Thursday, May 17, 2007

29 months

Dear Maddie,
Today you are 29 months old. Surprisingly, a lot has happened in your development in the last month. Good stuff, to be non-specific.

You've finally learned how to be polite...on purpose without me having to nag you about it. AND you have learned to empathize. I'm not even sure if that is possible for someone your age, but it appears that you can. Amazing! When you accidentally hurt someone, you will genuinely apologize and rub the ouchie. "Oh, I'm sorry I stepped on your foot mama. Are you okay? Lemme kiss it....oh, is it better?" In general, you are far less whiny and way more loving this month. Yipee!

You've also seem to have a handle on your emotions (for the most part) and can express yourself with words. This goes for the "I AM SOOO EXCITED!" squeals when you found out your PaPa came to visit you and was waiting downstairs. And also covers the angry feelings you have at school when someone takes your toy away. You just well up with tears (on the verge of a meltdown) until your teacher can talk you out of it.

In terms of your verbal skills, you are modifying your language with some pretty funny words, like "although" or "though" and "actually" and can communicate some abstract things like what we will do next (thanks to Dora) and behind us, tomorrow (instead of when we wake up), and yesterday. You sound so grown up when you talk like this! Your vocabulary continues to explode, and every time you ask for a new word (or I correct you), you will always repeat the correct word and attempt to use it. One of your PJ shirts says, "Irresistible" (that's a FIVE syllable word) and you love to show off and repeat it when you are wearing those PJ's. You are truly irresistible.

Learning shapes are a big focus in school right now, and you have picked those up much easier than you were able to grasp colors. You described a toy to me the other day, asked me what shape it was, then corrected me by saying it was OVAL when I described it as ROUND. Darn if you weren't right! You've got your colors down pretty well now, but still confuse red with green (weird) and you usually call brown, black. I did teach you the all important color of khaki, as in the cute khaki skirt I got on sale!

You are still sleeping in your "little big girl bed" which is your crib sans the front panel with the mattress all the way down to the floor. Your sister is going to need that crib in the next 4-6 weeks, and I'm a little unsure of how you will adjust to going to your real "big girl" twin size bed. Your bedroom appears to be one of your favorite places, and you don't mind being in there alone in the morning and still have zero complaints when it's bedtime. In the morning we can almost always hear you talking to yourself (or stuffed animals) and singing songs.

Speaking of songs, you are quite the little creative genius these days. You make up your own lyrics to the melody of songs that you already know. This is something that your dad and I have always done, usually in the car to distract you from crying. Your songs are usually about something completely random, like driving home from school to the tune of "wheels on the bus." You come up with the funniest songs, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear you sing. You've started to sing some other songs that we've never heard songs that you learn at your school. I thought my dad was going to cry last weekend when you started singing, "Jesus loves me" out of the blue. Then, you told everybody that Jesus loved your sister, Brooke, too. Indeed.

I took this picture with my cell phone, so it's not the best quality, but it shows you doing what you do best....mimicking your mama. Notice the cell phone that is propped between your ear and shoulder while carrying a purse and pushing the baby stroller. You can do it all, baby. Whatever you want to be, you can do it with 100% support from daddy and I.


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