Thursday, March 30, 2006

Our little Computer Technician

"Hmm, I've noticed that the computer has been running a little slow. I think I will clean it up and reinstall the software.

"Can I get a little help over here? HEY! Who put crackers in the USB port!?"

"Sounds good, I think we're ready for Mommy to blog again."

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Morning fun...

This morning I went to wake up Maddie and found her sitting up in bed. She had about 3 ounces of milk in her bottle and she was "feeding" one of her stuffed giraffe animals the milk. She had the giraffe cradled in her arms, holding the bottle the correct way with the nipple pointing at the giraffe's eyeballs.

"Good morning, honey! Are you feeding your giraffe?"


Later that morning just as we were leaving the house, she stopped in mid walk, kinda squatted down, grunted, and said, "Poo Poo."

"Maddie, are you going Poo Poo?"

"Yeah. Poo Poo."

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Grandpa's HERE, Grandpa is HERE!

My dad came to visit us last weekend. It had been about three months since his last trip, which I try to make him insanely guilty for. He, of all four of Maddie's grandparents, is the only one who is RETIRED. Not only is he retired, but retired from and AIRLINE where he still gets FLIGHT benefits! Hello? Why isn't he here every Saturday night when I want to go to a movie?

When he walked in the door, I was worried Maddie would be scared or not remember him. As soon as I kept repeating, "Grandpa's here!" "Look Maddie, it's your GRANDPA!" "Yea! GrandPA!" She quietly said, "Pa Pa" and smiled at him. I thought my dad would nearly pass out from the sheer love and joy of hearing her call him by name for the first time, and one that she specifically chose herself.

As you can see by these pictures, my dad is Maddie's personal jungle gym and crawled all over him any chance she could get. Every morning he'd wake up early at the slightest peep should would make, change her diaper (yea!), and bring her downstairs for morning play time. Usually, once she wakes up on a weekend, we give her a bottle and make her sleep another three hours so we don't have to get up so early! I am suspicious that my dad woke Maddie up when HE was ready to play with her. Once I would finally drag my butt out of bed, I would ask what she ate for breakfast.

"Nothing, she had a few ounces of milk."

"Um, you've been down here playing for hours, and she hasn't been begging for food?"


She was so enamored with him, she didn't even need food!

This week (after he went home to Dallas), she's been calling for him. "PAPA!" "PaPa?"

I keep telling Maddie that her PaPa will be back soon, right Dad?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Trinity Irish Dancers

Every year the college where I work brings in the world renowned Trinity Irish Dancers as part of our St.Patrick's Day celebrations. We top this off with some green beer, um, I mean, PUNCH and some cookies.

These dancers range from about school age to teenagers, and they are awesome! They brought some of us up on stage to learn a little jig and dance with them. I'm pictured far right behind the little girl.

I think part of the dancing this that you're not supposed to move your arms (or even have arms and visible hands). Each girl wears a wig of super curly ringlets to add to the big and bounciness of their routine. It was amazing to seem the bounce up and down, kick their legs, and not fall I did in my high heels.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Girl and her shoes

Maddie's current favorite word is "SHOES." When she says it, it sounds like "SHEWS."

She says this all the time. She wants to hold them, wear them, carry them around, touch yours, lick them, point to pictures of shoes in books, and un-buckle them. She gets mad when you take them off, and if they "fall off" you get a big...


Maddie has a drawer filled with shoes. Baby shoes, moccasins, Robeeze, dress shoes, swim shoes, tennis shoes, and sandals. She even has some "future" shoes which won't fit for another 6 months. Every morning she goes strait to this drawer and starts to pull them out. "SHEWS. SHEWS? SHEWS! SHEW."

She sometimes confuses socks (SCHOCKS) with her shoes, and it causes some silly head tilts. Like, "what do you mean I need to put on my shoes, when I have these things on my feet already?"

She also immediately associates her shoes with her jacket, and then says, "Bye-Bye?"

I told Zak this morning that I thought she may end up being a shoe designer or maybe a shoe saleslady!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Proof that Zak still thinks he's in college

Exhibit A:
31 year old man buys a t-shirt that says , "Lubbock." Not only does this prove he will always be a Red Raider at heart, but let the record show that this is a LUCKY BRAND shirt...that costs probably $40 bucks. If he were still in college, he'd buy the Lubbock shirt, but only if it was $10 and got him into a party with free beer too.

Exhibit B:
He still plays video games. AND, he's teaching his daughter how to play as well. He faked her out and told her he was "plugging in" her control. She sat there for a good 10 minutes (a very long time on a baby's clock) thinking she was actually playing "NCAA College Football 2005" with her circa 1980 Atari Joystick.

