Saturday, February 25, 2006

Aunt Terra visits

Zak's sister, Terra, came from California to visit. She and Maddie had a great time, laughing, dancing, spinning in circles, eating, and hanging out. I really think Maddie and Terra look alike. They are both tall, have a similar shaped face, dimpled chin, and light(er) hair.

We went out to eat for almost every meal. This weekend, Maddie decided to not be a good girl in restaurants, and decided to behave like she was 14 months. Wait. She IS fourteen months! That explains her new found fondness for yelling, throwing her food, refusing to eat, and trying to climb out of the high chair. Zak and I think Maddie was just showing off for Terra, who would laugh at nearly every mishap.

I was struck by just how similar Zak and Terra are. They have the same weird food preferences, very similar speech patterns, like the same whiskey, same facial expressions, and sense of humor. Good thing I love them both! They didn't grow up in the same household, but you wouldn't known it by watching them together. Look, the even STAND the same way...

After Maddie went to bed, we kept up the fun. Here are Zak and Terra deciding to eat Cheez Whiz for dinner one night. Just for the record, I DID NOT participate in these drunken shinanigans.

Sorry Terra, I guess I forgot to tell you that if you come to my house, I will take pictures of you eating cheese, dancing, and in your PJ's. Not only that, but I will publish those photos on the INTERNET.

Luv ya, sis.

Friday, February 24, 2006

My first wet kiss!

I got my first kiss from Maddie last night. I had to work late, so she was home playing with Zak and when I walked in the door she:

1. Said "HI!" and smiled and waived at me
2. Leaned over for me to hold her (she was in Zak's arms)
3. Let me hug and kiss her all over her like normal.
4. After I was done, she leaned into ME, planted a wet sloppy blob of saliva on my lips
5. Leaned back and then made a kiss noise.

I was so shocked and happy! It was the first time she had ever done this, and both Zak and I looked at each other like, "did you just see that?" He usually doesn't believe me when I tell these stories, but he was my witness! It made me well up in tears!

Aunt Terra is on a plane RIGHT NOW on her way to see Maddie all the way from California. She hasn't seen her since she was two months old. Last night on the phone Terra said, "When I saw Maddie last time, she reminded me of a starfish."


"Well, she just laid around all day sucking on something. Like a starfish."

Oh. I guess she has a point.

Maddie is more like a dolphin now...won't stop moving or smiling.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

dancing to the dog

A funny thing happened this morning!

For those of you who don't know, Miles, the dog, is a barking fool. EVEN with the shock collar, he is still freaking out when we leave the house. My dad suggested turning it up to a higher level, but I honestly don't think it will stop him, but it will make the Doggy Protective Services come after us!

This morning when Maddie and I were leaving, he began his usual annoying, repetitive, insistent bark, and Maddie began dancing to the sound. Every time he barked, she'd bop.

Bark, bop

Bark, bark, bark, bop, bop, bop.

She had a smile on her face while dancing the entire time that Miles was practically giving himself a heart attack.

Bark, BOP!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Tonight at dinner

Maddie sure was a character tonight. She refused to eat the pot roast I cooked, UNLESS she could pile the meat on her car's horn and eat from it.

She refused all food from her high chair, screamed and threw it to the floor. We ignored her screams (for a short while) but then finally removed the food from her tray. Zak can't stand to see her throw the food....not because it is poor manners, but because he can't stand the mess!

After we finally let her down to play she kept coming up to me, like the little bird she is, begging for food off of my plate. I would get some bites into her mouth, but what she really wanted was to take the food off my fork with her fingers. She would then walk the food over to her car, put it on the horn, come back for me, and repeat this cycle. Finally, she sat on her car, and ate some food.

After she was done eating, she kept bending over to show us her butt. I think she is trying to immiate the kids at daycare who use this position to begin a somersault.

She is either trying to do a somersault, or is a yogi in training practicing "downward dog."

Zak and I don't want to encourage this behavior so we try our best to ignore her, hiding our giggles and smiles behind our hands/napkins. We whisper..."did you see that?"..."Ohmigod, look at her now." I suppose the fact that I was taking pictures egged her on, but she seemed oblivious to the camera.

