Thursday, May 31, 2007


Maddie threw up for the first time EVER during our Memorial Day weekend trip. EVER in her whole life. Two and a half years of not throwing up is a pretty big accomplishment, and I think I may buy her a trophy for it.

We (Zak and I plus Jason and Caroline) were eating pizza for dinner (remember, they didn't catch any fish) out on the deck of the vacation house. Maddie was being really quiet and didn't want any pizza. She asked to sit in my lap and we just all were chatting and eating. She told me that she wanted to sit with "her daddy" and walked over to him. She asked for a kiss, then walked away.

She was standing next to me when she opened her mouth and all hell broke loose. It was in slow motion--STOP READING NOW IF YOU ARE GETTING QUEASY--and all of a sudden food just started coming up. There was no gagging, coughing or heaving...just moving food, but backwards.

I was just staring at her in total shock. I looked at Caroline while still chewing my pizza and said, "Ohmigod, I don't know what to do." Maddie kept puking without bending over (like a normal hungover adult would) and it got all over her dress and Crocs. I grabbed my plate in an attempt to catch the puke, and she promptly moved away and kept it up. THANK GOD we were outside on the deck.

Everyone just stood up and started to scramble to do something. Jason went for the hose, Zak ran inside for a towel, and Caroline aimed the hose at Maddie. Maddie still didn't really say or do anything. I think she was in shock like the rest of us. I quickly took off her dress and brought her inside where she immediately stopped to watch TV where there was a continuous loop of Dora videos playing. Her first words were, "I spit" then she asked to watch more Dora.

After we hosed down the deck, the dress, the Crocs, and The Girl no one was really that interested in eating any more pizza. She hung out for a little longer, then asked to go to bed. She was fine after that. I assume she must have eaten something that didn't sit right. Zak also complained of a stomach ache and the only thing that ate that the rest of us didn't was a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone.

In case you are still reading and want to be further disgusted: In the morning, when I was putting on her Crocs, I found a chunk of vomit that didn't get hosed out the night before.

Okay, that's all. Thanks for reading, folks.

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