Monday, January 29, 2007

Seven days to go, or maybe not?

I went to the doctor today for my weekly OB appointment. She told me the baby has "dropped," although I can still feel her knees under my rib cage. I'm still 80% effaced, a little over one centimeter dilated, and -2 station (that's new this week). Zak told me that I have some extra waddle to go with my waddle these days.

My contractions are more frequent, and more painful every time. I had one at the grocery store today, and had to lean against the wall waiting for it to be over. I discovered that random strangers are very uncomfortable with big pregnant ladies having contractions while shopping! Several people asked if I was okay, then one lady told me some horrible story about how her two week old baby nearly died last week from the RSV (a respiratory virus). Thanks, lady, that's exactly what I needed to hear (she also stole the parking spot for preggos at the store!).

We did a belly cast yesterday (like we did with Maddie). Zak now thinks he is the expert at casting, and I admit, he did a great job on this one. I debated including a photo of it, or me being cast, but decided against it until I decorate it. It's just too much boob for the Internets innocent eyes. Here is a shot of Zak and I with the belly (no boobs) taken during week 38 of my pregnancy.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Random things I forgot to tell you

Whiney Girl
Maddie has been the whinest whiner in the whole whiney world. Zak claims she "only does that" when I am with her. She's also the bossiest girl to her friends at school. Her teacher says she "only does that" when I walk in the room. In other words, she is a complete angel when I am not around. Um, thanks.

I guess she is just two. TWO! One of my friends who has two little kids swears that Maddie senses/knows that the new baby is about to turn her world upside down, so she is trying to get as much attention from me as possible.

In fact, she won't let Zak give her a bath or put her to bed when I am home. She hysterically screams and cries and sobs and whines and yells. Fun. This is quite annoying (as you can imagine). There is lots of lifting, bending and stooping when it comes to getting her ready for bed. It has become very physically demanding, but apparently she doesn't care. When we asked her why she won't let her dad put her to sleep when I am home, she simply said, "Daddy is for the mornings. Mama is for night night." A big lightbulb went off for us when she said that because he greets and dresses her almost every single morning. It's like she wants to take turns and not play favorites. Girl is smarter than she looks.

This is a one word (said very quickly) that refers to both Zak and I. She could be talking too fast, not realizing who she wants to listen, so she will use the term. She could be yelling randomly for someone (anyone!) to perform some sort of task on her behalf, as in, "Mommydaddy, I want some bacon!" She could be introducing us to strangers at the store, as in, "This is my Mommydaddy" simply not putting in the and because that's just too much trouble.

Potty Training
Maddie went the whole day at school and home without wetting her diaper today! Hooray! She would still prefer to poop herself than go on the toilet, but we're working on that too. We're not getting too pushy about anything potty related considering she will likely revert once she sees her little sister in diapers. We're just taking it easy.

Family photos
We took some professional family photos yesterday. It was a bit stressful (see Whiney Girl above) since Maddie wasn't entirely cooperative. We even had to give her a timeout during the photoshoot. I haven't had professional photos of her taken since she turned one because she just won't allow it. We wanted some done right now because, well, it's been a year, and because we wanted some pregnancy photos taken too.

I got to see the proofs today, and they are beautiful. There are some really good photos of Zak and I, one great one of the three of us, one sweet one of Maddie and I, plus the "belly shots" that came out nicely. I spent way too much money on them, and will have to scan them to be able to post them on this blog (although I think that maybe a tad illegal).

38 weeks
Today was a doctor's appointment. I'm still 80% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated (no changes from last week). I have also officially outgrown my maternity shirts, which is far more annoying than it sounds. SO, this means that the bottom inch or two of belly hangs out the bottom of my shirts. I also can't pull my pants up (the kind that are hipster style) because everystep I take they fall down a little bit because my belly pushes them down. So, when I walk, my pants fall down and my shirt rides up. It's SO ridiculous that a couple was literally laughing and imitating my waddle walk today. Right in front of me! They apologized and told me "how cute" I was. Thanks?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The ice is gone!

Yesterday was declared another 'Ice Day' in San Antonio. It is not to be navigated by any man or woman or animal or trucker. The major freeways were still closed. Many people were trapped on the frontage roads, gas stations or the local Walmart because there simply wasn't any way they could get a hotel because THE FREEWAYS WERE CLOSED! Duh.

Today was a different story; it was business as usual. The high temperature was in the mid-50's and the streets were dry. I found it very silly that the major school districts were still delayed 1-2 hours (some districts were complelety closed again!). I think people here just believe that 34 degrees is just too darn cold to brave the great outdoors.

I laughed at a friend of mine today when I saw her in a PUFFY DOWN KNEE LENGTH PARKA (like what you would wear to hike up Mt. Everest or shop outdoors in Aspen). Really! It's bizarro world down here when it comes to the weather. I did find out from a neighbor that "nothing like this has happened since 1986." Oh, okay, that explains why everyone is living on another planet.

