melted with one stick of butter. Chocolaty Salty goodness. By the way, the calories of a chocolate Easter bunny do NOT count if said Easter bunny is over 5 months old.

Maddie and Zak lick the beaters while Brooke looks on with jealousy.

Finished product:

Maddie eating BROWNIES! for dessert after she polishes off a bowl of spaghetti.

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schuss3 said...

They look delicious...I'm printing the recipe right now. It's a good thing I work. If I didn't, I would have way too many baked goods around the house to indulge in. And a sink full of dirty dishes to go with it. I love to do the same thing!