Thursday, August 31, 2006

17 weeks

It's hard to believe, but I am already 17 weeks pregnant. I'm not sure if it has gone by so fast because of the move, or because the "novelty" of being pregnant was used up on Maddie! I started noticing the budda belly about two weeks ago, but my clothes still fit, and I have only gained five pounds (yea!).

I met my new San Antonio doctor today, and she's a she! I was really excited to be referred to a female OB. I just feel much more comfortable and at ease with a female. She was nice, even though it took almost an HOUR to see her. The nurses insisted this was not the normal waiting time, so I will believe them for now. I had to bring Maddie with me and was so thankful that Zak could make it to help me with her.

I had the first time interview (again) and the thrill of an internal exam (again), and everything is normal. We heard the baby's heartbeat. Maddie's little face lit up when she heard the galloping sound of the baby's heart.

My due date is officially February 6th, but I am not counting on seeing a baby until at least February 11th. My motherly instinct is that we will have a baby on Valentine's Day.

I talked to the doctor about the TERRIBLE migraines I have had this month....hurt too much to even blog about. She prescribed me some meds in case they occur again. I was happy that she isn't one of those "too bad and suffer" kinda doctors.

I'm scheduled for my ultrasound on September 13, where we MIGHT decide to find out the sex of the baby. I'm 80% sure that I don't want to know this time, and Zak is 80% sure he does want to know again. I'm sure I will get all caught up in the excitement of seeing an actual baby on the screen (instead of a little bean that we saw at 8 weeks) that I will immediatly change my mind.

What do YOU think? Should we find out again, or be surprised on delivery day in February?

Leave your comments so everyone can read what you think.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Life lessons on the playground

Maddie and I dropped off my dad at the airport this morning. He did SO much for us around the house in the last week and was the best play partner for Maddie. They have a blast together. Thanks for everything, Dad!

On the way home from the airport I promised Maddie a trip to McDonald's because she was so good in the car. We ate in the play area (indoors!), and there was one other little girl playing. Let's call her the Nice Girl. The Nice Girl was so excited that Maddie was there and they immediately began playing and talking to each other. The Nice Girl, who was older, was showing Maddie how to climb and play with all the Ronald McDonald had to offer. They made friends quickly, but the Nice Girl had to leave.

The next little girl who came in to play was also older, but NOT NICE. Maddie was excited and ran up to her to say hi, and the girl immediately frowned at her and shoed her away. Maddie, stunned, just stared, but she didn't give up. Maddie followed her and attempted to go into the same area as the girl, but the girl screamed, NO! at Maddie and she froze. I immediately looked at the girl's mom with a "what-are-you-gonna-do-about-that" face. The girl was corrected and began to scream and cry. I got the feeling that this happens often.

She had ZERO social skills and was probably about 3 years old. She continued to tell Maddie what to do in a very rude way and didn't want Maddie near any of the play equipment. Even when the girl began to eat her breakfast, she kept telling Maddie that she couldn't play with this or that.

Sweet Maddie would just look at me for reassurance, and I would tell her it was okay and she was being a nice girl, and had very good manners unlike that bratty girl over there who is RUDE, RUDE, RUDE.

At one point, Maddie was playing with a ball and looking at the girl. Maddie said "BOSS" and the girl's mother corrected Maddie and said, "No, that's a BALL." I laughed, knowing that Maddie knew she was holding a BALL, but was referring to the rude girl as being "bossy."

I suppose she learned (and I was reminded) that sometimes it's easy to make friends and sometimes it's not. After she got over the initial shock of the bratty girl, she just ignored her and played happily alone.

Everyone out there isn't gonna want to be your friend no matter how hard you try, and sometimes MEAN. PEOPLE (and their kids). SUCK.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

20 months

Dear Maddie,
Last week you turned 20 months old. It's true what they say about girls. You are filled with sugar and spice and everything nice with a dash of sass thrown in just for fun.

We moved to Texas this month, and your life has completely changed. You are happy and adjusting well, and are enjoying spending all day, everyday, with me....much to my exhaustion. The one thing you haven't gotten used to is the heat. You like to tell me how hot it is when we go outside and whenever you get into the ultra hot car. Sometimes, you are so shocked by the hotness, you just scrunch up your face and whimper.

We've spent the majority of our 20+ days in Texas either inside or in the swimming pool. You love to swim and tell us often about how you want to swim, how you know how to swim, or wondering when we can go swimmin' again. You will jump off the side of the pool into our arms and squeal with joy when we catch you (or choke on pool water when let you go totally under).

I put sunscreen on you every time we go swimming and anytime we go out when your arms are exposed. You also wear a hat when you're outside and even when you're in the pool. But, please, don't let your first two freckles make you think otherwise. If you're anything like me, you will be covered in them very soon anyway. You have one on your right upper arm and another on your left forearm. I was so sad to discover them earlier this week and confessed to your dad that I failed you as a mother already. My sole responsibility (other than all the important other stuff) is to ensure you are properly sheltered from the sun. Since your skin will soon go to pot, I suppose you will now want to run off and get tattoos and piercings just to make it worse. Just make sure it's not a dorky tattoo, please.

