Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why Red Raider football damages my husband

Did you see today's Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M game today? Well, neither did I, except the last few minutes when the Red Raiders converted on fourth down and then went long for the winning touchdown with just 26 seconds remaining to win the game. Go Tech!

Zak watched every second of it.

Coach Mike Leach and his retarded offensive play calling (who calls a run when you're a PASSING OFFENSE and you're 3rd and 25?) will be completely responsible for Zak's first heart attack. I also hold him personally liable when Zak needs to be hospitalized for dehydration because he sweated so much out of his armpits that everything near him is totally soaked and he needs IV fluids to replenish his pitty body.

Yeah, it's true, gross, I know. I thought about including a photo of his disgusting t-shirt, but didn't want to subject the Internet to that.

I will hold Zak's father responsible for his faulty DNA that contributes to his nervous leg shake that nearly shakes Maddie and I off the couch for the length of the pre-game show and game. I mean, who could possibly be that anxious over a football game (besides for every other Red Raider fan who suffers heartbreakers nearly every "winning" season).

Zak ran around the house like a monkey after we won, and Maddie dutifully followed by screaming "TOUCHDOWN" and "GO TECH" and jumping around on the couch laughing at her crazy dad. Throughout the game she provided her own entertaining running commentary like, "I watch football" and "he falled down" and "running, running, running" and a sad little "I take a time out too?"

The good news is that we're 4-1 and will stay in the Top 25. The bad news is we have a long season ahead of us and there is no end in sight.

Don't you just love the fall? Watch us play Mizzou next Saturday!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A conversation

Today on the way home from preschool, Maddie and I had this conversation:

"What did you do at school today?"

"I played."

"With who?"


"Carlos? Who's that? Is he your boooyyyyfriend?"


"WHAT? He's your boyfriend?"

"Yes. I hold you."

"You let Carlos hold you?!" (nearly swerving off the road)

"Yes." (With a huge grin on her face)

"Did you let Carlos give you kisses and hugs?"

"Yes!" (laughing)

(Ohmigod, she's not even two years old!)


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

21 (and a half) months

Dear Maddie,
You turned 21 months old last week, and puked for the very first time. How fun for you! You just kinda looked like it like, "what the hell was that?"

This was another month of big changes for you, and we promise there won't be any more for at least five more months...when your sister is born (more on her later). You started a new preschool and we're not so sure if you like it or not. There are a lot of kids in your class, and they are all the same age as you are. I think this just annoys you. It annoys you because you're just like your mama, smarter than everyone else...or at least we think we are. All the other kids are still in the baby phase, and you've moved on to your "big girl" phase. You say, "I a big girl!" just to remind us if we forget. The other kids don't talk, don't have nice manners, can't sing their ABC's or count to 10, don't play with you, and still poop in their pants. Well, actually, you do too, but at least you let us know about it. Your teachers tell us that you are a mini teacher, telling the kids what to do, and repeating the directions they give. Just so you know, this won't win you any friends, but will assure good grades.

The big news this month is that we told you that you were going to have a SISTER. I think you already knew this because when we asked you if you wanted a brother or sister you would ALWAYS say you wanted a sister. Like, "Duh, mom, of course it's a girl." You lift up my shirt and kiss my belly everyday, you also say "ah, baby" and pat my belly. You've also noticed my (much) bigger BeeBoos, and like to poke them and rest your head on them. Regardless, we think you're going to be a great big sister.

Hmmm...what else did you do this month?

You got a new pair of shoes! They are PLASTIC and you love them like they were covered in diamonds.

You mastered (kinda) the use of a spoon and spork. You're better with wet-ish items, like yogurt. You make a MESS when you eat these days.

Your Nana (or Nina as you called her) came for a visit, and you showed her the San Antonio River Walk. You were pretty sassy to her, so you should tell her you're sorry one day. Only one of us is allowed to be sassy to her, and I had that one wrapped up many years ago. This is the face only I am allowed to make:

You ate 10 lbs of raisins, or "rains" as you say, this month. We think you think they are candy and that you're getting away with something. Guess what? They are just dried grapes, and you poop them out like nobody's business.