Friday, February 17, 2006

14 months

Dear Maddie,
Today you are 14 months old. Do you know that you have been alive (even before you were a little tadpole) since the last season of The Sporanos was on? HBO should be ashamed, but it just goes to show how fast time flies and how excited you dad and I are that The Sproanos is about to start again! Okay, back to you.... You are so damn CUTE.

AND FUNNY! Really, I wonder if you are going to be a comedian. You constantly amuse yourself with the craziest things, a dish rag, the dog, hitting the dog, hide 'n seek, playing chase, putting things on your head, dancing, playing the the bathtub fully clothed.

PLAY PLAY PLAY. That's your motto for the month, second to LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH.

You are an excellent communicator. We never have a hard time understanding what you want (although you don't always get it, then you scream a scream that hurts like icicles stabbing my ears).

You are also a flirt...mostly with your daddy. You smile, tilt your head, flutter your eyelashes and just look adoringly at him. He loves it, and falls for it every time. That's how I hooked him too!

At bedtime, you play this new game where you think it is SO funny to do everything you can to NOT get into your jammies. It's not like you don't want to get in them to go to sleep, but you find it fun to make us wrestle you to the ground to put your PJ's on. Once we lay you down to put them on, you immediately roll over and twist to get away, laughing (with your tongue out) as we try to catch you. I literally had to PIN you down tonight with one leg to put your PJ's on....kinda like a figure four wrestling move. We laughed together the whole time!

Your Grandma Wendy was going to visit us this weekend, but she had to stay home because her Aunt Dorothy (your great great aunt) passed away last night. You never got to meet her, but she was a very sweet woman. Your Grandma will come another weekend to see you very soon.

I love you so much, big girl.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Our Valentine

There are few better things in a girl's life than having a great dad. I don't just mean great, he feeds me. Great, he pays the bills. Great, he goes to my soccer game.

I mean great, he supports me as I grow and develop. Great, he will dance and be silly with me! Great, he will love me without conditions. Great, he knows that it's not easy being a girl. Great, he let's Maddie crown him King of the Coffee Mate!

A girl needs a dad who will teach her how to play the guitar, even though he can't. A girl needs a dad who will rock out with her on the congas, and will let her chew (and drool) on the harmonica. A girl needs a dad who will let her get drunk off of his love...

A woman needs a man who is this kind of dad to their daughter.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Mashed Taters

Maddie attempted to feed herself the most useless carb in the universe. POTATOES!

She loves them french fried taters, um hmm.

She likes 'em fried, baked, and now mashed. She was lucky enough to sample them from KFC (you didn't think I would cook mashed potatoes on any day other than Thanksgiving, did you?).
I yelled up the stairs, "ZZAAAAKKKK, are these mashed potatoes REAL?"


"OKAY, I don't want to give her FAKE potatoes."

She didn't really seem interested in their creamy salty goodness, so I decided to just give her the spoon and a pile 'o taters and let her rip. I showed her how to bring the spoon to the food, then to her lips. She kinda figured it out, except for the part when she just started stabbing the pile with the WRONG end of the spoon and licking the entire spoon.

I guess it's too soon to start the silliness of eating with utensils when it is much more fun to eat with your fingers anyway. Check out the video too.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Tippi updates

Here are some funny things I heard from Tippi (the super hero daycare provider) this week:

1. Maddie ate like a horse...Spaghetti and meatballs, chicken cordon bleu, oatmeal cookies, french toast, pancakes, chicken pot pie, chicken nuggets.

2. Things she said: uh oh, here go, yay, yeah, yum, (in addition to the words she already knows and says daily)

3. Things she did: squirted a juice box all over herself, danced all day, asked for the "na na" song, went to the pet store to buy crickets for their bearded dragon, played in paint and made hand/foot prints, colored, sat in the daycare chairs with the big kids, tried to jump, watched cartoons, tried to sing songs.