In my last post, I said that the city covered the bridges with sand to give people traction to cross them. Well, the truth is that they decided to cover them with gravel, which is code for little rocks that damage your windshield when the cars in front of you travel over 10 mph over said bridge. I'm sure the city will be right on top of cleaning up all the rocks very very soon.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Arctic Blast 2007"

I'm sure you've heard on the news about the "Arctic Blast" that has hit most of the county. Well, folks, it even made it to San Antonio! Yee haw!

The actual tempature has NOT gone below 28 degrees so far, but holy moly, you'd think the world was turning into one big ball of ice by the way the news is covering the "big event." While it is true that rain mixed with (barely) below freezing temps is a recipe for disaster in a city that is NOT AT ALL prepared to handle weather below 70 degrees, you need to know that the city completely shut down today (and probably tomorrow too).

The "bridges are frozen," and according to my guess, will be a sandy mess for some time to come. Sand, you ask? Oh, yes, my friends. We have no salt in 'em here parts, and decide to cover our bridges with sand, you know, for muddiness sake. In addition, the freeways have been completely shut down, and I'm talking about the major interstates. CLOSED FOR BUSINESS.

So, what's a family to do? Well, Zak, Maddie and I stayed home today. Maddie's school was closed and Zak was able to work from home. We stayed in our PJ's all day, drank hot chocolate, watched lots of Elmo and Dora, and took some pictures of our yard.

Now, a special note to all my Chicago friends: Please don't laugh at us Texans, because...well, okay you can laugh because this is what caused the 8th largest city in the United States to shut down:

Here are some photos of today's family antics.

Maddie being held upside down until all the blood in her body rushed to her head. This is what we do to make her eat her veggies. You can tell how much she hates it:

We also wrap her in a blanket and pull off her toes:

When Zak was outside taking photos of the ice pellets, I locked him out, mooned, flashed and showed him my belly. He decided to take pictures, but I only included the belly shot (you know, for the sake of my kids):

Let's hope we can get out of the house tomorrow, or who knows what will happen if we have to be cooped up in the house for another 24 hours!

Monday, January 15, 2007

37 weeks

I went to the OB today for my weekly visit. I waited 1 hour (in the waiting room) and another 40 minutes (in the exam room) to see my doctor! I usually don't ever have to wait, so it wasn't such a big deal considering she delivers babies for a living who don't make appointments for their big arrival.

She examined me, and I was surprisd to learn that I am 80% effaced and dilated 1 centimeter (during my exam last week, I was 0% effaced and not dilated at all). With Maddie, I was induced at 40.5 weeks when I wasn't at all effaced and only 1 centimeter dilated. The hardest part of my labor (before the epidural) was becoming effaced. For second deliveries, effacement is supposed to be the easiest part because the body "remembers."

I could walk around for weeks just like this, or I could have the baby before the due date. I guess I should pack my bag for the hospital just in case.

Friday, January 12, 2007

"No! I'm still dancing!"

When I tried to pick up Maddie from school today, she was busy. Too busy to say hi, or even hug me. She was DANCING like a maniac with all the other monkeys in her class to, get this, 50's music. The teacher was even joining in the fun. I don't mean they were be-booping around, I mean jumping, running, falling to the ground, and shaking-a-tail-feather in a crazed way. None of them had any rhythm whatsoever, and that's what made it so funny.

After joining in the fun for a few minutes, I was tired (what else is new?) and asked Maddie if she was ready to go home.

"No, Mama! I'm still dancing!"

After multiple prompts to go home, I finally had to bribe her with Sesame Street and snacks that were waiting for us at home. That always works.

Monday, January 08, 2007

36 weeks...less than 30 days to go!

Dear Baby Girl,

I saw you today. Not in my dreams, but in a real life black and white ultrasound. I never thought I would have the chance to see you since the first time at 19 weeks. Those pictures weren't so cute. You kinda looked like an alien. Sorry, it's true of all babies at that point.

BUT, I actually saw your cute little chubby face today. It seemed like you looked right back at me because you smacked your lips like you wanted some milk. And let me tell you about those lips, those lips of yours appear to be very full. Angelina Jolie style. Even the ultra sound technician commented on them. Many women pay big bucks for that kind of pout. Looks like you hit the genetic jackpot with them. You also have lots of hair, dark hair, like your mama. That makes me very happy. Let's just hope you keep it!