Exhibit C:
He got really excited when a "CiCi's Pizza" opened nearby. He was happy he could get All You Can Eat for just $2.99. He actually suggested we go there, eat lunch, watch TV, then eat dinner. To top if off, he suggested stealing some more of those cool plastic red restaurant style cups to add to our collection.

I love this man.

Friday, March 17, 2006

15 months

Dear Maddie,
You are my Monkey Girl. You REALLY look like a monkey in this picture:
Today you are 15 months old. This month has been full of new adventures, and many new words. It's getting warm outside (finally!) and you love to play outside. Sometimes, when I let you run wild in the yard, you try to run out in the street and don't listen to me when I tell you not to go out there. When it's time to come inside, no matter how long you've been outside, you SCREAM in anger. Last weekend, I think the neighbors checked on us to be sure I wasn't hurting you because you were yelling so loud.

You are in training for Easter right now. Your dad and I are trying to prepare you for the big Easter Egg Hunt on April 14th. Last weekend, when we were at a party, we made you go around and pick up empty beer bottles and bring them to us. It was really training, our lovely hostess never expected you to be on the clean up crew, but you really wanted to. You sweetly brought over about 7 empty beer bottles, and put them in the trash for us. You were the hit of the party, and flirted with every male person in the room...regardless of how old, or bald, they were.

Your dad taught you how to play video games this month. You think it's cool to hang out with your dad and pretend to use the controls. Little do you know that this is simply a trick to get you to sit still so we can rest on the weekends.

You also had your first taste of ice cream this month. The picture above is on our way home from Baskin-Robbins. You were on your sugar high in this photo...then, you crashed and slept for an hour! That is also a new trick that we will be repeating soon! Lucky you.

You are starting to become a picky eater. You used to eat anything and everything we fed you. You are a fan of carbs, fruit, and veggies. You don't really like meat that much, although you can say CHIKEN! and TRKEY! You'll say it with ENTHUSIASM! then throw it on the floor. Thanks. The picture above illustrates your new trick of putting the food in your hair. Just last night you put a slice of orange on TOP of your head, laughed about, then picked it out and ate it. You repeated this trick with a green bean too. You became annoyed when it kept rolling off your head. We try not to laugh, as to not encourage this behavior, but it is SO funny.

You are a blast. You are constantly laughing, playing or trying to make us laugh. You make me want to have another baby! I thought that would never happen! It' s really a giant trick of nature. It's the same concept of how women kinda forget pregnancy and childbirth. We also forget the parts of a early baby's life that really suck (sleepless nights, crying for no reason, etc)....just long enough to get knocked up again.

I love you! Happy 15 months!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Maddie eats ice cream

Maddie had her first taste of ice cream this weekend. It was a toasty 40 degrees out, and we decided to go out for a scoop.

Needless to say, she loved it. At first, she didn't want it near her mouth. Then, I just put a little on her lips, let her taste it, then her mouth opened wide for MORE! She got so excited she did a little flash dance move after every bite in anticipation of the next.

My camera was in the car, so I didn't have any pictures or video of the very first bite. I made Zak go out with me to the parking lot, stop eating his ice cream, give Maddie more, and got these shots.

The hardest part was getting Zak to stop eating his ice cream. The dude doesn't like to share, especially ice cream!

Monday, March 13, 2006

The toilet and the fireplace

Maddie is at the stage where she is testing limits. I think this stage is supposed to last for the next 17 years.

She knows exactly what she is NOT supposed to do, and when feeling sassy, she'll do exactly that. Two examples in just twenty four hours:

1. Maddie walks over to the toilet where there are many off limit things for her to do. I really don't want her near the toilet whatsoever. She will touch the seat, look into the toilet (mouth dangerously close to the seat), play with the toilet paper, flush the toilet ten times in a row, go into the garbage can, attempt to play with the toilet scrubber, and pull on the blind cords for the window next to the toilet. Got it? There is nothing good about that area. She always hears, "NoooOOO, Madison, don't (insert pending offense). Move away from the toilet."

Today, she walked over to the toilet, and before I could say anything, she shook her head and said "NO," flushed it and smiled.

2. The fireplace is also full of no, no's. She will pull on the screen, reach for the fire poker, try to play with the key that turns on the gas, climbs on the step, chews on the wood, etc. Again, she does this only when she's being sassy. Yesterday, I decided to try counting to warn her of the impending "NO!" You know, give her a warning before the fireplace poker falls on her head. I know, I know, you wonder where to turn in the nominations for "Mother of the Year" award.

