Thursday, September 27, 2007

Honeycrisp Apples

Have you ever heard of Honeycrisp apples? Have you ever had a Honey Crisp Apple? Oh MY GOD. I don't really mean to blog about apples, on the site that is supposed to be about my family, and who really likes apples that much to care let alone write a blog post about it. Not usually me, but OH MY GOD. You must find one, and eat it. If you can.

If you can? Yes, because they are GIANT. I bought the smallest ones I could find at the grocery store (HEB is the place to get them for those who live in Texas!) and I could barely finish it. They are the priciest apples on the block, but worth every penny. I think I paid over three bucks for just two apples.

So what is so great about them? Crisp like a fall night in the mountains. NOT mealy and mushy like Red Delious Crapples. SWEET like honey. So juicy, you will need a napkin or a long sleeve to wipe your chin.

They are perfect for sharing because they are so big. I just like to get a head start on it before I tell Maddie that I have one to share. Why? Because she will HOG MY APPLE.

"Oh, Mama! An apple! I want some!"
"What? Oh, tifs...not eh afflepl. Just a mama snapftr. Hre, eat 'em cookies insead!"

How pathetic is the fact that I have to hide in the pantry scarfing an apple so my toddler doesn't see (and hear) me!? That's low, folks. LOW.

Francie, I know you love your Braeburns, but you have GOT to try these!


francie said...

I do love my Braeburns but my mom told me about these apples as well. She is addicted! I will get some this weekend. Even though I have to drive 20 miles to the closest decent HEB. I do it often. Remind Zak that we need a NEW HEB in the Grock.

schuss3 said...

You should get them out here in the midwest at our local farmers' markets! Talk about delicious! Shannon and I are going to get some this morning.

Shannon said...

Just got home from the Farmers Market with my Honey Crisps. The kids are down for a nap and I'm enjoying my first one of the weekend...YUM!