Friday, October 12, 2007

2008 Election

A few days ago I was chatting with my wonderful sister-in-law, Terra, and politics came up. Like so many Americans, we are so busy with our lives that paying attention to the 2008 election seems so far away, like more than a year away! Well, it is, actually, but it seems like the 2008 presidential election is getting so much attention so soon this election season. I suppose that is because we don't have an incumbent retard to re-elect (thank god), and for the first time, we have the additional choice of a woman and a black man with different perspectives than we've ever seen before.

Terra mentioned that she doesn't really know where all the candidates stand on the issues that are important to her. I mean, really, what are the true differences in all the democrats who are running? We usually only hear stuff on the news, many people don't bother to do research on the candidate of our choice and just vote along party lines.

I found this website that helped me sort things out. Check it out and let me know if you think it helped you narrow done your choices. Zak and I were both surprised with which candidates matched our important issues. It also tells you who is your lowest match...i.e. your own personal worst case scenario president!

Here is the actual URL if you want to share or are having trouble with the link above:

P.S. There are tons and tons of ads after you complete the survey. If you look carefully in the top right hand corner there is a button that says something like, "See results now" to skip the junk.

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francie said...

David and I did this last weekend and I had never even heard of my "ideal" candidate. The candidate I thought that I wanted was not the one selected for me. Good link and I am glad I did it. By the way, I got some of those apples. You are 100% right!!