You also like to speed eat corn on the cob. We give you a piece, look down, then back up to see your greasy happy face and a sucked dry cob.

You told your dad, "Happy Day" on the 19th. Happy Birthday is what I was tring to get you to say, but you're sweet for trying.

We love you!

Friday, September 22, 2006

My bloggy problem

Just so you know, I have had THREE well written posts ready to go for about, um, two weeks now. My problem is all those posts require photos that were taken, but unbelievably difficult to upload. I have no idea why, but it takes forever to load photos since we've moved to Texas. It must be the heat, yes, let's blame the heat on everything.

In a non photo news related event, I have a cold. This is my second cold since I've been preggo. Apparently, ones immune system goes to shit once they get knocked up. It's natures little way of making sure I don't confuse a new embryo with a virus, and try to rid the body of it. Well, folks, my immune system is nice and slow and isn't working as well as it used to. The good news (knock, knock) is that I didn't get Maddie's pukey and diarrhea business, but I just got this stuffy/sneezy nose instead. It could be worse.

Just for the record, Zak is bound to get sick in the next week too. He must also be pregnant because he gets sick so easily and then acts like the world is ending while he lays moaning in bed for a day or two. Men. Wimps.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sick baby es no bueno

Maddie is sick. Like puking, diarrhea, 100-103 degree fever kinda sick. She's never had anything other than a minor cold in her whole 21 months on this planet.

The best part is we have NOT found her doctor in San Antonio yet...yippee! We're such responsible parents that we decided to make another one!

All jokes aside, it's been a pretty yucky 36 hours, and Zak got the bad end of it because I was out of town. Today at preschool, she threw up all over herself at the breakfast table. After that, they took her temp and it was 102. I got this scathing call from the preschool director with the your-such-a-horrible-mother-I-can't-believe-you-even-brought-her-in-today attitude. I wanted to tell her that I didn't, her father did because he couldn't figure out how to operate the ear thermometer. Zak said Maddie "felt a little warm." Hmmm...a little? She felt like she could burst into flames at any given moment.

I called a new friend who has kids Maddie's age for a referral to a local doctor, and we were lucky to be accepted as a "New-Sick" patient today. Diagnosis: Stomach Flu. Duh.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although she didn't really eat anything all day, just before she went to bed tonight she was playing like her normal silly self. I hope she's feeling better in the morning, so we can spend some more time working on the best cure for the stomach flu...watching TV and eating popsicles!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today was ultrasound day, and...


When I was pregnant with Maddie I was 100% sure we were having a boy, and boy, was I wrong. With this pregnancy, I really didn't have any strong inclinations one way or the other. Zak thought we were going to have another girl. He also thought Maddie was gonna be a girl. He's 2 for 2. Too bad he isn't that good at Fantasy Football!

With Maddie, the realization of knowing that I was pregnant with a girl made me cry and cry. I am not sure if I was sad because I was SO hoping for a boy, or if I just knew how hard it is to be a girl. I really think it's the latter, and still worry about the challenges that girls face in this country and world. I think I've written about that on this blog before, so I won't go on and on about it again.

Today, when I found out that baby #2 is a girl, I was far more excited. Partly because I already have a million little pink outfits, but mainly because my girls will be able to have something I've never had...a sister.

I'm not naive enough to think that the next 20ish years will be easy with two girls just two years apart, not to mention all that Estrogen in the house. Besides for the fights about clothes, hair products, and, well clothes, they will likely have a friendship stronger than any I've ever known.

We are very blessed, and excited to bring another beautiful baby girl into our family some time this February.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Maddie has this really funny way of telling on herself (other than Uh-ooohhh!) when she does something that she knows she is not supposed to do. She does it for serious offenses--like throwing food--and minor infractions like wiggling away during a diaper change.

She says, "Mad-A-Son!" in a very singsongy way emphasizing each syllable and the SON part of her name. I don't know where she picked this up from because Zak and I almost always call her Maddie, but we are going to say it must have came from Ms. Tippi who always called her Madison.

She thinks it's funny when she does it and almost always says it with a smile. I repeat it after her teasingly only for those minor infractions. She's a playful little thing.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hot Dog?

