Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina's devastation

It seems so silly to look back and read my last post. I am so grateful that Zak, and all our friends made it out of New Orleans when they did. They were the lucky ones.

I had no any real understanding of the utter devastation Katrina caused until yesterday. The people who live down there are simply lost...their lives, their homes, their jobs, their worlds are gone. Our prayers are with them. Please join Maddie, Zak, and me and make a donation today.

They don't want your clothes, or junk, but they need your money or your time.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Katrina (almost) ruins the Fantasy draft weekend

Aaahhh, leave it to a chick to get in the way of a guys weekend in New Orleans.

They had very important business to take care of....

The 2005 Fantasy Football Draft.

Zak and his college buddies flew (and drove) in from all over the country for the oh so important FF draft, some drinking, and a lot of poker playing. Might as well kill three birds with one stone, right?

Zak came home scarred from the weekend of Katrina's threats, or maybe it was his picks, his poker playing, or maybe it was one too many hurricanes (not the real one, but the punch drinks with lotsa rum).

He's home safe...cranky, but safe. Funny, eh, because I was the one who spent the weekend at home with the girl.

AND, we had a great time with OUR girls weekend thank-you-very-much!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Shunned by the girl

Last week, IT happened. It is the fear of every working mother, and it happened to me.

"Unwanted Mom for sale" is the sign on my forehead.

After arriving to pick Maddie up at Tippi's (the supersitter) house one evening, I reached to pick up Maddie and to smother her with the usual "missed you kisses." After a dose of kisses, Maddie turned from me, HER MOTHER, and reached her arms up for Tippi to hold her.

*sound of my heart breaking*

Tippi quickly looked up at me to see my reaction, which was just a very sad face.

"It's okay," I said. "I am happy Maddie loves you, feels safe with you, and wants you to hold her."

I'm not sure if I was telling Tippi that it was okay, or if I was trying to convince myself that it was okay.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Could she possibly be any cuter?

I mean, COME ON! Is it just me, or isn't she the most scrumptious thing on the planet?

I mean, really, look at that smile, those eyes, those two teeth...ugg, I love her so much it hurts.


my pig latin isn't so great, but..

Usband-hay did not ike-lay the last ost-pay. Orrr-say ak-Zay. I ove-lay you.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The short end of the stick

Moms get the short end of the stick. Really, it's true, and I guess I knew it all along, I just never thought it would happen to ME!

It happens, no matter how you shake it. Sure, Zak helps me, but why can't it be I who helps him? If you're a mom, you know what I mean. If you're not a parent, you just won't understand, so I won't even try. I could give endless examples, but I won't. You know them already.

okay, just one...

A mom rarely appears in a family photo.

Why not?

She's the one taking all the pictures! It's the mom who thinks of capturing that special moment.

The picture here is a small victory. Maddie is eating apples mixed with blueberries. It was SO purple! She was just so funny, and look! Who else do you see? It's ME, It's me!

By the way, I did have to tell Zak to get the camera, but least I made it in a photo!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

You're 8 months old.

Dear Maddie,
You just turned 8 months old, and you are as much fun as a barrel of monkeys. That means you're fun....WAY more fun than you were just 5 months ago.

You grin at me every single time I look at you, and it just makes my heart sing. You laugh out loud whenever Miles jumps up or runs around. You are very ticklish...your tummy, your cheeks, your armpits, your knees. You grin when you hear your daddy on speaker phone. You look around to see where he's hiding. You are a very happy girl...maybe the happiest baby I've ever heard of.

You have started to wave bye-bye. It's so cute. Your little arm flaps up and down. That same arm does the same flapping when you hear a catchy song with a good beat. We have music playing all the time, and so does Miss Tippi. Your daddy really wants you to have some musical talent or interest. I think you can do whatever you want to do, but music is good for you anyway.

You can almost pull yourself from a seated position to standing up, but you still ask for help (by grunting at me and lifting your arms). Once you're standing, you can last a long time. You can't balance very well yet, and we stay close by just in case you fall over (which is every time).

You are eating all types of #1 and #2 baby foods. You have not had any meat're a fruit and veggie kinda girl. Oh, and you sure do love your milkies. HOWEVER, we need to talk about those two sharp little teeth you've got. NO BITING! I tell you this, but you don't listen. NO BITING. When you bit me, and I (gasp in pain and smush your head against my boob) you always make a sad face and sometimes you cry. Not because you're hurt, but because you don't like the tone in my voice. AND you also get cut off when you bit me. NO more milkies for biters. I love you very much, and know you still need my milk, so I'm still hanging in there for you....don't go doing dumb things when you're a teenager to ruin the healthy body that you it?