This month, you have a new obsession with the TV (and wearing my shoes). If you notice, several of this month's pictures involve you and the TV.

That's mainly because it is TOO DAMN hot to go outside and do anything. Elmo and Sesame Street have been added to your devotion to the Cedermont Kids. If I would let you, you would watch 8 hours of TV per day. Funny how you've picked up the bad habits of your dad and I. I refuse to allow you to watch 8 hours. We have a strict limit in this house of 7.5 hours per day, and missy, that's plenty for you. You think Elmo is the sexist thing alive and go in for kisses nearly every time you see him on TV.
Your often repeated sentences this month include, "I wanna watch TV," "Can I have ah-jew (apple juice), please?" "I wanna go bye-bye in the car" and "What's that?"

I bought the Dixie Chicks new CD, and it may be the only country CD we own. After nearly every song, you say, "I like that song." You also plug both your ears when you hear something you don't enjoy, like grunge music.

Popcorn is your new favorite snack, and you often try to bully your way into the popcorn bowl by boxing out. You throw you entire body and forearms into pushing our hands out of the bowl.

This is very similar behavior to what I used to do when my mom (your Nana) and I used to eat popcorn. To this day, we still fight over it. One day, she accidentally burnt the popcorn and discovered that I HATE burned popcorn. After that, she purposefully cooks it for thirty seconds longer than required just so she can eat the whole bag by herself. I would never do this to you, but I will take you down for the yellow buttery pieces. I love you lots, but I'm still bigger than you, girlfriend.



Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My world of boxes

I've been a slacker blogger lately. I didn't even publish Maddie's 20 month old letter, but it is nearly done. Really, can you blame me? I live in a world of boxes. I've hardly returned any phone calls either (unless you're the cable/internet installer guy). We actually just got the computer and internet set up on Tuesday so we're up and running again.

The move was easy from the point of view that I didn't have to "move" a thing. The hard part was navigating a sea of boxes and wondering which box contained some clean underwear. By Saturday, we had all the essentials and we are still wondering where some secondary things that are in the "nice to have" category are located.

This makes me wonder what in the hell is in the other gazillion boxes that are still unpacked. It also confirms that Americans (or maybe just Zak and I) have way too much stuff. I'm not really one to save things and neither one of us are collectors of any kind (unless you consider Zak's 1,000 no-longer-white-t-shirts a collectors item). I bet we could just trash all those boxes of unknown contents and be just fine. I mean, it's not like we've got wads of cash or gold bars in them!

Here is a picture of the Madster to hold you over until her 20 month letter.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today is move-in day!

We closed on our new house yesterday, amid my bouts of vomiting. Zak thinks I was pukey because we are two proud owners of two homes in two different states. With. Two. Mortgages. And...Hello, I'm not working. We're thankful for our savings that will get us through until the house in Chicago sells. We could still use your prayers to St. Joseph.

Maddie was so sweet to me over the 24 hour "morning" sickness that I had. She demonstrated very loving and caring characteristics that I've never seen in her before, let alone any other 20 month old toddler. I was laying on the couch and would walk over to me and say, "Ahh, mommy tummy hurts," while stroking my face with her hand. She would then play with my hair and give me unsolicited kisses on my tummy and cheeks. She would also say, "sorry" with a very sad voice.

For the most part, she tolerated my inactivity with her until last night. She was just sick of me being sick (as was Zak) and just whined and fussed at me to play with her and hold her.

I feel much better today, despite a lingering headache (which always accompanies my "morning" sickness). Zak is already at the new house coordinating the movers. Maddie and I will be there by mid morning and try not to get in the way. It's not like we can go outside and play with the thermometer registering 100 degrees!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Trapped in the closet

We've been staying in a little one bedroom apartment for the past week. It really isn't that bad, and I have to admit it is nice to have Maddie and Zak near by all the time. I don't have to trek up and down stairs to get something or wonder where Maddie has wondered off to.

The ONE bad thing that I will complain about (other than the loud neighbors, second story climb up the stairs with groceries, early morning lawn mowing and overcrowded parking lot) is the fact that Zak and I have to sleep in the same room as The Girl. This poses several problems (one of which I will not detail here), and the fact that Maddie is a light sleeper means she tosses and turns a lot. At all hours of the night. I really didn't know about this. She has been sleeping down the hall from our master bedroom since she was 5 months old. I do have a very strong Mom-Dar, and have always woken up at the slightest little whimper. Now that I sleep 5 feet away, I also wake up every time she moves her arm or rolls over. This makes for one very annoyed "Shhh! STOP MOVING!" comment AND one very tired preggo.