She walks over to the fireplace to do something she's not supposed to do, and I said, "No Maddie. You may not play near the fireplace. I'm going to count to three, and you need to do something else."

She ignores me. I really believe she completely understands. However, she got the DNA gene for "Selective Listening" from her father.

I start to count...."ONE..."

"TWO!" she shouts.

I burst into laughter.

Okay, first of all, who is teaching this girl how to count? It is NOT me. I didn't think kids learned to count until like, second grade. So, sue me, I've never tried teaching colors or numbers to my FOURTEEN month old!

Again, send your nominations to

Sunday, March 12, 2006


"Mmmm. PIPPI!" is exactly how Maddie says "Ms. Tippi." She's is the super duper day care provider. Ever wonder what Ms. Tippi's house looks like? A day care center! Lots of color, loud, plastic toys, tons of animals. She has dogs, a bearded dragon, fish, a turtle, a bird. The kids love learning about the animals!

We just celebrated our one year anniversary with Ms.Tippi. She's been taking care of Maddie since she was three months old. I told Tippi this the other day, and she couldn't believe it had gone by that fast.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The day after Maddie was born, Zak gave me a beautiful blue topaz and diamond platinum ring. Blue topaz is the birth stone ring for December, and during my pregnancy I practically demanded a gift be presented to me after I brought his child into this world. Have I ever mentioned that I gave birth, to an actual child, with a 12 inch head, and 23 inch shoulders? Well, I did....and it wasn't easy, and I deserved some diamonds for it! But, I digress....

I picked Maddie up from daycare today, and I was sitting on one of those mini chairs chatting with Tippi, and Maddie walked up to me, pointed to my blue topaz ring, and said, "Blue."

"Blue? Yes, honey, mommy's ring is blue." I'm thinking, "What? Did she just say, blue? Since when does a 14 month old know her colors, let alone be able to say them. Hello!? I've NEVER even thought to teach her colors before!"

Tippi witnessed this too. At this point she is still staring in disbelief. "Did she just say blue? I just taught her some colors this morning for the first time."

Genius! I gave birth to a genius!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Ode to Miles

Zak and I finally made the decision to give Miles up for adoption. It was just too much, we are just horrible doggy parents, and he made us crazy with his barking.

I feel bad, but mostly sad and guilty. I feel like we failed and fell through on our commitment to him. We are one of those "married people with dog, who has a kid, then gives dog away" kinda sucky family.

We posted a flyer at the place where Miles has been groomed since he was a puppy. We got two calls in just 4 hours of the sign being up. Next to four super cute pictures of Miles, Zak wrote:

"Miles is a 4 year old, 7 and ½ pound, Yorkie/Maltese Mix, who has been in our family since he was 6 weeks old. Miles, who loves affection and loves to cuddle, is a non-shedder and is potty-pad trained. Due to recent personal and professional changes in our life, we are unable to dedicate the time and attention to care for Miles in a way that he deserves. An ideal home for Miles, would be one in which he had plenty of attention from his new owners."

One of the calls was from one of the actual dog groomers that works there. She said, "I know Miles, I've groomed him before. He's so sweet, and I would love to take him." I gave her all the details (bad stuff too), and she was still anxious to adopt. We dropped him off later that day with his doggy luggage (toys, bones, food, dog dishes, treats, papers, etc). I feel better knowing that he is with someone who loves dogs enough to clean them everyday. I still don't feel good about it. I will say that life is really easier without him, less stressful, but I feel bad about saying that too.

I know it was the best thing to do for us, but it feels wrong. I know that it was the right time to do it...before Maddie got really attached to him. I know it's better for him to have a parent who will give him the attention that we used to give him. I know he is "just a dog," but he's my dog.

He was my dog.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lettuce and Lemons

Maddie refused to eat her lunch last Sunday, she a variety of great food to choose from: noodles, chicken, zucchini, squash, broccoli, green beans, carrots, pineapple (all things she would normally eat). She THREW all of those things 15 feet from our table. She wanted none of it, and wouldn't even taste some of the foods.
By this point, I just gave up, and decided to give her the lemon (which she has always loved) from my water glass. I also decided to throw in a big piece of lettuce...just to keep her occupied so we could eat in peace.

I guess that's all she wanted, lettuce and lemons, because she was perfectly fine for the rest of the meal. She must have eaten 4 lemon wedges and three large iceberg lettuce leafs. It was so bizarre, I just had to take some photos.

That's how I keep my daughter so tiny, you know....I only feed her lettuce and lemons, a girl's gotta learn to cut calories at sometime! Maybe she will grow up to be a Hollywood actress or something.