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's done! And it's so pretty!

now, we just need some plants!

progress on the driveway

I came home to a DESTROYED yard. It was scary, and all my landscaping was gone (along with the ugly yews). I didn't expect to lose half of what they ripped out. I was kinda sad, and Zak and I spent the evening re-planting (in a different location) the stuff they pulled out.

They made good progress on the driveway and sidewalks, and I can see where they are going with their design.

I do know that we have a LOT of landscaping work that needs to be done.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Oh the destruction...

Zak and I have never been pleased with the way our house looked from the outside. It was a red brick house with cream siding, BROWN (dark poop brown) trim, shutters, and garage door. With giant overgrown Yews all around the front of the house, and driveway (see the photo of a yew--NOT our house!!). And a chipped (and slanted) concrete walkway with an aspalt driveway that had seen better days. yuck.

The first thing we did when we moved in 2 years ago was paint all the brown stuff a cream color and painted our front doors red (its a double door). That helped A LOT.

Today we are getting the driveway and the walkways paved (in those uniock pavers), and they also agreed to rip out the Yews! Yay for the ripped out yews!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

She's so tasty...

This may sound odd, but sometimes, Maddie is just so darn cute that I want to eat her. I now know why some animals eat their young, and I think I am one of them. I want to eat her up...her pudgy cheeks, her tiny ears, her baby toes, her thick calves.... I think Zak does too, but would never write such silly things for the Internet people to see.

Maddie would be good...
With tangy BBC sauce
With cream cheese frosting
With cream and sugar
With gravy and biscuits
With a side of eggs and toast
With a dollop of whipped cream
With some hot caramel sauce
with a little salt and pepper

yum. Maybe I am just hungry?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Who's the kid here anyway?

One of the coolest things for me to witness the man I love play with THE GIRL I love. The best part is to watch or listen them play when they don't know it! Now that Maddie can really do some fun stuff, instead of just laying like a bump on a log, they seem to have even more private silly little interactions. Here are a few examples:

Zak and Maddie were playing on the floor in the family room while I was cooking dinner. We had music in the background, and Zak was drumming on the toys and trying, yes, really, trying to get Maddie to drum along with him.

He'd say, "Come on, Maddie, do it like this..."

*drum drum drum*

Of course she didn't do anything but smile, and he'd say, "keep practicing."

Zak and Maddie were also playing with some little stackable blocks Zak would stack them all up, and Maddie would knock them all down and smile at him. Over and Over again.

Each time, Zak said, "Hey, quit it" and would build it up again. Then he called out in a tattle tale voice, "HEY--SHE'S KNOCKING DOWN MY STACK OF BLOCKS!" as if I needed to come in and intervene. Who's the kid here anyway?

Overheard last night...

From Zak, in a terrible Australian accent, after watching the reality TV show Rockstar: INXS (one of our favorites):

"I'm Sorry Maddie, but you're just not right for our band...I N X S."


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Look at that belly!

My dear friend Shannon had a surprise baby shower on Sunday. She's having a girl, or at least, that is what I think (or really what I am hoping for).

Someone brought some Draino...not for her to drink, silly, but for her to pee on. Yep, you got it. Shannon had to pee on the Draino. Why you ask? Well, cause when a bunch of chicks get together to talk about babies, we go nutso!

Okay, so it's really an old wives tale. If the pee mixed with Draino turns out to be a certain color it means boy, another color it means girl. I don't even remember the colors because it really doesn't matter anyway!

Since we are all so scientific, us baby-shower-attending-women, we had a control group for our study, otherwise known as Holly. Holly is pregnant with a GIRL baby. She knows this because like all normal human beings who want to find out the sex of their babies, she got an showed a vagina. Don't be afraid to say vagina, it's a real word.

Say it with me, V A G I N A.

Holly peed on her bit of Draino and it turned brown, I think. So, we all decided that brown pee = girl. Shannon peed on her bit of Draino and it turned blue, I think. So, that MUST mean she's having a boy.


Someone ACTUALLY said, "Well, maybe Holly's ultrasound was wrong and she's having a BOY, and Shannon will have a girl." Um, okay. Let's throw out all ultrasound machines, and piss on Draino instead!

We're just darn lucky that there wasn't some bizarre chemical reaction that blew us all up!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Girlz wear blue too!

Does this adorable little person look like a boy to you? Of course not! It's a GIRL wearing blue. Yes, stranger things have happened! It's even turquoise...a I girly blue color. Here eyes look soooo beautiful when she wears this color.

Anytime we take Maddie-kins out in anything BUT pink, we always get asked...."is it a boy or a girl?" OR "Oh, how cute, what's its name?" ITS? "It's name is Alien, I mean HER name is Maddie."

