Thursday, August 02, 2007

A big day!

Today, AUGUST SECOND, is the two year anniversary of my blog, our one year anniversary of moving to San Antonio, Brooke's six month birthday, and my 32nd birthday! Big Day!

I started this blog two years ago to provide family and friends with a way to keeping semi weekly contact with us and the ability to watch Maddie (who at the time was 8 months old) grow up. I've always liked to write, and always have things to say, so I thought it would be a good match. I'm not always the best writer and usually have too much to say for anyone to care that much about, but hey, it's MY blog even though it is "supposed to be" about Maddie and Brooke.

I named the blog "maddiethegirl" because I was 90% sure I wasn't going to have another baby, and she was THE only girl to write about. When Maddie turned one, we got that baby itch, and we decided we did want another kiddo. When Brooke arrived and I knew I could no longer call the blog "maddiethegirl," so I changed it to "The Girls" (which is a name that I still really don't like). By the way, I am unable to change the URL on the blog or I will lose it. I am also trying to find a way to print out the blog and put it into a book format just in case this thing we call "THE Internet" won't last but another year or two. There are lots of businesses that can print your blog, but I've heard that blogger (who hosts this blog) isn't/doesn't allow that, technically speaking.

Either way, I've had this blog for about 23 months longer than Zak ever thought I would, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I think this blog has allowed some family and friends the chance to really see who I am, what I think, and what I believe in. I kinda already thought they did, but people frequently told me that they were surprised about this or that and it made me realize that I may not show my true self all the time. One thing is for sure, this blog represents the true me...the good and bad, the overuse of commas, and all run-on sentences!

I especially love those of you who read the blog and make comments. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is really reading at all. I'm not sure why many of you don't just click that little button that says "comments" and put your two cents in, but I guess I won't take it personally. Just so you know, I do.

One year ago today, we moved from Chicago to San Antonio. I CANNOT believe that it has been one year. The year was equally divided into two parts--pre-Brooke and post Brooke. In the pre-Brooke phase, we were settling into the new house, preparing for another monkey, and getting Maddie adjusted to school and all the new people who were coming to visit all the time! In the Post-Brooke phase, we have been sleepless, busy, tired, and thrilled that we have been blessed with another happy and healthy little girl. It has FLOWN by at mach 10 speed.

Brooke is six months old today, and I will try to post her monthly letter on time this month with photos. She goes to the doctor tomorrow for her well baby exam and shots. I'll report her stats then, you know, like she's a feather weight boxer. "In this corner weighing in at seventeen pounds, with a height of 32 inches and a reach of 4.5 inches, we have BRRROOOOKKKKEEE!"

And last, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, today is my birthday! Horray! Remember the birthday rules? Well, they still apply, but the more kids you have the less and less of the rules stay into effect. That's just a warning for your child-free couples out there!

And today, for my special birthday surprise? I get to go to the dentist! Hey, that was better than what I did you really want to know? I had a pap smear! YEA! Super fun was had by all!


Amy said...

i emailed you singing happy birthday this morning.

happy birthday my friend! love, Amy

Shannon said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Manda dear! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you! Miss you tons! Love -Shan

Anonymous said...

hey there! happy birthday!
I LOVE your blog, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandi,
First of all "Happy Birthday"! Sounds like you had a terrific day at the Dr's:-) What women go through!!!!
Also, I don't know if you know about the "One touch back up" for your computer. You can store anything on it and if your computer should crash you would NOT lose any of your blogs. I got one for all the different things I want to save and it's great. Check it out, okay!
Love you blog, keep up the good work!

schuss3 said...

Happy "Belated Now" Birthday! Mine is tomorrow...I know exactly how the birthday rules more "all about me" day! Anyway, I left your post laughing out loud. You do that to me when I read (at least 3 times weekly I check the blog). Sometimes I even get sentimental. Thanks for keeping it up. You have inspired me to start my own because I love yours so much. It makes me feel like you're not so very far away.

Anonymous said...

I do read your blog and yes, if I had one, I would want more comments too! Happy Belated b-day, happy 6 month to Brooke too! The girls are soooo cute! Makes me think about having a baby sister for Abigail! Love to all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda -

You don't know me, I'm your Grandpa Carl's stepdaughter, Britney. Carl and my Mom (Pat) have talked about this blog ever since you started it and have introduced me to it.

I really love what you have to say even though I don't know you. I think how lucky your girls are to have this to look back on one day... it is special beyond words. Also, who knows, this might be a neat book to publish one day.

My daughter is pregnant and I'm going to show her your blog in the hopes that she'll do this for her baby too.

Britney Judge