These Maddie updates make my day. Tippi loves telling me these stories, and I love to hear them. These are things that wouldn't happen if Maddie stayed at home all day with us. She is learning so much and having a blast while she is there. Some moms feel guilty that they don't get to be a part of these things every day....not me. I feel fortunate to have someone in Maddie's life that loves her so much, and takes such good care of her. We really hit the jackpot with Ms. Tippi!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hot stuff at the Grocery Store

On the weekends, between morning and afternoon nap time, Maddie gets bored with us. So, usually we go somewhere or do something. Part of the problem is that we live in cold ass Chicago, so there isn't much to do outside, and that leaves us with indoor activities, and I frankly can't think of anything else to do with her other than shopping. Shopping can involve one of the gazillion malls around us, Target, the grocery store, or Trader Joe's. One of the best things about shopping is that it keeps her occupied. She's always looking around for kids, funny looking adults, or things to eat.

Whenever we're out we always get stopped to find out "how cute" she is and "what an adorable baby" and "what a happy baby" we have. All of these things I of course already know, but still love to hear. We also get a lot of attention because I'm a total dorkwad who is constantly chatting with Maddie, making faces, playing games, or tickling her. Apparently, people don't talk to their kids when they shop because I get the strangest looks from people. She totally interacts with me and we go back and forth with conversation. I tell her about the oranges and why the mushy avocados aren't the best choice, and why there are 15 different kinds of apples to choose from. I also let her hold the plastic produce bags (which I am not supposed to because they are a chocking hazard), the coupons (until she starts to eat them) and small canned goods (until she starts to throw them).

Today she looked extra cute and this vest makes her she's so puffy I could hardly clip her into the car seat!

I took these when we got home because people would REALLY think I was weird if I started snapping photos of my child at the grocery store.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Game!

Okay everyone, it's time for a fun game! It's called "Guess which antibiotic belongs to who?" You will win enormous cash prizes, blog accolades, and ONE DOZEN boxes of used tissues if you answer correctly!!

We are all sick with BOTH ear and sinus infections. Just for the record, my husband started it, refused to go to the doctor...because he's a man... and now we're all sick. I got my first symptoms and went to the doctor immediately... SICK. Then Maddie got a fever, snotty nose, and became a cuddle bug (she's so sweet when she's sick--which really is the best part). We took her to the doctor today, and Zak never made an appointment of his OWN. He tried to steal my antibiotics, but instead I asked the doctor to check his ears too when she was done with Maddie. She literally gasped, and said, "Oh my, I'll write you a prescription too."

Friday, February 03, 2006

Don't Cha Wish Your Wife was Hot Like Me?

Have you been watching Dancing with the Stars?

Have you seen this super human woman, Stacy Keibler? Her legs are 41 inches long...yes, her legs. Just for the record, I am 62 inches tall. That means her legs must come up to my boobs.

She's hot, and is my current girl crush. After watching her dance again, and get a perfect score, I was in awe. I commented to Zak on how HOT she is, and he said, "Yeah, she's like...the total opposite of you."


"Oh, that's not what I meant! You know, you have dark hair, and you're..."


"NO! NO!" Laughing hysterically, "You know what I meant!"

"That is SO going on my blog!"

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Coffee Mate

I'm sure you've read about Maddie's obsession with Coffee Mate before, and the obsession continues. Coffee Mate containers are great, they have yummy stuff for me inside and they make a fab and cheap toy after I'm done with them. It's recycling at its best.

Maddie currently has two Coffee Mate containers. "One Coffee Mate, Two Coffee Mates!" I count in my annoyingly high pitched mommy voice. She then says, "CA CA!"--as in the Spanish word for shit. "Yes, Maddie, COFFEE MATE!" "CA CA!"

The two Coffee Mate containers are different, one is the large size, french vanilla with a dark blue container. The second one is a small size, pumpkin spice, with a holiday light blue container. "One Coffee Mate is big and the other Coffee Mate is small!" I squeal. "CA CA!"

She picks them up, pounds them together, laughs, walks around with them, throws them, bonks Miles on the head with them. "CA CA!" she yells.

This morning, as I was making my coffee, I go to the fridge to pull out the current Coffee Mate. This new one is light blue with a blue lid. As soon as I opened the fridge she screams, "CA CA!"

"That's right, Maddie, Mama puts CA CA in her coffee. It's good for your poops."

"CA CA!" "CA CA!"