Once, she even had on a frilly blue tank top, that had little bows that tied on the shoulder, and some dorkwad thought she was a boy!

*eye roll*

Who would dress their boy in a spaghetti strap tank top that had bows tied on it? Who?

No one I know.

Friday, August 05, 2005

DNA test?

As much as I am 100% sure that Maddie came out of my body, I just can't get over how much she DOESN'T look like me! I look exactly like my mother, and I thought she'd look like me!

As soon as she came out, and I mean within 60 seconds, they put all these security devices on her....Martha Stewart style, just to make sure there was no baby switch-a-roo OR baby-thieving going on. Z and I got matching security tags so they would know we were "with her." As he would come and go during the first two days in the hospital, he'd have to be buzzed in to the maternity wing after saying he was the "baby daddy" of # 1171. I would also make Zak go with Maddie anywhere the baby thieving nurses, um, I mean, sweet and caring nurses wanted to take her. They'd make up stuff like:

"Eye exam time," oh right, you just want to steal her. Did you think I was born yesterday...?
"I'm here to give her her hearing test." oh suurre, you think she can be able to tell you if she can hear or not!
"Bath time!" Um, she hasn't be working up a sweat or anything, and I am pretty sure she doesn't need a bath.
"Let me see how good her 'latch on' is." Yea right, you just want to look at my enormous boobs.

I digress, back to how she doesn't look like me.
She has:
Blond-ish/red-ish hair--mine is DARK brown
Beautiful blue eyes--mine are poop brown and Z's are hazel
long legs, torso, fingers, and feet--I'm a shrimpy 5'2'' ain't nothing long on me.

So, my theory is that the genes on Z's side of the family are in control here. Although, if you remember way back from your science classes, blonde hair and blue eyes are recessive traits, right? She has a butt chin, just like everyone on Z's side of the family. His mom has blonde hair and blue eyes, and is tall-ish. His sister is tall and thin. His grandmother has red-ish hair. Z had blonde hair when he was a kid.

So, no, I don't have any 'esplainin' to do, she's definitely his girl , but I am not sure she shares any of my genes! His genes just took over! ...and I thought I was the bossy one!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Maddie and Pooh (not Maddie and Poo)

Maddie loves her Pooh. If you squeeze his hand, he sings songs about bees. Pooh sings,"The bees on my shirt and shining brightly, oh so brightly, shining brightly! Oh, my twinkle bees!"

Um....I think that is a load of crap, who wants to teach their kids that bees "are shining brightly?!" HELLO! They will STING you, and it will HURT like hell, and you may even have to go to hospital! Ever hear of anaphylactic shock? Cause it runs in the faaammmily!

Mama says, "Run MADDIE RUN from bees!" Geez, who thinks of this crap?

Don't tell Grandma Jeffrey I said that, she bought Maddie her Pooh when she was born. Just tell Grandma J that Maddie loves to hug and chew on Pooh's nose....that (in addition to what I said above) is true. :)

Check ya later!

The Monster Poop

Okay, this one is not for the faint of heart (or stomach). If you have kids, the discussion of poop is like discussing a fine wine. You could go into great details while eating Tootsie Rolls, and it wouldn't even make you blink an eye. Z often says something like, "You should have seen the hard green poop that Maddie had today." I say, "oh, really green? That was nothing like the orange mushy one from yesterday. Wanna look in the diaper pail to see it?" Then we come to our senses (and don't open up the diaper pail) and Z says, "I can't believe the poops that come out of that girl, what are you feeding her?"

Okay, back to the Monster Poop story....

The Monster Poop occurred yesterday, at Tippi's house. Tippi is our super sitter, and she deserves her very own post, and spot in heaven. So, the good news is that I didn't have to clean up the Monster Poop on my birthday! Yay! Even IF I was there to witness the Monster Poop the Birthday Rules would have applied (see previous post).

As seen thru the eyes of Tippi, the super sitter:
Maddie was playing in her pack n' play, her fav thing to do, and started to fuss. Now, Maddie The Girl isn't a fussy baby, so Tippi found this to be unusual. Tippi looked over to see Poop squirting, or maybe the better word is oozing out of her diaper. "Where?" you ask. Out of every imaginable place...the top of it, the sides of the legs, AND the back. Tippi said the poops oozed like cake icing out of the leg holes, and up and OVER her thighs! There was so much poop that it got all over her toys, pack and play, her hands and feet. With a poop catastrophe like this, the world stops to gawk. Justin, a little 3 year old that is also at Tippi's house said, "Miss Tippi, Why did Maddie do that?" Needless to say, all fun activities for the other kids were halted and Project Monster Poop Clean Up occurs.