The worst time of the night is about 5:30 a.m. This is when she wakes up for her morning poop and party. She talks to her animals, wonders where her milk is, kicks the mattress, scrapes her nails on the wall, and blabs on and on about going swimming and shopping. She usually falls back asleep. This is when I wake up and exit to the living room to try to catch more Z's on the couch. I can still hear her talking, but at least I'm not bothered by the fact that MOVES so much!

Last night, Maddie's aunt Terra (Zak's sister) came for a visit. This meant that Terra occupied the couch and living room. My problem was THERE WAS NO WHERE TO ESCAPE TO get away from the noisy animal I gave birth to. I thought about sleeping on the floor in the dining room (not enough room unless I moved the table), in the kitchen (tile floors are too cold), in the bathtub (not comfortable), and I finally decided to take my pillows and sleep in the closet.

The closet is big enough to accommodate me (7X5) and nearly empty since the majority of our clothes are on the moving truck. For animal noises to get to the closet, they would have to travel though TWO doors and a bathroom. Another benefit was that it is pitch black in there. I took my pillows, found a fitted sheet to make myself a little pouch to sleep in, and I. WAS. OUT.

I fully intended to wake up before they did so I could slip back into bed. However, I woke to my sister-in-law peeing in the bathroom, completely unaware that I was sleeping on the floor in the closet just feet away. I was really happy that she didn't poop because that would have been embarrassing. I then heard Zak say, "Where's Amanda?"

"He walks up to the closet. He comes up to the closet. Now he's at the closet. Now he's opening the closet..." --R. Kelly

It didn't take him long to find me in my improvised bed on the floor at which point he burst out laughing. Then, he said, "Dude?!" This is how he affectionately refers to the mother of his children and partner for 13 years. "Do you realize your head is like four feet from my dirty underwear?"

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cedarmont Kids

"I wanna watch TV."

That is what Maddie says when she wants to watch a particular DVD, not just any ole TV show. Unfortunately, she's not interested in watching the Today Show or Rockstar: Supernova. Some other kids shows will keep her attention for a little bit (like Dora or the DoodleBops).

The DVD is called the Cedarmont Kids, and it was a gift from Ms. Tippi. Apparently Tippi figured out that this magic DVD could hypnotize the kids into a catatonic state for 30 minutes at a time so she could get some stuff done.

Oh, 30 minutes, how I love thee.

Maddie will sit quietly and stare at the screen watching these kids sing songs. It's not animated, and it's just song after song with 15 dorky kids lipsincing songs in various settings. There are 3 DVD's each 30 minutes long, with a variety of silly and preschool songs. They throw in an occasional Jesus/bible song just for good measure.

I really try not to abuse this magic. After all, I don't want it to wear off. I use it when I need to cook dinner or first thing in the morning before the coffee has kicked in. The problem is that she would watch it all day long if I let her, and she becomes a zombie. She gets this distant sleepy look in her eye and her ears stop working. She won't communicate or even look at me. It's like a 13 year old boy (or my 31 year old husband) playing a video game.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

On the phone

Maddie had a very funny imaginary phone conversation today with her PaPa (my dad). She has a little cell phone that she got for her birthday, and she holds it to her ear and paces around the room.

It went something like this (translations in parenthesis):

Hi PaPa, what doin'?
I ear wit mama. (I'm here with Mama)
I kidding! (I'm just kidding)
I swimin'. (I went swimming)

At the end of the conversation, she snaps the little cell phone closed and waits for the next call. She then has another very similar conversation again and again.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's my birthday and I can move if I want to

Hey, It was my 31st birthday yesterday, and guess what else? I'm unemployed!

Happy Birthday to me!

The last few days have been super crazy due to the speedfreak sweaty mullet movers ambushing my house. I didn't have internet access, so I wasn't able to blog. I didn't have a phone line, so I didn't get all my birthday calls. Many of you sang me Happy Birthday into my cell phone (thanks), and I will call you soon.

The good news is that we're in San Antonio! All three of us! The best news is that it is cooler in San Antonio than it is in Chicago right now.

We left Chicago this morning (in the rain) on an 8:00 am flight. We flew on American...they are superstars. There were no long lines, no delays, no crabby employees, and the flight was not full. We got bulkhead sets (thanks Dad!). The three of us even got to take a nap...together! We arrived on time, found our luggage in seconds, and out front waiting for us was the rental car bus. It was the most pleasant flying experience of my life. Part of it is that Zak and I just make a damn good team. We've got our stuff together, and it just makes life easier.

Zak has been showing off SA and the apartment. The apartment is not as bad as he described. It's actually one of those fancy complexes with crown molding, walk-in closets, security gates, and a big pool. We're only here for 10 days. Zak's been here for the last 5 weeks. We close on the new house on August 15. So the next few days for me will involve navigating the city, and hangin' with The Girl. You know, stay at home mom style.