Wednesday, May 02, 2007

3 months old

Dear Brooke,
You are three months old, and I must say that you are more beautiful than ever. During your first few months, you were, um, not so cute. Oh, I know that's a terrible thing for a mother to say about her baby, but were a little zitty, and a little squished up in your face, and a little too hairy. There, I said it. We think you will be pretty upset about your very pokey ears that show no indication of getting smaller...thank your dad for those puppies.

BUT NOW, now, you are gorgeous. You have the biggest, most piercing brown eyes. Your normal, just hanging out expression is so pleasant with the slightest little grin. You are going to be one of those people that other people just like to be around (just like your dad) and have the face people love to look at.

You're getting very strong, and are able to stand up (stand up!) if we hold you just to balance your bobble head. I swear, if you don't stop growing, I'm gonna ground you immediately.

You have a terrible bald spot in the back of your head that looks as though someone pranked you and ran an electric razor across your scalp. Everywhere else the hair is of equal lenght, except this one spot where you rub it off when you're laying down. Sorry about that...I guess I should carry you around more (but you're heavy!) and do more tummy time with you (but I'm lazy and you don't like it).

Maddie has taken more of an interest in you. She now brings you snacks and milk (of her own) to share with you. When you cry, she tells you it's going to be okay, and that "mommy will be right back with her beeboos to feed you milkies." Maddie is also very bossy and you are her little doll. She tried to have a pillow fight with you last weekend. You being the innocent bystander getting whacked with a pillow while Maddie laughed and your inability to duck and weave. You dad was disciplining her for doing this as it falls under the "no hitting rule," but I was off in the corner trying to hide my smile and laughter. Just for the record, she wasn't hurting you, but playing with you. You would just sit there and blink. Pretty soon you'll be able to get her back.

You've become quite the snorer. Sleeping between you and your dad some nights is very difficult. He snores, then you snore, then he snores....and this goes on and on until I poke him in the ribs. One night you were SO LOUD that I actually poked you in the ribs! If you listen carefully, you can hear your animal snoring noises here. It's pretty cute, when I'm not trying to sleep.

New this month are your arms and hands...or at least they're new to you. Half the day is spent staring at your hands with wonder. You are probably thinking: "What in the world is this thing, and why won't it go away?" Just this week, your arms are in a permeant flying position. You know, like you're superman, but only you don't go anywhere. Your dad things it looks like you're ready to box. I think that if you don't put your arms down soon, you're gonna have delts like Laila Ali.

Last night you slept for EIGHT strait hours! I love you for lots of reasons, but today, I really really love you for that.


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francie said...

Brooke you are even more of a delight than I could have ever imagined. Your parents have done an amazing job( both in baby making and parenting). You and your sister Maddie are just a joy to be around. I haven't seen 2 girls that are more sweet, smart, beautiful and even bilingual EVER!!! I enjoyed our time this weekend and hope to see you guys soon. Thanks for all the hospitality.

Aunt Francie