Today you weigh 6 pounds and 4 ounces, and are right on track to deliver around your due date of 2/6/07. In addition to your sweet little face, I saw your kidneys, stomach, heart, diaphram, lungs, legs, those hands and feet that are always poking me in the ribs. The doctor felt sorry for my short waisted self because your feet are literally tucked under my ribs! The good news is that you're not growing in length anymore. Your pretty much as tall as your gonna be until you decide to make your entrance, but you still will be packing on the pounds (let's hope it's just ounces for my sake).

We're not quite ready for you to make your debut, so please feel free to stay a while with your seatbelt securely fastened until I tell you we're ready. We are still working on your room (which is BIGGER than your sisters, but don't tell her that) and need to organize your stuff. I am also now smart enough to know that you are much easier to take care of while in my womb (even though you are totally hogging all my oxygen, blood and abdominal space). MOVE OVER, will ya please!?

Your sister is totally annoyed with you already. I can't pick her up, cuddle with her or let her sit in my lap anymore because of my big belly. She does talk about you, her "baby sister" and gives you kisses all the time while rubbing my tummy. I am not sure she's ready yet, or will ever be ready, but I'm confident she will be your little mommy, bossing you around for, well, probably for the rest of your life.

We can't wait to meet you.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas 2006

Whew! Listen to that. What do you hear? Nothing? Yeah, me too. It's finally quiet in my house!

We had a very busy holiday with lots of visitors. My mom, Zak's Mom, my dad, Susan, Zak's dad and stepmom, uncle, brother and sister. Now that I type it out, it doesn't really seem like that many people! The visitors started with my mom on the 22nd and ended with Zak's family on the 27th (not everyone was here at the same time). We had three Christmas dinners, some easier to prepare than others, but everything was made (and cleaned!) via team work. I think this stems from my adamant statements about vistors (when Maddie was born) who must either cook or work on the clean-up crew, and preferablly do both if they want to stay with us for more than 48 hours. Or, maybe everyone was just being extra helpful because they felt sorry for my 35 week pregnant self.

We didn't really go anywhere or do anything, other than play with Maddie. Zak and I managed to sneak out for a dinner and movie, but there was no crazy Christmas Eve or Day After Christmas shopping because, I just choose not to walk anymore than I have to. So there.

Madison was the center of attention, as expected, for the entire week. She was relatively good with all the changes in her routine and visitors. We had the most fun on Christmas morning. Zak and I went into her room to wake her up, tell her Santa came to visit and left her some presents (this video is very dark, but you can hear us all talking). She was happy with that, but still wanted to know if and when her Papa had arrived yet. After breakfast, we opened presents, and it took FOREVER (2-3 hours!) to open her gifts. She did a great job of opening everything, but it took so long because she wanted to play with each toy she got. I suppose that's what all parents want, for their children to play with each toy, be satisfied and happy for the rest of the day. But Noooo, American kids rip through the paper of gift after gift only thinking about how many more presents that have their name on them. I guess I have the rest of Maddie's life to witness that.

One of the best parts of Christmas was hearing Maddie sing all the songs she learned at school. This video shows her personality shining as she sings her version of "Jingle Bells," then only a portion of her ABC's because she burps half way through.

And, oh, how could I forget the promised Santa Photo 2006.....actually, here is a series of photos. You can almost hear the dialogue she's having in her head.

"Honey, look! It's Santa! Do you want to say hello to Santa?"


"Please? Mama wants a picture of you and Santa. Just really quick."

"STOP! Take me off this strange man's lap!"

"You are the worst parents on the planet!"

Merry Christmas 2006. Next year it will be TWICE the fun. Can't wait.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Don't get too excited...

Happy New Year!

I know it's been well over a week since I've posted. I have lots of good excuses that I won't bore you with. This post is for the daily blog checkers, and especially the Monday morning blog checkers.

I am working on a (very) long Christmas post with stories, pictures and videos, but it's not done yet. We had a gazillion visitors over the holidays and frankly, we're still recovering from the busy-ness of it all.

Plus, did you know that I am THIRTY FIVE WEEKS pregnant. Holy Cow! For those of you who don't know, that means FIVE more weeks. We've done nothing to prepare for her arrival, other than loaded Maddie's old crap into the baby's room (in piles and boxes). We did finally make a decision on the baby's name (right, honey?) on Saturday night and it's....

did you really think I was gonna tell you? HA! No way, Jose.

Here is a funny "Maddie Story" to hold you over until the Christmas post comes out later this week:

Maddie got a bear from her PaPa and Susan that is interactive. It asks questions, waits for Maddie to answer, asks another, sings, goes on and on in a volume that's waaayy too loud. Anyway, one question asks, "What is your full name?" We've never thought to tell Maddie what her last name is until now, so we told her Madison V____ was her name. She repeated it an hasn't forgotten since. Whenever we ask her (or her bear asks) her name now, she will yell, "MADISON V____!!!" The V ends up sounding lots more like a B, and for those of you who know our last name, that's just pretty darn cute.