Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Carpet

We had new carpet installed in our family room last week. I was disgusted with how the old owners treated their carpet (and the rest of the house for that matter), and finally gave in. We only carpeted that room, since we lay on it and play on it all the time. Plus, Brooke will be crawling on it very soon.

The rest of the house can wait a few years, but the family room had stains and DOG hairs (still!) after professional cleaning. I picked a color that matched the current carpet, and I bet most people won't even know that it is different. The only difference is that our friends and family will not think we are the disgusting pigs that sit in their own filth.

When I told Maddie about the "new carpet" she was very excited. She went running into the house only to see the same looking carpet and gave me the "you're crazy, mama" look. She then went over to the rug that we have on the carpet, the rug that didn't change, and told me how beautiful it was and how happy she was that we got new carpet. When I pointed out that it was the OTHER carpet that was new. She said, "oh" and shrugged her shoulders all annoyed. Like, I'm so not impressed with your choice of color, material, or padding.

The next day, she ran into the house, still excited about the carpet and said, "I'm gonna lick the new carpet" and did exactly that while I yelled "DON'T LICK THE CARPET."

I never thought I'd type that in my blog.

The following day, she announced she peed on the carpet, and did exactly that. Fully clothed, PISSED on the carpet. ON PURPOSE!

Yesterday, she sweetly said, "Mama, I will not pee on your new carpet today."

Thanks, but now I wonder about tomorrow.


Amy said...

oh my gosh - that is hysterical!! LOL

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for your blog. It brightens my day everytime when I see how bright wonderful girls you have and what a wonderful mommy and daddy you both are. My baby Emma is the same age as Brooke and it always warms my heart to see how similar milestones they both have. they both rolled around the same time and Emma is also starting to babble and raspberries abound with my girl. Emma was born on 1/31/2007, so Brooke and Em are days apart. God Bless you and your Beautiful Family.