Zak and I had steaks for dinner tonight. I always eat a filet mignon and Zak typically likes a ribeye. My marinade rocks, and he grills them to perfection. They are better than any steak I've ever had in a restaurant. Delicious!

We have a newish rule in the house that Maddie eats whatever we eat. I may be the mama, but I am NOT a short order cook. Tonight it was steaks, sweet potatoes, and green beans.

She wasn't much interested in the steak, although she took a bite of my filet and said, "Yum, hot dog."

That's the best hot dog she's ever gonna eat!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Francie and David

Happy Belated Labor Day weekend! We had a great holiday weekend with our friends, Francie and David.

Zak has known Francie since he was a wee lad living on the same street in Galveston, Texas. He's known David, also from G-Town, for over 15 years too. I met both of them in 1993 when I started dating Zak. David and Francie dated for ELEVEN years (can you believe it?) before they got married in the summer of 2004. You know, just to be sure they were compatible. Since then, Francie became a kindergarten teacher and David just finished law school (and got his first "real" job...yea!).

The great thing about old friends is the old stories and crazy memories. I'm actually not sure how any of them (Zak included) survived to be Thirty, but they did. I didn't join in the shenanigans until I was a legal 21 year old (okay maybe I was 19). Those stories are held in strict confidence and will NOT be revealed (even in the case of Chinese torture) on this blog to the Internet, or our parents who read daily. Hi Parents! :)

Needless to say, we recalled, but didn't relive any of those days. After all, we are parents now, and Francie has some innocent eggs to protect for the future. Well, actually, Zak kinda relived some of the old days and PAID for it the next morning.

David and Francie arrived Saturday afternoon to meet Maddie for the first time. She warmed right up to Francie and screamed at the first sight of David. He's a regular sized guy, but possibly bigger than most men she's interacted with. He gave her one "Peek-a-BOO!" with the emphasis on the BOO, and sent her into a screaming frenzy. Zak said, "What did YOU DO to her?" as if David had been pulling out her toenails. Later on, I gave David some raisins as a way he could easily win over Maddie's affection. They were sharing the raisins, and David decided to show her how he could throw raisins in the air and catch them in his mouth. She immediately freaked out at the sight of David's very large mouth catching her raisins, and cried for another 5 minutes. She eventually warmed up to him, and they had fun for the rest of the weekend.

On Sunday, we broke into visited a beautiful home on the Guadalupe River. I don't know the people who live there, but Francie and David claim to have met them once or twice and knew they were on vacation in Europe for the month. The Strangers home overlooks the River with a great pool, hot tub, and grill that we enjoyed for the afternoon.

For those non-Texans who read this blog: the Guadalupe River is spring fed, and is freezing cold. Silly Texans like to freeze their butts off by "tubing" down the very slow moving river for hours while they get drunk. It's fun, really!

The river is very low now, due to the drought, but still tubeable. The picture above is taken from the Home of the Strangers deck looking down onto Zak and David STANDING up the middle of the River.

Maddie, Francie and I eventually agreed to get out of the warm pool to join them in the freezing river (with rocks, snakes, and bees). The Girl didn't complain about any of this and enjoyed having her toes practically freeze off. In fact, she found great joy in splashing us with the water. We had a little problem with a pesky bee that sent Francie and me into fits of panic. David and Zak had to evacuate us from the river that very second, or I was going to die from a heart attack.

We left the house exactly as we found it, and would like to thank The Strangers for a wonderful afternoon.

We had a GREAT time with them, and just hung out for the rest of the weekend while David and Francie fell in love with Maddie. I think they were plotting to steal her.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


One of the funniest things that Maddie is doing these days is calling her daddy, "ZAK!" She says it just like I do, loud and insistent. What a lucky guy! He gets to be bossed around by two women in his house.

I find it funny, and REFUSE to call Zak, "daddy" just so she won't call him Zak. There is just something a little too weird and kinky about calling him that.

Zak doesn't like it, and corrects Maddie with a "Daddy!" every time she says it. She also calls him "honey" on occasion when she's feeling particularly sweet or in need of his attention.