Saturday, July 21, 2007

5 months

Dear Brooke,
You turned 5 months old THREE weeks ago, and I've been so busy with your poopy diapers that I forgot to write. Actually, I've been writing this post for the last two weeks, but just never finished it.

Speaking of poopy diapers, you have the most bizarre habits. You're an every other day pooper. One day, you won't poop, then next, you'll poop like FIVE or SIX times in one day. You had a baby sitter yesterday and not only did you refuse the bottle (and not eat for way too long), but you pooped FOUR times in FOUR hours for her. I guess we can kiss that babysitter goodbye.

There is so much to write about! During the last six weeks, you've changed so much, and I've included tons and tons of pictures to document those changes. Just yesterday you managed to sit up on your own. I don't dare leave you sitting up because after a minute or tow you end up falling forward face planting into the floor. You do very well when propped up on the couch. This position allows you a bird's eye view of Maddie's crazy antics which CRACK YOU UP! I think you love her more than me and your dad. Just to remind you, we are the ones who pay the mortgage and feed you!

You've had lots of visitors in the past seven weeks. Your Papa came to see you for a few days. Crazy Grandpa, Grandma Mary, Marcus and Terra also stayed with us recently. You love having visitors, it's just more people to hold you!

You've been eating some rice cereal once or twice a day. You like it, and we're gonna switch to baby oatmeal before we start jars of baby food. Maddie tries to "help" feed you, but just ends up shoving the spoon too far in your mouth, which causes you to gag and give her a dirty look.

You moved into your big girl room seven weeks ago, and have done quite well by yourself. One the few occasions that you had to sleep back in our room (because of visitors sleeping in you room) you kept us awake with your middle of the night parties. You just laughed, kicked, spit raspberries, and just acted silly. When, and if this happens in your room, we don't hear it. When it happens two feet from my face, I CAN'T SLEEP. You partied (never cried) from 1am to 2:30 am last Saturday night. OHMIGOD I thought I was gonna die from crankiness.

Here is a picture of your super cute room. The wall on the other side is pink, the other is half green. See that autographed Endless Summer picture on the right? Sorry about that...that's your dad's poster, and it is only in your room because it matches. He begged to get it out of the garage, so we decided to put it there.

You're teething like crazy, but I haven't felt any teeth yet. If you're like your sister, I think they will be here in just a few weeks. Here is a picture of you chewing the head off of a zebra.

Your favorite past time is spitting raspberries, and my favorite past time is watching you grow!



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