Friday, August 03, 2007

6 months

Dear Brooke,

Yesterday was your six month birthday!

You are a superstar with bright and shiny eyes and huge gummy grin. Your laugh is contagious, and you bring a smile to all those who see you. When you and your sister get together and act silly, it is a never ending sea of laughter. Not just giggles, but big belly laughs.

Maddie is trying to get you to say her name, and will repeat "MAD-IE" and "SIS-TER" over and over again. You smile and respond to her every time with a big wet, "PBBTH!" as you spit a raspberry at her. I play along with you and say, "Brooke! Your sisters name is not "PBBTH!" it is Maddie!" This causes Maddie to laugh hysterically and then you laugh in turn. We do this about one hundred times per day.

We went to the doctor today for your six month check up and shots. You were a supersweet girl, as usual. You are 25 inches long (33%) and weigh 15.5 pounds (40%). The amazing news is that is a 3 pound gain since your FOUR month check up and growth spurt of 2 1/4 inches. You are growing like a weed! A cute little weed.

The doctor (a new one) discovered that you have an "innocent heart murmur." When she asked me if anyone had ever mentioned that before at one of your checkups or when you were born, I almost fell off my chair. I have no idea what an innocent heart murmur is, and didn't want to know. About the very second before I burst into tears, she said that 65% of all children have a murmur before they reach adulthood. Still not feeling better. She also said you needed to see a pediatric cardiologist "just to check it out" next week. Still haven't regained my composure. I think the doctor sensed my panic and she assured and reassured me that it was nothing to worry about.

I sped home and did what any other Generation X mother would do....I looked it up on the internet. Because the internet is wise and knows everything! I found this from the American Heart Association, and felt much better. We will make an appointment next week and get your heart all checked out.

I love your murmuring heart with all my heart! You will be just fine.



Angi said...

omigosh! I would've freaked too!

and that is hilarious with the name pronunciation all the time!

isn't it nice when they're easily amused?

Angi said...

thanks so much for the invite to SA. we opted to stay in town last week; david took the week off and we did all of the local amusements we never have time for. (look for the blog posts soon--I'm working on Paloma's bday invite now, though.)
we do want to visit sometime, though!