Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Maddie crashed into the wall, full speed, HEAD FIRST. It was in slow motion, and OHMIGOD I thought I was gonna die in sympathy for her. She crashed HARD.

Zak and I were still eating dinner, and Maddie had been excused from the table. She was running around, being silly, like an airplane when she simply tripped on her own two feet. She flew head first right into the wall, her airplane wings not around to block her face from impact.

Zak saw the whole thing, but I only witnessed the end when her HEAD RAMMED INTO THE WALL. There was a huge pause, Zak telling me that she was okay (like he knew!), and Maddie doing a silent sobby inhale scream that had yet to be released.

I ran over to her and she jumped into my arms, and it took at least 15 seconds before she let out that scream. Her forehead (above her left eye) immediately swelled....it is HUGE, the knot, and is purple.

It definitely hurt me more than it hurt her. She only let me ice it for about 30 seconds before she asked to watch more Shrek (you thought I was gonna say Dora!) and for "some medicine to make it feel better." I gave her some Tylenol because that girl is gonna have one major headache. She took a bath and got ready for bed in her normal way, not complaining about her GIANT KNOT on her head once. Zak kept reassuring me that she was okay and it was not as bad as it looks. Did I mention how HUGE and PURPLE it is? I'm afraid to take her to school tomorrow because they may think I hurt her!!


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