Friday, July 27, 2007

31 months old

Dear Maddie,

You are 31 months old. I've decided, after looking at pictures from last year, that you officially are a girl now. No more baby. This transformation occurred right around your second birthday. Gone are the chubby cheeks, silly hair, baby words, and diapers. Now you're full of silly antics, funny sarcasm, concern for others, more complicated thinking, and my favorite....sassy back talk.

Last week, your Aunt Terra came to visit us. She lives in Austin and is studying massage therapy. Mama loves it when Aunt Terra practices her massage techniques on me! You decided that you wanted a massage too and got under a blanket and demanded that your feet were rubbed. In turn, you offered hand and foot massages to everyone else.

You are 99% potty trained. There are still accidents. Sometimes you can't pull down your pants fast enough, or you'll go in your sleep. You wear a diaper only at night, but wake up dry almost every day. I've also decided you're either dehydrated or a camel because you rarely pee (compared to how often I pee). Sometimes you only go three times per day! Your dad is also a camel (and probably dehydrated) and I'm pretty sure I will chalk this one up to an inherited gene.

You moved into your big girl bed about two months ago! You call it your Dora Bed, and ask to go sleep in it all the time. My girl still loves her sleep.

You're very concerned about your pedi and mani lately. You ask me to paint your "tony-nails" every week or as the current polish chips. We think you may confuse the word "ponytails" with toe nails, either way, we think you're a riot.

When you were a baby, I joined a book of the month club and got two new books every month for nearly two years. At the time, you were only interested in carrying them around and chewing on them, but now you are very interested in reading them (and carrying them everywhere you go). Dr. Seuss is one of your favorites. You love how they rhyme, use nonsense words, and are just plain silly. You laugh hysterically at me when I read them and urge me to go faster and faster. You find it really funny when I mess up.

Now that it summer time, you ask to go swimming every weekend. We've had a "cool" summer for Texas standards, and lots of rain. This has interrupted your swimming plans for 3 out of the last 5 weeks. When we do go, you shiver nearly the entire time we are there WHEN ITS 90 DEGREES outside! You are in and out of the water as you jump from the side into the water and "kick, kick, kick" your way to the surface. You're constantly on the go, and we cannot figure out why you're so darn chilly! It's JULY in TEXAS for goodness sake! It doesn't get much warmer than this...okay, maybe August, and September, and oh, yeah May and June too.



francie said...

Maddie is a big girl!! Cuter and cuter every day. Amanda when do we switch to years instead of months. My kindergarten math skills struggle with that. We miss you guys and hope to see y'all soon. love francie

Amanda said...

You are right about counting her age in months. She's 2.67 years old. :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe just how quickly time flies! I have been reading your blogs faithfully and no I do not always comment but I REALLY enjoy them! The girls are simply darling!
love Holly