Tippi considered cutting Maddie's outfit off (which I would have completely understood), but was able to wiggle her out of it, and with poop all over, what's the problem with more poop in more places anyway? Tippi had to give Maddie a bath, interestingly, in her kitchen sink. Yuck.

"What valuable lesson did Miss Tippi learn?" you ask. Never give Maddie bananas (cause she won't poop for days and just grunts all the time), and never EVER give Maddie prunes to reverse the effect of the bananas.

PRUNES = Monster Poop.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Birthday Rule

Today is my birthday! Did you know there are birthday rules? Yes, very specific birthday rules. I'm not sure when I learned these rules, or maybe I just made them up. I recall practicing them in college for the first time. Here they are:

1. On your birthday, you get whatever you want, get to do whatever you want, etc. It's all about you.

2. On your birthday weekend, you get to pick all weekend activities or at least approve them. This includes any and all meal choices, concert, and movie and TV selections.

3. During your birthday week, you get to a get out of chores if you don't want to do them. Say in a whiney voice, "Pleeeaase don't make me pick up the dog poop, it's myyyy birthdaaay weeeek!" Then, presto, no crap duty for you!

4. During your birthday month, you have limited privileges, as one usually doesn't know it's your birthday month. This is usually when you remind people of your birthday month. For example, "oh, it's my birthday month! What are you gonna get me?"

Now, I know what you're gonna say, "you just made this up so you (spoiled mama) get to have all the fun." Oh, not true, not true! Birthdays are exceptional days FOR EVERYONE! ALL people get this privilege of the birthday rules! I actually enforce them. I say, "Z, it's your birthday week, let ME take out the trash for you." I swear!

Here are more guidelines. If your birthday is say, oh, I don't know, AUGUST 2nd, then...
Your birthday month is from July 15 to August 15. Your birthday week is from August 1 to Aug 5. The weekend is either directly before or pick (it is your birthday weekend afterall)! Mine is, um, I mean, in this example it is July 29 to July 31. Got it? Good. Now go eat some cake.

Hey! No pictures when I am naked please!!!

Maddie getting ready for her evening bath! Look how long she is.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Swim Maddie Swim!

This picture was from June, but this is what she looked like yesterday...only 2 months older! :)

Leaky eye and the weekend

We went to the pool yesterday, and Maddie had fun splashing in the water. She's got some wierd eye problem right now, and it looked like it gets worse when she's in the sun. It just weeps, but doens't appear to be infected. I'll call the doctor again to see if she can be referred to a specialist.

Anyway, back to the day at the pool....she looks so cute in her little bathing suit and hot pink hat. She's very comfortable in the water and splashes around and gets water in her face. Then, she looks at me surprised and annoyed that she's got water on her I did it to her! Mainly, she loves to watch the other (big) kids run and swim around. The pool we go to is fancy...with waterslides, toddler area, sand pit, beach entry, the works. Anyway, there are waters spouts everywhere with water coming out, and Maddie trys to grab the cute. She does that in the bath tub too!

Dad and Susan came over to see us, they are not moving to Chicago afterall, and everyone is very sad about that.

Maddie has been experiencing a little seperation anxiety, and as soon as she saw Dad and Susan, she started to cry. It was the first time she's ever done that to them before. After about 15 minutes, she was fine, and even let my dad feed her some sweet potatoes!
This crying around "strangers" business started 2 weeks ago, and she wouldn't allow Shannon or anyone from her family hold her. I couldn't even be 10 feet away from her or she'd cry again. Then, she cried when my friend Amy tried to hold her. Thank goodness, she is fine for Tippi, the super sitter. Me, Z, and Tippi are the only ones she will go to without a tear! I am sure she'll get over this soon.

Maddie is 7 months old...she's a superstar!

At 7 months Maddie....

  • got her 2nd tooth (first one came in on her 6 month b-day)
  • wants to sit up and play with toys all day, and if she isn't doing that, she wants to stand or jump in the johnny jump up
  • squeals when she's happy
  • giggles the cutest giggle you could imagine
  • sleeps GREAT! thank god
  • babbles
  • is trying to start to crawl, but is too chicken to commit
  • spits and a motorcycle. We say, "Maddie, what does a motorcycle say?"

Turning 30!

My birthday is on Tuesday....the big 3-0! Z took me out for dinner, and my friend Amy came over to baby sit. I have no major issues with turning 30, only the "what do I want to do with my life" type things. I guess that's a major issue, no?

Why a Blog?

I decided to set up a blog for those who want more updates of our lives and baby girl! This blog will give you a bit of our daily living, and provide updates on Maddie P.